If you are a fan of royalty and want to add some regal flair to your home, then Royal Fan would be the perfect choice for you. From traditional Multi Color Harbor Breezes to the more modern and innovative Ceiling Fans, Royal has something for everyone. Their talented engineers are dedicated in creating quality products that provide efficient cooling and enhance decor while being cost effective options in Pakistan. Learn more about why Royal fans make an ideal addition to any Pakistani household with this comprehensive guide detailing all there is to know about their price, features, design and durability.

Royal Fan Price in Pakistan

Royal fan is one of the premier brands of ceiling and bracket fans in Pakistan. With a long standing history of delivering reliable fans, many homes trust Royal to provide them with the cooling they need. Their products come with many features, such as adjustable tilt angle and superior air delivery performance. The AC/DC Ceiling & Bracket Fan from Royal carries on its esteemed tradition, offering an amalgamation of top notch function and attractive designs. The estimated average price for this fan ranges from Rs.8795 to Rs 15000 making it a reliable investment for years to come.

Royal Fan Types in Pakistan

Royal Fans have been manufacturing quality fans in Pakistan since 1957. They offer a wide range of fan types that can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

Mist fans are the perfect choice for cooling large outdoor spaces, such as gardens or terraces. These mist fans have powerful motors that produce a fine spray of water which quickly evaporates and cools the air around it.

Table fans are a great choice for small enclosed spaces, such as an office or bedroom. They are easy to use and come with multiple settings so you can adjust the airflow according to your needs.

False ceiling fans are perfect for offices or restaurants where space is limited. These fans are fixed flush with the ceiling, providing a seamless look while cooling the room evenly.

AC/DC solar fans use renewable energy to cool spaces without consuming electricity. They are perfect for outdoor areas such as gardens or patios and provide efficient cooling even in sunny weather.

Remote control fans give you complete control over your fan’s speed and airflow. These fans are great for large rooms where you need to adjust the amount of air circulation from one area to another.

Ceiling fans are a popular choice for larger spaces as they provide powerful cooling while using minimal electricity. Royal Fans offers a wide range of ceiling fan designs that can fit any room décor.

Exhaust fans are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens as they quickly remove smoke, steam, and odors from the room. Royal Fans offers a variety of exhaust fan models that can be used in different areas of your home.

Finally, pedestal fans are perfect for cooling large indoor spaces such as living rooms or dining halls. These fans come with adjustable stands so you can easily adjust the height and angle of the fan according to your needs.

Royal Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Royal ceiling fans are one of the most popular brands in Pakistan and offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. In addition to their high quality, these fans feature modern designs, energy saving features, and low sound levels for an enhanced user experience. The Royal Ceiling Fan price in Pakistan ranges from as low as Rs. 8,000 to as high as Rs. 15,000 depending on the size, style and features of the fan. The low end products are mostly basic models with few features while higher end fans feature more advanced features.

Royal Ceiling FanPrice in Pakistan
Royal Smart Expo Economy ACDC Ceiling FansRs.8,795
Royal Smart Passion ACDC Ceiling Fans- FLORARs.9,395
Royal Smart Passion ACDC Ceiling Fans – GRACERs.9,395
Royal Nova Star Hi Speed Ceiling FanRs.11,395
Royal Smart Crescent ACDC Ceiling FanRs.9,395
Royal Smart Regency ACDC Ceiling Fans – CRYSTALRs.9,395
Royal Smart Ornament AC Inverter Ceiling FanRs.14,795
Royal Lifestyle Decorum High Speed Ceiling FanRs.14,795
Royal Smart Prime ACDC Ceiling FansRs.9,195
Royal Smart Regency ACDC Ceiling Fans – MOTIFRs.9,395
Royal Hi-Standard Ceiling FanRs.7,995
Royal Passion Ceiling Fan – FLORARs.9,165
Royal OpalRs.8,995
Royal PlatinumRs.8,995
Royal Deluxe Ceiling FanRs.8,995
Royal Optima Hi-SpeedRs.8,995
Royal Water Proof – EMPERORRs 9,095
Royal Deluxe RegentRs 9,265
Royal RegalRs 9,265
Royal Energy SaverRs 7,195
Royal Noble fanRs 9,595
Royal Deluxe ImperialRs 9,595
Royal Deluxe Jem TrinityRs 6,095
Royal Deluxe Jem WavesRs 9,595
Royal Galant – CHARMRs 9,595
Royal Galant fanRs 9,595
Royal Deluxe Imperial – 4 BladeRs 5,785
Royal ValorRs 7,695
Royal Lifestyle – RevolveRs 10,695
Royal Lifestyle OrnamentRs 11,095

Royal Table Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Royal Table Fans are one of the most popular and efficient cooling solutions for homes and offices in Pakistan. These fans come with a range of features that make them ideal for use in any environment. The price range of these fans start from Rs.6,045 to Rs.9,495 depending upon the model’s features and performance rating.

Royal Table FanPrice in Pakistan
Royal Petite Table FanRs.6,045
Royal Louver Table FanRs.7,245
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs.8,995
Royal Unique Pedestal Stand FanRs.9,495

Royal Fan AC/DC Price in Pakistan 2024

Royal Fan AC/DC is a great choice for those searching for a high-quality fan with a sleek design. Its motor has been designed specifically to reduce energy consumption and provide superior air delivery. It also boasts of various features such as an adjustable speed control, automatic shutoff timer and oscillation. The price range of the fan in Pakistan 2024 is from Rs.8,795 to Rs.9,395, making it an affordable option for those looking to buy a good quality fan without spending too much money. Its features and price make Royal Fan AC/DC an ideal choice for cooling in both homes and offices.

Royal Fan AC/DCPrice in Pakistan
Royal Smart Expo Economy AC/DCRs.8,795
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – GRACERs.9,395
Royal Smart Regency AC/DC – CrystalRs.9,395
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – FLORARs.9,395
Royal Smart Crescent AC/DCRs.9,395

Royal Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

The Royal Bracket Fan price in Pakistan for 2024 ranges from Rs 6,045 to Rs 11,995 depending on the model. For those looking for an affordable yet reliable fan solution, Royal Bracket Fan is an excellent choice. With its advanced features and powerful air delivery, it is sure to provide comfort and convenience in a cost effective way.

Royal Bracket FanPrice in Pakistan
Royal Petite Bracket FanRs.6,045
Royal Louver Bracket FanRs.6,945
Royal Elegant Bracket FanRs.7,795
Royal Deluxe Circo FanRs.7,695
Royal Magnum Bracket FanRs.11,995

Royal Pedestal Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Royal Fans offer a wide range of pedestal fans that are perfect for any home or office. With prices starting at Rs.8,995 and going up to Rs.13,395, you can find the perfect fan to suit your budget. These fans come with powerful motors and long lasting blades made from high quality plastic and metal materials. They also offer a remote control feature, providing you with the convenience of adjusting speed and other settings from the comfort of your own chair.

Royal Pedestal FanPrice in Pakistan
Pedestal Deluxe ACDC FanRs.7,000
Royal Louver Pedestal FansRs.8,195
Royal Unique Pedestal Stand FanRs.9,495
Royal Magnum Black Pedestal FanRs.9,595
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs.8,995
Royal Deluxe Pedestal FansRs.13,395

Royal Exhaust Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Royal Exhaust Fans are a great choice for ventilation and air circulation in any home. They are available in various designs and styles, making it easy to find one that is suitable for your needs. The price range of Royal Exhaust Fans varies from Rs.2,495 to Rs.11,695 depending on the features they offer.

Royal Exhaust FanPrice in Pakistan
Royal Exhuast Window RoundRs.2,495
Royal Exhuast Plastic Fans (2 Way)Rs.4,555
Royal Exhuast Plastic Fans (1 Way)Rs.3,795
Royal Exhaust Metal High SpeedRs.11,695
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fans GrillRs.3,995
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fans PanelRs.4,045
Royal Metal Exhaust FanRs.4,395


The Royal Fan price in Pakistan is significantly lower than in other countries due to the vast number of options available. With local production and low labour costs, the cost of a Royal Fan in Pakistan is a fraction of what it would be elsewhere. However, because of the rising cost of materials and labour, prices may rise in the near future.

As fans become increasingly popular in urban areas, demand for high end models is likely to increase leading to higher prices. High quality Royal Fans from well known makers should remain accessible even if there may be a higher price tag attached than we have seen recently. In any case, Royal Fans are an efficient and durable way to cool down Pakistani homes quickly and efficiently.