Are you looking for the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings? Roll Patti could be the answer! It’s widely popular in Pakistan and is a delicious snack that can be ordered online. Roll Pattis are light yet filled with flavour, making them an ideal treat at any time of day. The price of Roll Patti varies depending on where you buy it from, but no matter what you pay, it’s worth every penny! So if you’re looking for something tasty and affordable, then read on to find out more about roll patti price in Pakistan.

Roll Patti Price in Pakistan

Roll Patti is one of the most popular snacks in Pakistan and is widely enjoyed by adults and children alike. With its crispy fried outer layer, it’s perfect as an afternoon snack. It’s a great way to start a conversation in any gathering or family mealtime. The price of roll patti in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 270 to Rs. 800 depending on various factors such as quality, size and flavorings used. People can find good quality roll patti at any bakery throughout the country and it can also be made at home easily with basic ingredients found in most pantries.

Roll Patti Price List in Pakistan

Roll PattiPrice in Pakistan
Lahore Roll Patti 400 gmRs.130
Roll Patti 400 GMRs. 270
PK Roll Patti Sheets, 25 PiecesRs. 410
Misbah Roll PattiRs.140
Roll Patti 1200gRs.330
Roll Patti 300g – رول پٹیRs. 150
Spring Roll Pastry 20 sheets 275 gramsRs.480
Cn Roll Patti 45 PcsRs.450

Frozen Roll Patti Price in Pakistan

Frozen Roll PattiPrice in Pakistan
Dawn Chicken Spring Roll 480GM 22PcsRs. 700
Mon Salwa Chicken Spring Roll 20 PCSRs. 970
Simply Sufi Vegetable Roll 300 GMRs. 251
Simply Sufi Chicken Roll 300 GMRs. 511
Fine Life Chicken Spring Roll 800GMRs. 666
Fine Life Chicken Spring Roll 320GMRs. 335
PK Beef Gola Kebab Roll 12PCSRs. 836
Menu Spring Roll Pastry 8 pcs 320 gramsRs.350

Roll Patti Prices All Major Cities of Pakistan

Roll Patti prices vary across major cities of Pakistan. In Karachi, one can find the snack in bakeries and fast food outlets for a price ranging from Rs.130 to Rs. 250, depending on the type. On the other hand, in Lahore, Roll Pattis cost as much as Rs.650. In Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the snack is usually sold for Rs.200-Rs.400. In Peshawar and Quetta, Roll Pattis cost anywhere between Rs.150 to Rs.350 per roll. The prices may vary depending on the size of the roll and its ingredients.

In addition to bakeries and fast food outlets, one may find Roll Pattis at street food carts across major cities of Pakistan. Prices here start from as low as Rs.50, but it is always advisable to check the quality of the ingredients before making a purchase.

Overall, Roll Patti is available across all major cities of Pakistan at varied prices depending upon the city and type of product being purchased. The price range from as low as Rs.130 to as high as Rs.650 across different cities of the country. Consumers need to compare prices before making a purchase to get the best value for their money. Additionally, stock availability and product quality should also be taken into consideration while buying Roll Patti from any city in Pakistan.

In conclusion, getting a taste of the cuisine of Pakistan is not only something that’s possible in the comfort of our own home but it can be quite fun as well! Cooking up a batch of Roll Patti for yourself is an exciting way to get out of your cooking slump. For those who haven’t tried this dish before, you’re missing out on a delicious journey into another culture.

The spices used in the recipe provide a pleasant aroma and flavor that will have everyone around your dinner table asking for more. So don’t hesitate, try Roll Patti today and marvel at its incredible taste. Experience firsthand why this dish is so beloved by people all over the world. After all, there’s no better way to learn about different cultures than through food!