The Punjab government has announced a unique and unprecedented Ramadan relief package for citizens of the province. A Rs53 billion program will be implemented, providing free wheat flour bags to families earning less than Rs60,000 per month. Reportedly, 15 million families in total and 100 million individuals will benefit from this initiative. Each family with as validated identity card will receive three 10 kg bags of flour during the holy month, starting from the 25th of Sha’ban and continuing until the 25th of Ramadan. The move is being applauded by analysts as an important step towards social justice in Pakistan.

Punjab Govt Ramadan Relief Free Atta Package

The Punjab government has recently approved a Ramadan Relief free atta package in order to provide distribution of wheat flour bags to families earning less than Rs.60,000 per annum. This new initiative is projected to benefit over 90% of the population in Punjab with 15.8 million families in total and around 100 million individuals receiving their allotted three 10kg bags of flour at designated stores throughout the province. The distribution of the Ramadan gift will start on the 25th Sha’ban and continue for 30 days until the 25th day of Ramadan, aiming to offer support and assistance to those who may need it during this special and joyous holiday season.

Free Atta Punjab Government Scheme

The Punjab government has set up a system to ensure that the free wheat flour bags are distributed fairly and equitably. All families benefiting from the Ramadan relief package will be given identity cards, which will be used to identify them and ensure they receive their free wheat flour bags. The Punjab government has also launched an online portal and a helpline to assist with the distribution of the free wheat flour. Through this portal, families can check and verify their eligibility, register for their relief package, track their application status, and get any additional information they need.

The government has also partnered with local grocery stores, trucking points, and utility stores so that those who do not have access to the online portal can easily access their free wheat flour. The stores will provide details of families who are eligible for the relief package, and ensure that those families receive three bags of 10kg wheat flour each during Ramadan.

The Punjab government is committed to providing relief to its citizens during this time of hardship, and has made sure that all families who need it have access to the free wheat flour package. The government has also put in place strong systems of transparency and accountability to ensure that the relief package is distributed equitably and without any bias.

By providing this Ramadan relief package, the Punjab government hopes to make sure that everyone in Punjab can celebrate Ramadan with some peace of mind, knowing that they are being taken care of. It is a remarkable example of how the government can step up and provide much needed relief to its citizens.

How to apply For Punjab Govt Ramadan Relief Free 10 kg Atta Package

To apply for the Punjab Government Ramadan Relief Free 10kg Atta Package, individuals must first meet certain criteria. Those eligible to receive the package include families earning less than Rs 60,000 per month. Additionally, applicants must have both a valid identity card and a valid residential address in the province of Punjab.

Once they have met the criteria, they can apply for the Ramadan Relief Free 10kg Atta Package. Applicants must fill out an application form and provide valid documentation to prove their identity, address and eligibility. The forms can be submitted in person at any e-Government Centre or via mail to the Punjab Government offices.

Once all documentation has been provided and the application has been approved, individuals will receive three bags of 10kg flour for free during the holy month. This Ramadan Relief Free 10kg Atta Package is a great opportunity to help families in need and ensure everyone can enjoy a healthy meal during this blessed period.

Please note that this offer is only valid for applicants who meet all eligibility criteria and the application process is subject to change. For more information, please visit the Punjab Government website.


This special package provided by the Punjab government is a generous and thoughtful move for the citizens in this holy month. With the amount of Rs 53 billion, 15 million families and 100 million individuals will receive three bags of 10kg flour for free. We have to appreciate the kind effort from caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and his team who designed such an effective plan to offer relief to their people during Ramadan.

They put their people’s interests as highest priority and made sure they get proper help and support while they keep on with the traditions of fasting during this month. This step taken by them has encouraged true spirit of charity, compassion, goodwill and happiness among families struggling financially in Punjab. Furthermore, this wonderful gesture helps promote social welfare in a very improved manner.