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Prince Pearl Price in Pakistan

Prince PearlPrice in Pakistan
Prince Pearl Car 800 ccRs.1,990,000

The Prince Pearl 2024 is causing quite a buzz in Pakistan’s automobile market, and for good reason. With its MT variant priced at PKR 1,990,000 ex-factory, the Prince Pearl offers an unbeatable combination of features, performance, and value. Drivers can expect a delivery time of just one month for this 800 cc manual petrol vehicle, which comes equipped with DRLs, rear camera, alloy wheels, 9.0″ display, fog lights, power windows, and power steering. Whether you’re looking for a reliable car for daily commuting or a stylish ride for weekend adventures, the Prince Pearl 2024 is sure to exceed your expectations. Don’t miss out on the chance to get behind the wheel of this exciting new addition to the Pakistani automotive scene.

Prince Pearl Car Overview

The Prince Pearl, a notable hatchback launched by Regal Automobiles in 2019, has been making waves in the Pakistani automobile market. This front-wheel-drive car is powered by a robust three-cylinder, water-cooled EFI engine with a capacity of 796cc. The engine is capable of delivering a power output of 40 hp at 5500 RPM and a torque of 60.5 Nm at 3500 RPM.

Apart from its impressive engine specifications, the Prince Pearl is equipped with a range of features designed to enhance safety and comfort. These features include an LCD screen, fog lamps, power windows, power steering, and power door locks. The car also comes equipped with a spare tire, and an option for an airbag is also available for those who prioritize extra safety. Additionally, the Prince Pearl offers a significant warranty for buyers, covering 3 years or 60,000KM, thus ensuring peace of mind alongside performance.

Prince Pearl Car Interior

The interior of the Prince Pearl car is a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, featuring a sleek silver-black tone that lends the vehicle an air of sophistication. The wooden accents on the dashboard and door interiors add a touch of elegance, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The car is equipped with a plethora of modern conveniences, including power windows, central locking, and an exceptionally attractive LCD. The power steering ensures a smooth, effortless driving experience. Moreover, the superior cushioning provides unparalleled comfort, and the spacious interior can comfortably accommodate four adults, making the Prince Pearl an epitome of comfort and style.

Prince Pearl Car Exterior

The Prince Pearl’s exterior is not just stylish, but also practical. Its sporty look is accentuated by an enhanced front bumper and a wide-shaped black grill, making it a standout in its price range. The front bumper is not only attractive but also practical, as it houses fog lights, an essential feature for ensuring visibility in all weather conditions. The front halogen headlamp units include daytime running lights (DRLs), a safety feature that enhances the car’s visibility to other road users.

The wide chrome grill at the front enhances the vehicle’s premium aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury to this budget-friendly car. The car is also equipped with 13-inch alloy rims, which contribute to its sleek overall look. For efficient stopping power, the front of the new hatchback has disc brakes, while the rear has drum brakes. However, instead of ABS brakes, the car will come equipped with booster brakes.

The LED turn signal lights are integrated into the side mirrors, which are powered and retractable, adding to the car’s modern appeal. In line with the car’s coherent design language, the door handles and side mirrors match the colour of the body. The vehicle stands apart from its competition with many pronounced cuts and curves, and the ground clearance is substantial enough for local roads.

Interestingly, the rear of the Prince Pearl resembles the Suzuki Cultus, featuring a top boot that houses the rear brake lamp, and a rear bumper with reflectors. The rear lights, while bearing a resemblance to those on the Suzuki Cultus, are of reasonable quality. The vehicle’s boot is fully automatic and can be easily opened from the driver’s seat by pushing a button located near the steering wheel. The boot also contains a spare tyre, a practical inclusion that aligns with local standards.

The exterior of the Prince Pearl combines beauty, practicality, and a sporty look, positioning it as an attractive option in its budget range.

Prince Pearl Car Engine

The engine of the Prince Pearl has been meticulously engineered with an emphasis on efficiency and performance. Its 796 cc, inline 3-cylinder configuration, capable of producing 40 horsepower at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 60.5 Nm at 3500 rpm, ensures adequate power for city driving and daily commuting.

The vehicle’s 4-speed manual transmission system not only provides smooth and precise gear shifting but also enhances the driver’s overall control, making each drive a pleasant experience. This compact yet powerful engine, coupled with the manual transmission, strikes an optimal balance between power and fuel efficiency a quintessential feature for an urban driving environment. All these factors work in unison to deliver a comfortable and economical ride, making the Prince Pearl a preferred choice in its segment.

Prince Pearl Car Mileage Fuel average

The Prince Pearl car promises an impressive fuel economy, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers. In urban environments, it is expected to deliver a mileage of approximately 20 kilometers per litre. This performance is even further enhanced on highway conditions, where it could potentially offer up to 22 kilometers per litre. This exceptional mileage can result in significant savings over time, placing the Prince Pearl as a top contender in the realm of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Prince Pearl Car Ride & Handling

The brakes of the Prince Pearl 2024 deserve a mention too. They are efficient and responsive, contributing to the car’s overall easy-to-ride nature. They provide adequate stopping power for the vehicle, adding to the safety and control that the driver has. However, just like the controls, it might take some time for the driver to get used to the sensitivity of the brakes. As part of the car’s handling, the steering is accurate and light, which is advantageous when navigating through congested traffic or tight parking spots.

The turning radius is tight, further enhancing the maneuverability of the Prince Pearl. This feature, combined with its compact size, makes it an excellent choice for urban commuting. The car’s light weight also contributes to its handling, making it more nimble and responsive to quick changes in direction. In summary, the Prince Pearl 2024’s ride and handling is generally positive, with a few minor aspects that might require some getting used to. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking an affordable, compact, and easy-to-handle vehicle for city driving.

Prince Pearl Car Maintenance

Prince Pearl car offers a distinct advantage in terms of maintenance. The accessibility and affordability of its auto parts in the market make upkeep convenient and cost-effective. However, it’s worth noting that the company’s after-sales services have room for improvement. Customer feedback suggests that the response times could be quicker, and the quality of service could be enhanced. Despite this, the ease of maintaining the car itself remains one of its most compelling selling points.

Prince Pearl Specifications

Price19.9 lacs
Body TypeHatchback
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)3610 x 1570 x 1490 mm
Ground Clearance145 mm
Displacement800 cc
TransmissionManual & Automatic
Horse Power40 hp
Torque60 Nm
Boot Space0 L
Kerb Weight735 KG
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage12 – 15 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity27 L
Seating Capacity5 – Persons
Top Speed140 – 150 KM/H
Tyre Size155/65/R13

Prince Pearl Car Pros & Cons:

Pros of Prince Pearl Car

  1. Comfortable Ride Quality: The Prince Pearl car provides a smooth and comfortable ride, making both short and long-distance trips a breeze.
  2. Minimal cabin noise: One of the standout features of this car is its ability to provide a quiet cabin environment. This ensures a peaceful journey, devoid of external noise.
  3. Affordable and easily available auto parts: The affordability and wide availability of auto parts makes maintenance and repair very cost-effective and hassle-free.

Cons of Prince Pearl Car

  1. Poor build quality: Despite its strengths, the car’s build quality leaves much to be desired, which could potentially impact its longevity and performance.
  2. Laggy acceleration: Acceleration is not one of its strong suits, with noticeable lag particularly during overtaking or uphill climbs.
  3. Uncomfortable driving posture: Some users have found the driving posture to be uncomfortable over long periods, which might affect the overall driving experience.
  4. Poor high-speed handling: The car’s handling can be less than optimal at high speeds, which could pose challenges in certain driving contexts.
  5. Less Market acceptability being Chinese brand: As a Chinese brand, it faces less market acceptability, which might affect its resale value and buyer perception.
  6. Dealership network is not that strong: A less robust dealership network can potentially cause issues with after-sales service and support.


What is the price of Prince Pearl Glory in Pakistan?

The Prince Pearl Glory, a popular choice among car enthusiasts in Pakistan, falls within an affordable price range. It’s priced from PKR 22.9 lacs to PKR 28.9 lacs, making it an excellent value proposition for those seeking a compact car with impressive features and reliable performance.

Is Prince Pearl made in Pakistan?

Yes, Prince Pearl is indeed manufactured in Pakistan. The technical venture established in 2017 between China’s DFSK and Pakistan’s RP Group under the umbrella of Regal Automobiles Industries Limited allowed for the production of Prince vehicles within Pakistan. The collaboration marked an important milestone in the Pakistani automobile industry as it introduced a variety of local manufacturing opportunities, including that of the popular Prince Pearl model.

What is the price of Prince Pearl 2024 in Pakistan?

The Prince Pearl 2024, a popular car model in Pakistan, is quite attractively priced. Currently, the price for this model stands at PKR 19.9 lacs, offering an impressive mix of style, performance, and affordability.

What is the top speed of Prince Pearl?

The top speed of the Prince Pearl car is quite impressive, reaching up to 150 kilometers per hour. This capability ensures the vehicle can handle high-speed highways and provide swift transportation, making it a reliable choice for both urban and inter-city travel.

What are the variants of Prince Pearl?

Prince Pearl, a compact and economical city car, is available in one variant the MT or Manual Transmission. This variant appeals to drivers who prefer hands-on control over the vehicle, offering a balance of fuel efficiency and performance ideal for urban driving conditions. The MT variant of Prince Pearl is designed to provide an affordable and reliable transportation solution without compromising on the essential features of comfort and safety.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Prince Pearl?

The Prince Pearl 2024 stands out with its impressive fuel economy, offering a mileage of 12 to 15 kilometers per liter. This efficiency makes it an attractive option for those seeking to balance cost-effectiveness with performance in their choice of vehicle.


It’s true that the Prince Pearl 800cc Car price in Pakistan is a significant amount of money. But, for those who are looking for an efficient and luxurious ride, it might just be worth the investment. Not only will you get to show off your style with the twelve different exterior colors available, but you’ll get value on both aesthetic and practicality levels with this car. After all, nothing appeals more than owning a standard yet unique vehicle like this.

So, if you want to experience maximum comfort and convenience while being economical on fuel costs, then perhaps investing in the new Prince Pearl car is worth considering. Take a look at its outstanding features and decide accordingly for yourself!