Are you looking for a well-reputed school for your child? Roots International School can be the perfect answer to all your questions. Admission Procedure of Roots International School is quite simple and easy. Fee Structure of the school is affordable as compared to other schools present in the market. Get all details about admission procedure and fee structure from this blog post and decide whether or not Roots International School is best for your child.

Roots International School has been providing quality education. The curriculum of the school has been designed in collaboration with Cambridge University UK, which makes it unique and different from other schools present in Pakistan.

Roots School System Monthly Fee Structure

The roots school system board of education has decided to change the monthly fee structure for the upcoming school year. Starting in September, all students will be required to pay a flat fee of $100 per month. This change will affect all students, regardless of their age or grade level. The decision to implement a new fee structure was made in order to offset the rising costs of operating the school system. Although the new fee may be a hardship for some families, the board believes that it is necessary in order to maintain the high quality of education that roots students have come to expect. roots school system has always been committed to providing a top-notch education, and this change is necessary in order to continue meeting that commitment. All families are encouraged to budget for the new monthly fee so that their children can continue to receive the best possible education. Thank you for your understanding and support of the roots school system.

Roots School System Monthly Fee Structure List 

Roots School System offers a range of fees for its students. The Registration Fee is around Rs. 10000 and the RGS ID Card Fee is set at Rs. 600. The RGS Prospectus Fee stands at Rs. 1000, while there are no charges for Computer/ICT usage. The Annual Resource Charges come to Rs. 15682 whereas the Admission Fee is Rs. 54450. The Tuition Fee is set at Rs. 30000, whereas the Security Fee stands at Rs. 36300 and the RGS Badge fee is set at Rs. 140. O Level fees are around Rs 23000 and Play Group Class 7 Fees are set at Rs 20000.

Registration FeeAround Rs. 10000
RGS ID Card FeeRs. 600
RGS Prospectus FeeRs. 1000
Computer / ICT FeeN/A
Annual Resource ChargesRs. 15682
Admission FeeRs. 54450
Tuition FeeRs. 30000
Security FeeRs. 36300
Laboratory FeeN/A
RGS BadgeRs. 140
O Level FeesAround Rs. 23000
Play Group Class 7 FeesRs. 20000

Roots School System aims to provide quality education to their students at affordable fee structure. All fees are subject to change, depending on the requirements of the school management. It is recommended that all students and parents review the fee structure regularly in order to stay updated with any changes.

Roots School System also offers a number of payment options for parents to pay the fees. These include cash, cheque, debit/credit cards and online payment methods. In case of any queries related to fee structure and payments, parents can contact the school administration for assistance.

Roots School System is committed to providing quality education with an affordable fee structure. The school management does its best to ensure that all students and parents get the best value for their money.

Therefore, if you want to enroll your child in Roots School System, it is important to review the fee structure carefully before making any decisions. For more information regarding fees and payments, please contact the school administration.

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