Are you interested in who the PTI Punjab tickets list 2024 are that have been announced. Do you need to know more about the candidates lineup for this upcoming election and which constituent assembly seats they will be contesting? It’s time to get informed and make sure that your vote is being cast towards the right candidate.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what has been released so far on the PTI Punjab tickets list 2024, how it could affect outcomes in Lahore, Faisalabad, Okara, Multan and Narowal all important assemblies where Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) are looking for a majority. We’ll also take a look at ways to download pdf files of lists published by political analysts. Find out more as we delve into Pakistan politics in action!

PTI Candidates Updated New List 2024

The latest news in the world of Pakistani politics is the release of PTI Candidates updated List 2024. This revised list was announced on 8 2024, following a review decision by the PTI Chairman, Imran Khan. One interesting aspect of this new list was the PTI Chairman’s involvement in selecting candidates for all of Punjab.

As part of this process, Imran Khan personally interviewed four candidates from ISF and IYW, the official youth organizations of the PTI. With the latest developments, it remains to be seen how the upcoming elections will unfold and how these new candidates will fare in their respective constituencies.

The anticipation for the Punjab Assembly general election is heating up as the PTI Punjab Tickets list 2024 updated list is now available on their official website. With 297 contestants from the PTI and a 5% quota for women, the competition is sure to be fierce.

It’s exciting to see that PTI is making an effort to include more women in the election process. Check out the list on to see who will be representing your area and make sure to get out and vote on Feb 8, 2024. This election will surely be one to remember.

PTI Ticket Holders New List 2024 Punjab Pdf Download

PTI Tickets Review

The excitement and anticipation among political enthusiasts has been building up as the PTI ticket review process comes to a close. After carefully sifting through the applications sent by the conciliation committees, the PTI has announced the revised Punjab Assembly Candidates list for 2024. With 21 tickets now revised, supporters and followers of PTI eagerly await the next steps towards the elections.

The party’s commitment to transparency in their ticket distribution process is commendable and strengthens their stance on promoting a fair and just political system. As the countdown to the elections begins, PTI supporters can look forward to a new wave of leadership and change for their beloved country.

PTI Tickets For Punjab Elections 2024

The PTI ticket list for the upcoming General Election in Punjab has been released and there are some surprising omissions. Big names such as Fawad Choudry, Hammad Azhar, and Shehbaz Gill are missing from the candidate list.

Instead, PTI has issued tickets to newly joined members coming from other parties. Among the big names who made the cut are Usman Dar, Yasmeen Rashid, Mehmood ur Rasheed, and Akram Usman, and Aslam Baig. However, there is speculation about the absence of some prominent figures, especially former Education Minister Murad Raas.

Additionally, it is interesting to note that PTI has issued a ticket to Member of Kashmir Assembly Ghulam Mohiuddin from Lahore, while Ex Member of Assembly Shabeer Gujjar and Zaheer Abbas Khokhar were unable to secure PTI tickets. The competition is heating up and it will be interesting to see how these developments play out in the election.

PTI PP Tickets 2024

The announcement of PTI PP tickets 2023 has caused quite a stir in the political arena of Punjab. As expected, the list of candidates released by the party has garnered its fair share of criticism, with many pointing out the absence of some key figures that were believed to be strong candidates for the chief ministerial position.

However, the PTI has assured that the list is not final, and candidates who were not selected can still appeal against their selection until 26 April 2023. With some changes expected, the political landscape in Punjab promises to be an interesting one leading up to the general elections.

PTI Final List MPA 2023

The excitement is palpable as PTI releases its final list of MPA candidates for the 2023 General Election in Punjab. With eager anticipation, political enthusiasts and supporters alike are eagerly combing through the list to see who has made the cut. It’s no secret that the interview process was rigorous, with only the most qualified candidates being selected by the PTI Chairman.

The wait is finally over, and it’s time to see who will carry the PTI banner in the upcoming election. The selected candidates have a big task ahead of them, but with the support of their party and the people, they are ready to take on the challenge. Let the campaigning begin!

Political enthusiasts in Punjab can now breathe a sigh of relief as the highly anticipated PTI Punjab tickets list for the 2023 general election has finally been published. The PTI candidates list features a whopping 297 names, each vying for a seat in the upcoming election.

What’s unique about this list is the dedicated 5% quota for women participants, which has enabled 15 exceptional female candidates to compete for a role in the Punjab Assembly. With this latest announcement, PTI supporters can rejoice at the diverse range of candidates they have to choose from as they gear up for the highly contested election in May 2023.