Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond List Draw 10 Faisalabad Result 12 June 2023

The Rs. 25000 premium prize bond list draw 10 faisalabad result 12 June 2023 was revealed on monday, and it included some truly stunning prizes. Two lucky winners have hit the jackpot with two prizes of Rs. 30,000,000/- each! Five more individuals will be awarded prizes of Rs. 10,000,000/- each. On top of that, 700 people will take home Rs. 300,000/- each as third-prize winners! The excitement over this Draw 10 Faisalabad Result 12 June 2023 is palpable and it’s hard to contain the joy of all the lucky winners.


Winner Serial Numbers Rs. 25000 premium Prize Bond Result List Draw 10 Faisalabad 12 June 2023

The winning numbers of the Rs. 25000 premium Prize Bond Draw 10 held in Faisalabad on 12 June 2023 have been announced. The first prize winners will each receive a cash award of Rs.30,000,000 and their serial numbers are given below.

  • First Prize Two Winners Rs.30,000,000 Serial No:180652  456197
  • Second Prize for 5 winners Rs.10,000,000 Serial No:649335  663689  671107  756252  785761  
  • Third Prize for 700 Winners Each Rs.300,000 Serial No: in below

Result List Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw 10 Faisalabad 12 June 2023

Prize Bond WorthRs. 25,000
Announcing Date12 June 2023
First Prize Two WinnersRs.30,000,000
Second Prize for 5 winnersRs.10,000,000
Third Prize for 700 Winners EachRs.300,000

The Premium Prize Bond Draw 10 of worth Rs.25,000 was held in Faisalabad on 12 June 2023. The lucky draw announced 2 first prize winners who won an amount of Rs.30,000,000 each. Similarly, 5 second prize winners bagged a sum of Rs.10,000,000 each while 700 third prize winners were awarded Rs.300,000 each.

The lucky Draw 10 was attended by many people who were hoping to win the grand prize, which unfortunately could not be won by any of them but it was a great opportunity for the other participants to take part in this draw and win a considerable amount nonetheless. The overall response from the public was quite impressive and the organizers were very satisfied with the outcome.

The winners of this draw have already been informed by the concerned authorities, so if you have purchased a Premium Prize Bond worth Rs.25,000 for Draw 10 in Faisalabad on 12 June 2023, do check your winnings and contact the relevant authorities if you have been fortunate enough to win a prize.

Next Time Prize Bond Rs.25000 Draw Schedule 2023

Prize BondsDatesDaysCities
Rs.25000/-September 11, 2023MondaySialkot
Rs.25000/-December 11, 2023MondayKarachi

The Pakistan government issues Prize Bonds to encourage savings among its citizens. The Rs.25000/- Prize Bond is one of the most popular bonds among investors. A draw for this bond is scheduled to take place twice in 2023, with the first draw taking place on September 11 and the second on December 11. Both draws will be held in major Pakistani cities, with the first draw taking place in Sialkot and the second in Karachi.

Prize Bond holders can view the results of draws on the State Bank of Pakistan website or at any National Savings Centre across the country. Winners are eligible to receive cash prizes ranging from Rs.25000/- to millions of rupees depending on the amount invested in the bond. Investing in Prize Bonds is risk-free and can help investors save money for their future.

The State Bank of Pakistan regularly releases new draws for Prize Bonds. Investors are advised to keep track of upcoming draw dates, as well as eligibility criteria, to ensure they benefit from this low-risk investment opportunity. For more information on Prize Bonds, investors can visit the State Bank of Pakistan website or contact their nearest National Savings Centre.

Prize Bond Rs.25000

Prize Bond Rs. 25000 is one of the most sought-after investments in Pakistan. This bond is issued by the State Bank of Pakistan and can be purchased from authorized dealers and banks across the country in denominations ranging from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 750,000. When purchasing this bond, a person can either choose to buy a single bond or multiple bonds in the same denomination.

The validity period of Prize Bond Rs. 25000 is 15 years and its profit rate is variable depending on the prevailing market conditions. The holder of this bond will receive the principal amount plus interest at maturity, making it a lucrative investment option compared to other fixed-income instruments such as bank deposits or government securities.

Prize Bond Rs. 25000 also has a unique feature of offering weekly lucky draws. The list of winning numbers is published on the State Bank’s website and anyone who holds at least one bond in their name can claim the prize money if they are fortunate enough to have their numbers selected in the lucky draw. The prize money can range from Rs. 75000 to Rs. 1 crore depending on the draw.

Overall, Prize Bond 25000 is a low-risk investment with an attractive return rate and the added bonus of winning handsome rewards through the lucky draws. It is an ideal choice for those looking for safe investments with potential for high yields.

For more information regarding Prize Bond 25000, please visit the official website of State Bank of Pakistan.


The result list of the Rs.25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw 10 Faisalabad 12 June 2023 is now public. This draw promises huge prizes to the two lucky winners along with five people who will each receive a prize worth Rs.10,000,00 and the remaining seven hundred who will receive Rs.300,000!

With this opportunity, now is the time for those interested to get in on the prize bond revolution and become one of the fortunate few set to enjoy great benefits! As this event draws nearer, make sure you have your bond ready to join in on this amazing opportunity and reap its rewards! Join us in Faisalabad 12 June 2023 for a chance to take part in an event that will surely change your life forever!