Do you need to register for PEPRIS 2024 online? Wondering how to go about it? This blog post is here to help! In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of registering for PEPRIS online and provide some tips along the way. So whether you’re a first-time applicant or an experienced user, read on for all you need to know about PEPRIS registration 2024!

PEPRIS Registration 2024 Online

The process of applying for a private school e-license registration 2024 is simple and straightforward. You can find all the information you need on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website. The online application portal is user-friendly, and you will be able to submit your application electronically.

There are no fees associated with the application process, and you will receive your license within two weeks of submitting your completed application. Once you have received your license, you will be able to open your virtual private school and begin enrolling students. Make sure to review the requirements for licensure before starting the application process so that you are aware of what documents and information you will need to provide.

Private School Online Registration Punjab 2024

The Punjab government has announced that private school students will be able to register for their classes online from next year. The move is part of the Punjab government’s efforts to make the education system more digitally advanced. Currently, students have to physically go to their schools to register for their classes.

This can be a time-consuming and often stressful process, especially for parents who have to take time off work. With online registration, parents will be able to do it from the comfort of their own homes. The Punjab government has also said that it will make sure that all private schools have the necessary infrastructure in place to support online registration. This includes ensuring that schools have a stable internet connection and enough computers for students to use. Online registration is just one of the many ways that the Punjab government is making the education system more accessible and convenient for parents and students.

Private school registration in Punjab for the year 2024 is now open. All private schools wishing to operate in the province must register with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) by October 31, 2024.

The process is simple and straightforward, and can be completed entirely online. In addition, annual license renewal is also made easier and less time consuming using the site.

This will be especially helpful for parents who wish to check out the certified schools in the database, and it will also generate a lot of money. 

So if you are a private school owner or administrator, make sure to register your school today and take advantage of these great benefits! Registration 2024

CEOs will be able to view and update their profile, view reports, submit complaints and track the status of their applications.

The portal will also offer a help desk facility for CEOs to get assistance with using the portal. The registration on the portal is a voluntary process and CEOs are not required to register if they do not wish to do so.

The portal is currently in beta phase and feedback from CEOs will be used to improve the portal before it is launched for general use.CEOs who register on the portal will be able to login and access the features of the portal from anywhere in the world.

 CEOs are encouraged to register on the portal and provide their feedback to help improve the portal.

E Licence for Private Schools Login

1. All private school/institutes must be registered with the online system of the Punjab Government by 2024.

2. The Online E Licence system has been inaugurated to register all private schools/institutes with the online system of the Punjab Government.This is an upgraded framework for e-licensed private school registration.

3. The private school/institute owner will submit all the required documents online.

4. After the verification of all the documents, the E-License will be issued to the registered private school/institute.

5. This is a free offer for all Educational institution owners to register their private institute free of cost.

6. The E-License will be valid for a period of 5 years.

7. After the expiry of the E-License, the institution owner can renew the license by paying the required fees online.

8. The government has initiated this step to bring all private institutions under one umbrella and to provide easy access to all the services offered by the government.

9. This will also help in standardizing the fees charged by private institutions and will bring transparency in the system.

How to Apply Private School E-License Registration 2024

To apply for private school E-License registration for the 2024 school year, you will need to submit the following documents:

The first step in applying for private school e-license registration is to get a letter of good health from a licensed architect or engineer. This letter must be dated within six months of the date of application and must state that the building meets all health and safety standards. Then Map of the authorized school building.

Next, you will need to submit an affidavit specifying the name of the school, the level at which it operates ( elementary, middle, or high), and the name of the school’s owner. You will also need to submit copies of the title document and the lease.

In addition to these documents, you will also need to submit an application form, a prospectus, teacher testimonials in order of appointment, and a letter of compliance from the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHO). Lastly, you will need to submit the Memorandum of the Association, the Code of Conduct of the Institution, and the Memorandum of the NGO/Association/Body/Registered by Author.

Private school e-license registration is a simple process that can be completed online. Follow the steps outlined above and you will be well on your way to getting your private school registered and licensed.

Private school data-entry by CEOs

As part of the Lahore Education Commission’s efforts to streamline and improve data collection from private schools, the CEOs office will be responsible for ensuring that each school has a complete and up-to-date profile. This will include a clear scan photo of the building fitness certificate, school’s registration certificate, and sanitary condition certificate. The CEOs office will also be responsible for making sure that data entry employees have all the information they need to accurately and completely fill out each school’s profile. CEO offices can find more information and video instructions on the Lahore Education Commission website. If you have any questions, please contact the Lahore Education Commission. Thank you for your cooperation in making sure that private school data is accurately collected and maintained.

Private Education Provider Registration and Information System (PEPRIS) is a website where you can register your private school in Punjab online. To access PEPRIS, you will need to log in here. Once logged in, you will be able to create a new application.

When creating a new application, you will be asked to provide details regarding your school. This will include information such as the school’s contact information, building information, and hygienic information. Once you have provided all of this information, you will be able to submit your application.

This system makes it easier for private schools to register and provide information about their school. This system will help to improve the quality of education in Punjab.

How can I Register Private School in Punjab online?

Private School Registration Online Check

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) offers an online check for private school registration. This service allows users to quickly and easily check the registration status of private schools in the state of Punjab.

This online check is a valuable tool for parents, educators, and administrators alike. It provides up-to-date information on which private schools are registered with the Punjab government and which are not. This service is also useful for businesses and individuals who wish to verify the registration status of a particular private school.

Check Online Registration

The online check is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply enter the name of the private school you wish to check into the search box below and click “Search.”


Applying for a private school e-license is an easy process that can be done in just a few minutes. By following the steps we’ve outlined in this post, you will have everything you need to get your school registered and up and running in no time at all. Don’t wait to start your application today!