The summer is here and along with it, the sweet taste of Rooh Afza! This legendary beverage has been enjoyed in Pakistan since 1907, but do you know how much it costs to get a bottle today? In this blog post we’ll explore the cost of traditional Rooh Afza syrup in Pakistan over the years from its introduction to present day prices. We’ll look at trends and compare prices between different nationwide outlets to identify what factors influence its cost. So whether you’re hankering for a delicious glass full or just curious about how much your favorite cool drink will set you back, read on for all your questions about the price of Rooh Afza in Pakistan answered!

Rooh Afza Price in Pakistan

Rooh Afza is a favorite drink for many Pakistanis throughout the year. Not only does it have a sweet, syrupy taste, but it also helps make any beverage more flavorful. Despite the fact that it comes in various prices depending on size, strength and brand quality, the estimated average price of Rooh Afza in Pakistan is between Rs.85 to Rs950. It is generally easier to find in stores during the summer months, when its popularity is higher than in other times of the year. While Rooh Afza can be found both online and offline, it is includes spices and natural ingredients which can vary according to each manufacturer – making its overall quality often unpredictable. Regardless, anyone looking for a delicious treat should consider giving Rooh Afza a try!

1.Rooh Afza GO Water Based Carbonated Refreshing Drink (250 ML)

Rooh Afza GO Water Based Carbonated Refreshing Drink provides a unique blend of energy, taste and refreshment. This 250 ML aluminum CAN drink is packed with the concentrated Rooh Afza flavor along with sugar and carbonated water for a smooth yet refreshing experience. It has an unmistakable great taste that appeals to everyone, especially the youth. Rooh Afza GO is the perfect choice for all your energy-filled activities since it gives you just enough of a boost to keep you going. Plus, you get to enjoy its refreshing taste at an affordable price of Rs. 85.

2.Rooh Afza 800ML

Rooh Afza is a popular beverage in Pakistan that has been around for many years now. It is mainly consumed during the hot summer months, as it helps quench thirst and gives a refreshing boost of energy. Rooh Afza comes in various sizes, but the most popular size is 800ML. The price of Rooh Afza 800ML in Pakistan is Rs. 280, making it an affordable choice for everyone. Rooh Afza is a great addition to any meal or refreshment, and its price makes it an even better value purchase. It is definitely worth trying if you haven’t yet tasted the deliciousness of Rooh Afza!

3.Rooh Afza 1500ml

Rooh Afza is a popular summer drink in Pakistan. It is made from natural ingredients and has a unique flavor that refreshes the senses. This 1500ml bottle of Rooh Afza is available for purchase at Rs 580 in Pakistan, which makes it an affordable option to beat the heat this summer. Rooh Afza can be served cold or added to your favorite summer drinks for a refreshing twist. Rooh Afza is the perfect way to stay cool and hydrated in the hot Pakistani summers so make sure you stock up now!

4.Rooh Afza 3LTR (3000ml)

Rooh Afza 3LTR is an economical and convenient way to enjoy the popular Rooh Afza syrup. This 3LTR pack will provide enough of the delicious syrup to satisfy your cravings throughout the summer season, so you don’t have to worry about running out. The price in Pakistan for this 3LTR bottle is only Rs. 980, making it an affordable and accessible item for everyone. Enjoy the cooling effects of Rooh Afza this summer with your own 3LTR bottle! Rooh Afza 3LTR is the perfect way to make sure you stay cool and refreshed all season long. Grab yours now and get ready to enjoy the delightful flavor of Rooh Afza in all its glory!

Rooh Afza can be used to make a variety of delicious drinks and desserts, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Whether you’re looking for a classic Rooh Afza milkshake or want to try something new, the 3LTR bottle is perfect for experimenting with different recipes.

What is the Price of Rooh Afza bottle?

The price of a bottle of Rooh Afza can vary depending on its size. The most commonly available size is 800ML, which usually costs around Rs. 280.

What is the Price of Rooh Afza 3 liter in Pakistan?

The price of Rooh Afza 3 liter in Pakistan is Rs. 980.

Is Rooh Afza a Pakistani drink?

Rooh Afza is a popular drink in South Asian countries, including Pakistan. It is made from a combination of rose essence, herbs, and cold-pressed fruits. The syrup has been around since the early 20th century, with its popularity growing over the years. In Pakistan, it is used to mix milkshakes, add flavor to juices, and even as a topping for desserts. Rooh Afza is known to be an effective relief from dehydration in hot summer months. It is also said to have digestive benefits due to its herbal ingredients. The traditional recipe has been passed down through generations of families, making it an iconic drink in Pakistan’s culture.

What is the Price of Rooh Afza in Islamabad?

The price of Rooh Afza in Islamabad can vary depending on where you purchase it. Generally, the 800ML size of Rooh Afza costs around Rs. 280 in Islamabad.


Rooh Afza is one of the most popular drinks in Pakistan. It is a refreshing drink made from herbs and flowers. The price of Rooh Afza in Pakistan is very reasonable, and it is available in all major cities. If you are looking for a refreshing drink that is low in calories, then you should try Rooh Afza.