For most people living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.), finding the right cable and wires for their home or business can be a challenge. With so many options on price, quality, and availability available, it may seem overwhelming to decide which is best for your needs. However, we are here to make your life easier by offering you an insight into Riyadh cable & wires prices across the city helping you locate everything from basic wiring supplies to more specialized materials with ease! Whether you’re looking for a cheap solution or top-of-the-range products that will last any job at hand, this guide should help give you plenty of ideas and information about how much each option will cost in KSA. So let’s take a look at all that Riyadh has to offer when it comes to cabling and wiring!

Riyadh Cable & Wires Price in Saudia Arabia

The Riyadh Cable & Wires range in Saudi Arabia offers a wide variety of cables and wires that cater various needs ranging from lighting fixtures to satellite connections. Not only are there product options available for different types of needs, the prices are also extremely competitive and range from AED 66.96 to 337.84 depending on the product type. Furthermore, all these products adhere to the highest quality standards and guarantee best performance at an optimal cost. Therefore, customers can purchase any products from Riyadh Cable & Wires range with confidence as they are assured of a great combination of quality, performance, reliability and affordability.

Riyadh Cable Wires Price List in KSA

The price of Riyadh cables and wires vary depending on the size and type. Depending on your project requirements, you will have to decide which type of cable is suitable for your project. A 10mm2 wire in Riyadh costs AED 3.25, while a 10mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Armoured Cable costs AED 15.45. For larger projects, 25mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Riyadh Armoured Cables cost AED 33.12 and 16mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Armoured Cables costs AED 22.41. If your project requires a bigger cable size or more cores for the cables then you will have to pay higher prices.

Wire NamesPrices
Riyadh 10mm2 WireAED 3.25
Riyadh 16mm2 WireAED 4.74
Riyadh 25mm2 WireAED 7.21
Riyadh 10mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Armoured Wire CableAED 15.45
Riyadh Cables, 16mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Armoured Wire CablesAED 22.41
25mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Riyadh Armoured Wire CablesAED 33.12
35mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Armoured Wire CablesAED 42.80
Riyadh 2.5mm2 WireAED 66.96
35mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Armoured Wire CablesAED 57.95
Riyadh 4mm2 WireAED 101.99
Riyadh 6mm2 WireAED 152.47
300mm2, 4 Core, Copper, Armoured Wire CablesAED 337.84

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Riyadh Cable Types:

Riyadh Cable & Wire Types specialize in providing a wide variety of cable and wire types to suit different applications and needs. From renewable energy cables to fiber optic and telephone cables, electrical raw materials, high and extra-high voltage cables, overhead lines conductors cables, instrumentation and control cables, Riyadh Electrical Wires provides products that meet the highest standards of quality. Their product range includes low voltage cables, medium voltage cables and high voltage cables to ensure performance in any environment.

Riyadh Cable & Wire Types also supplies electrical components for both domestic and commercial applications. They have a wide selection of products, from switches and outlets to signal systems and more, making them the ideal choice for anyone looking for superior quality electrical components. They also provide comprehensive services, such as installation and repair of cables and wiring systems, to ensure optimal performance from their products. With Riyadh Cable & Wire Types, you can be sure that your cables and wires will perform reliably for years to come.