Are you looking for a secure job with great pay and benefits? Have you ever considered becoming an Indian Policeman in the state of Punjab? Are you aware of the salary structure of the Punjab Police Constables? In this blog post, we’re going to explore exactly what kind of salary and benefits the Indians who work as constables with Punjab Police earn. We’ll talk about their duties and responsibilities, how they get paid, bonuses or incentives they may receive on top of their monthly salaries, and what types of leave are available to them. Read on to find out more about this rewarding profession!

Punjab Police Salary For Constable In Pakistan 2024

Punjab Police SalaryIn Pakistan
For new ConstableRs.37,000(Approx. Per Month)
Experienced ConstableRs.70,000 Rupees Approx. Per Month

A police constable is a law enforcement officer responsible for maintaining peace and order within their jurisdiction. The position of constable can vary in different jurisdictions, but it is a common rank in the Police Department. In Pakistan, other officers or individuals may also be granted the powers of a constable without holding the position.

Average Salary and Benefits

The average salary for a constable in Punjab police is approximately Rs. 37,000 per month (equivalent to $190 USD). However, this amount can vary depending on several factors such as location, experience, and rank within the force.

Aside from their monthly salary, constables are also entitled to various benefits such as medical coverage for themselves and their families, subsidized housing, and retirement plans.

Salary Structure and Career Progression

The salary structure for constables in the Punjab police force is based on a pay scale system. This means that as constables gain experience and move up the ranks, their salary also increases accordingly.

Constables can also receive promotions to higher positions such as head constable or assistant sub-inspector, which come with higher salaries and additional benefits.

This provides opportunities for career growth within the force.

Upcoming Changes in Salary

In 2024, the Punjab government plans to implement a new pay scale system that will increase the salary of constables by approximately 40%. This change is aimed at improving the standard of living for police officers and providing them with better financial stability.

The decision to increase salaries in the Punjab police force is a positive step towards recognizing the hard work and dedication of constables in maintaining law and order in the province.

Salary Chart

The starting salary for a police constable in Punjab Police in 2024 is approximately 37,000 rupees per month after completing training. This salary is subject to performance and service-based increments.

Pay Scale

The pay scale for a police constable in Punjab Police is BPS 07 (Basic Pay Scale). It takes around 10 years for a constable to move up the pay scale, with increments usually starting after 2-3 years of service.

Head Constable Salary

The minimum basic salary for a head constable in Punjab Police is around 41,000 rupees per month, while the maximum can go up to 70,000 rupees. The increment value for this position is approximately 610 rupees.


To become a police constable in Punjab Police, one must have a graduation degree with at least second division or equivalent grade. Additionally, candidates should have at least 3 years of experience as a head constable. The age limit for applicants is between 20 to 25 years old, and male candidates must have a height of 5’7″ while female candidates should be at least 5’2″. The chest requirement for male candidates is between 33″-34.5″. Candidates must also meet visual acuity requirements, including distant vision of 6/9 with or without glasses and near vision no less than J-1.


Joining the Punjab police force as a constable not only offers a sense of pride and responsibility in serving the community, but also provides financial stability with a competitive salary and various benefits. With upcoming changes in the salary structure, it is an opportune time for individuals to consider a career in the Punjab police force as constables. So, those who have a passion for public service and want to make a difference in their community can look into this rewarding and fulfilling career option. After all, being a constable in the Punjab police is not just a job, but a commitment towards ensuring the safety and security of the people in the province. So, if you are looking for a career that combines both purpose and financial stability, consider joining the Punjab police force as constable in Pakistan.

Remember, being a constable not only means receiving a salary, but also carrying out important duties that contribute to the betterment of society. It is a noble profession that deserves recognition and respect. Let us appreciate and support the hard-working constables of the Punjab police force, who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. So let’s salute their dedication and commitment towards serving our nation.