Today in this article we are going to tell you about a piece of good news which will be read completely to know all the details about this good news given by the Ministry of Finance headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan so that   Every Pakistani citizen can benefit from it, In the budget presented by the government of Pakistan this year, the aim was to provide the best facilities to the people. And while relief was provided among other things, this step was also taken to ensure that the section of the people who could not afford their car would be provided with a car by the government on easy instalments to enable them to earn their transport.  This Can also be the best facility for a family who faces problems with transportation.

A similar scheme was launched by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for the first time in 2011 under his Rozgar scheme in which more than one lakh vehicles were distributed among the people including Yellow Cab Bolan and Mehran.  It was a good opportunity for youngsters and then another similar scheme was launched in 2015 in which vehicles were distributed among the youth by the Punjab government and now it has taken this step for the betterment of the people in the 2024 budget. The main objective of this scheme is to provide personal employment to the people and alleviate their hardships.

Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen not only introduced the My Vehicle Scheme to the people in the Budget 2024 but also eliminated the excise tax duty on these vehicles, which was about 2.5% on this scheme anyone can get only up to 850 cc cars. but expect excise duty custom and regulatory duty must be paid for these automobiles.

Objective and Services

The growing trend of the automobile industry in Pakistan is a great golden opportunity for the betterment of our economy, and the government of Pakistan has also announced many packages for the development of this industry and also gave concessions in excise and regulatory taxes. 

The govt interest in the public sector is the better lifestyle of the Pakistani nation. So regarding this aspect govt announced the Meri Gari scheme in Pakistan by the Federal Minister of Finance. Because if we look at previous years of this govt it is not possible for any private job holder or any individual running their small businesses in their hometown or villages. Therefore, at a time when car prices were skyrocketing, the government needed to run such a scheme that would give the common man the opportunity to buy his car and also for the fast growth of the automobile industry in Pakistan. The trend towards Pakistan for the automobile industry has increased, and employment opportunities in Pakistan have also increased.

In this scheme, the interest rate has been kept very low by the government as compared to the banks so that every citizen of Pakistan can easily avail of the benefits and pay these instalments easily. Banks in Pakistan generally have interest rates ranging from 7% to 12% depending on the nature of the vehicle, while the government of Pakistan has also reduced the interest rate to 5% to 6%, and that’s a big deal.  In addition to this, the exemption in excise tax duty was also given on vehicles of 1000cc or above. This new program will give many advantages to society particularly low-income communities such as students and other professionals whose incomes become proficient to buy a reasonable conveyance for them.

Eligibility and Requirements

In this scheme, where relief was provided to the public in other places, there was no stipulation that the applicant should be educated, whereas, in the scheme of 2011, the applicant had to have matriculated otherwise he would not be eligible for this scheme.  He could not have been eligible, but now there is no such barrier that could deprive people.

While in the previous schemes many people were deprived because they could not fulfil the government policies in which the people faced many problems, because in the previous schemes this was also prescribed by the government.  That anyone who will not have their license cannot be able to apply for this scheme. While on the other side departments related to issuing a license do not issue even a single license without bribery and recommendation from high authority.  so there is no such thing in this scheme. Now, this whole process is very simple, first, you apply for a license you need only two photos and one National identity card copy. 

then they issue a learner for one and half months. after completing this process you will get your authorized driving license. This is such a great scheme for public and private sector employees because there are no such restrictions in this scheme by which anyone could deprive. there is only a need for a single license related to their vehicle. because according to govt first, people should be eligible and be aware of traffic rules on road. By taking this step strictly it would decrease the ratio of accidents in Pakistan. So if they get their license then they can easily avail this chance of having an own car.

To join this scheme you do not need to go to any government office nor do you need to pay any bribe but the procedure is very simple which you can benefit from sitting at home.  Young people should benefit from this scheme during their job. There is no requirement to join this scheme whether you are a government employee or working in any private company as in the earlier schemes which were issued to government employees in 2011 and 2015 excluded but now no matter from what sector you belong. there will be no hurdle for you to join this scheme.

Cars Included in(Meri Gari Scheme):

And yes, one thing to keep in mind before applying to this scheme is that only 850cc vehicles can be applied in this scheme and the vehicles that come to Pakistan in 850cc are as follows.


In this Suzuki Alto class, we have three editions of it! This Suzuki Alto VX edition has a rate of Rs. 1.19million. Likewise, the 2024  price of Suzuki Alto VXR is Rs. 1.43 million. Moreover, if someone is attracted to having the Suzuki Alto version of VXL, its recent and current officeholder price is Rs. 1.63million. But there is a good company operating in Pakistan by the name of Pak Suzuki Pvt ltd that offers a lot of discounts and concessions at current rates of these Suzuki latest versions of Alto.

This discount is only due to current policies established by the federal government of  Pakistan regarding cars under 850cc in Pakistan. Govt reduces the amount of custom and regulatory duties taxes and completely give the advantage on Excise duty taxes. So, in short, you can enjoy this car with this great scheme which is scheduled in budget 2023 to 2024 by the Government of Pakistan.

Suzuki Ravi Euro11

Shifting to further facts on 850cc autos rate chart 2024 in Pakistan, we have Suzuki Ravi 850cc. For those who are buying Ravi, its recent and latest price is now 1.03million in Pakistani rupees. this auto is best for commercial purposes in Pakistan. because in this range you don’t have such a great opportunity on an instalment basis. obviously by this Ravi car, you can start your transportation business on a small scale from city to city or intercity. so by this profession, you can be able to pay easily their installment and easily you can support your family also. So it is cleared that you can also have an opportunity to avail this auto Suzuki Ravi in this scheme.

Suzuki Bolan VX euro11

It is one of the most popular cars in Pakistan and if you talk about its features, it is no less than any other car in this range but its biggest advantage is that it can be used at home for your family at the same time.  Can also be used for and for freight, and its fuel average is better than other vehicles. And in previous schemes, this Suzuki Bolan is also included. and compare the price of this car is better than others. because of under 850cc this car has also the benefit of reduction in custom and regulatory sales tax. So this relief must be avail by Pakistani youth.

United Bravo:

This car united bravo is also undergoing in this category of 850cc cars. This car is also known for being the cheapest car in Pakistan. This 4seater car is good for a govt job holder and any other professional for their office use. because of its good fuel average it is an appropriate option for someone. and also the spare parts of this car is easily available in the market. So there are different variants are available in this scheme. now you can enjoy your preference car in this category keeping all factors in your mind.

Mistubushi 660cc Cars 

We are experiencing Mitsubishi 660cc Cars in Pakistan 2024 with particular Features and Fuel Consumption factors. Here we have accomplished the complete bundle of conversations on the Mitsubishi 660cc car rate in Pakistan. Now at the same time, we will make a conversation with you about its required details and characteristics too. This car has been remarkably generated by Nissan. It is prepared with an engine of 660cc power. These cars are available in the market with 4speed annual gear transmission. with all these features this car is giving a good fuel average. so this car in the market is also the best option at this price with the latest technology features.

Conclusion and Outcomes

Now we conclude the article in which firstly we expressed the need for the scheme in Pakistan and also discussed the previous schemes launched by the previous government of Punjab in two phases. furthermore, we talk about the 2024 budget of Pakistan. and the reliefs provided by the Government of Pakistan. As In automobile industry now becomes one of the favorite subjects for the financial betterment of this country. So govt pay their specialized heed on this department. And we also give details in above about cars include in this scheme like all cars under 850cc are available in Pakistan market are included in the Meri Gari scheme 2024. 

And it is also cleared that what is the eligibility criteria for an interested person in this Scheme. this is also explained in detailed the process of applying for a car. anyhow, we repeat this whole process of applying for a car in the Meri Gari Scheme. For this, you need only a valid national identity card .and only a regular licence issued by the government of Pakistan. After this it must keep in your mind that the applicant age must be above 20years old otherwise it will not allow you to get benefit from this Scheme. And the complete process of making a license for your vehicle is expressed in detail.

It is compulsory for your safety and security because after getting a driving license for your respective car you are authorized by the government, then no officer can challan you without your misbehaving and negligence during driving. So after obeying these protocols, you will be able to apply for this Meri Gari Scheme. And for further details and information, you can ask me in the comment section.