Are you a fan of the latest Samsung smartphones. With super amazing features and specifications, the newly launched Galaxy S23, S23+ & S23 Ultra are expected to revolutionize the mobile industry in Pakistan.

But what does that mean for customers who want to experience all these new, advanced features? Well, with PTA Tax & Customs Duty in Pakistan kicking into full gear quite soon now, it’s time to take a close look at how much users will be paying if they decide to bring home any (or all) of this device from abroad. Let’s delve into everything there is about Samsung Galaxy S23 series devices getting their due taxes in Pakistan.

Samsung Galaxy S23 PTA Tax

Samsung Galaxy S23PTA Tax
On PassportPKR 97,800
On ID CardPKR 109,600

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a high-end smartphone that has been gaining popularity in Pakistan. To accommodate its increasing demand, the Pakistani Government has imposed different taxes and duties on it.

For people with a valid Pakistani passport, the total payable tax for the Samsung Galaxy S23 is PKR 97,800. Those who do not possess a passport but have a valid Pakistani ID card are required to pay PKR 109,600 as the total tax.

Both passport and ID Card holders can make payments online through various payment methods like credit/debit cards, Paypal, Easypaisa etc. They can also choose to make offline payments at any of their designated banks or Telecom offices.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ PTA Tax Payable

Samsung Galaxy S23+PTA Tax
On PassportPKR 126,000
On ID CardPKR 145,801

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ has a tax payable of PKR 126,000 on its passport and PKR 145,801 on its ID card in Pakistan. This means that buyers will need to pay the applicable taxes before they can purchase this device in the country.

The amount of tax payable depends on several factors such as the type of product purchased, whether it is imported or locally manufactured, and the applicable tax rate set by the government. It is therefore important to consider all these factors before making a purchase decision.

Additionally, it is also advisable to check with the relevant government departments regarding any changes in the taxation rates that may affect your overall cost. This will help ensure you get the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy S23+ and save money in the long run.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra PTA Tax Payable

Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraPTA Tax
On PassportPKR 129,500
On ID CardPKR 149,150

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra PTA tax payable is determined by a number of factors, including the phone’s country of origin. The rate for Pakistanis with passports is PKR 129,500 while those with ID cards must pay PKR 149,150 when purchasing the device in Pakistan.

It is important to note that the rates mentioned above are only applicable when purchasing the phone in Pakistan and may be different when buying from another country. Furthermore, any additional customs duty or taxes may also need to be paid before the device is released to the customer. Additionally, payment of the tax payable must take place at the point of sale in order to complete the purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Prices In Pakistan

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is an amazing selection of devices for those looking for a powerful and versatile phone. Each model offers something different, but all of them have excellent features and capabilities, as well as impressive prices.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 comes at a price of $800, while the S23+ costs $1000 and the top of the line S23 Ultra comes in at $1200. No matter which model you choose, you’ll get an amazing device that offers incredible value for money. So if you’re looking for a powerful and feature-packed phone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is definitely worth considering!

PTA Taxs In Pakistan

The PTA tax on smartphones in Pakistan is an important source of revenue for the government, and has been imposed since 2016. It is charged at a rate of up to Rs 1,500 per device, depending on its retail price. The tax has been controversial since its introduction due to the financial burden it places on smartphone users in Pakistan.

Despite speculation of its removal in 2024, the government has yet to make any official announcement regarding the future of the PTA tax. Until then, it is safe to assume that the PTA tax will remain in place until further notice from the government.

For now, smartphone users in Pakistan should continue to pay the PTA tax as required by law. The government has not suggested any alternative measures to the PTA tax at this time. Therefore, it is important for smartphone users to be aware of their financial obligations and abide by them accordingly.

It is worth noting that removal of the PTA tax in 2024 would have a significant impact on the government’s revenue, so it remains to be seen if such a move will actually take place. Until the government makes an official announcement, smartphone users in Pakistan should remain aware of their financial obligations and abide by them accordingly.

How to Pay Pta Tax In Pakistan?

Once you have paid the PTA Tax, you can register your phone with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This is mandatory for all imported phones and allows you to use it with any local network.

To begin, go to the PTA website and enter your device’s IMEI number. This number can be found on your phone’s original packaging or under the battery. Once you enter this information, you will receive a confirmation code and an email that contains further instructions to complete the registration process.

You will also need to provide proof of payment of the PTA Tax, such as a copy of your bank transfer receipt. After submitting all required documents, your PTA registration will be approved and you can now start using your device with a local network.

It is important to note that the PTA Tax must be paid within the specified time limits (30 days for passport registration and 60 days for ID card registration). Additionally, if your device is not registered with the PTA, you will not be able to use it with any local network.

By following these steps and registering your device with the PTA, you can enjoy all the benefits of using a Samsung Galaxy S23 series phone in Pakistan. By paying the PTA Tax and completing registration, you are ensuring that your device is compliant with local regulations. So don’t wait register your device today!

The PTA website also offers helpful tips and advice on using your device in Pakistan. Be sure to take a look and learn more about the rules and regulations related to phone usage in the country. With this knowledge, you can ensure that you are using your Samsung Galaxy S23 series phone safely and legally.


What is the price of S23 PTA approved in Pakistan?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 PTA approved in Pakistan has two different rates; one for passport holders and another for ID card holders. For passport holders, the fee is 97,800 PKR while for those with an ID card, the fee is 109,600 PKR. The total price of the device including the tax will be around Rs.560,000.

Is there PTA tax on Samsung?

In particular, the Pakistani Tax Authority (PTA) imposes an extra tax on devices which exceed certain price thresholds. For the Samsung Galaxy S23, the total price with all applicable taxes is approximately Rs 560,000 when purchased with a passport (as opposed to an ID card). The PTA tax amounts are Rs 97,800 when purchased with a passport and Rs 109,600 when purchased with an ID card. Those who choose to purchase the device with a passport should note that this is a one-time payment which must be made to the PTA at the time of purchase.


To summarize, with the release of Samsung Galaxy S23 series in Pakistan, we have seen a new set of PTA Tax & Customs duty rates. Depending on identity verification, the PTA Tax payable for Samsung Galaxy S23 is PKR 97,800 on passport and PKR 109,600 on ID Card. Similarly, for the Samsung Galaxy S23+, it is PKR 126,000 on passport and PKR145,801 on ID Card.

Finally for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra the payable taxes are PKR 129.500 on passport and PKR 149,150 with an ID Card. The rise in tax due to such high-end tech products are understandable as a contribution towards better infrastructure and technology development in the country. Buying these latest mobile devices is an investment you must make keeping into account all necessary information and rates beforehand. And its time to take control of our gadgets so we can experience technology at its best!