The latest Samsung Galaxy S24 has been the talk of the town in Pakistan, with its impressive features and sleek design. However, purchasing the phone comes at a price, with the standard S24 model costing ₨ 404,999 and the Ultra version retailing at ₨ 563,999. On top of this, buyers have to pay the PTA tax, which varies depending on whether they use their passport or CNIC for the purchase. The tax for the Samsung Galaxy S24 ranges from Rs110,000 to Rs135,000, while the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra tax falls between Rs145,000 and Rs175,000. Despite the additional cost, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a popular choice for those looking for a high-end smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S24 PTA Tax in Pakistan 2024

S24 ModelsOn PassportOn CNIC
Samsung Galaxy S24Rs110,000Rs135,000
Samsung Galaxy S24 PlusRs135,000Rs160,000
Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraRs145,000Rs175,000

The Samsung Galaxy S24 holds a prominent position in the Pakistani smartphone market, attracting users with its advanced features and sleek design. However, the imposition of the PTA tax has raised concerns among consumers and industry experts. To grasp the significance of this tax and its potential impact, let’s first understand the concept of the PTA tax and its purpose.

S24 Series Pricing In Pakistan

While the PTA tax is an important consideration, let’s not forget the overall pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Here are the estimated starting prices for the different models:

It’s worth mentioning that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on various factors such as retailer, location, and additional features or storage options.

Features of the S24 Series

Now that we’ve covered the PTA tax and pricing details, let’s delve into the exciting features that make the Samsung Galaxy S24 series a sought-after choice among smartphone users:

Understanding the PTA Tax

The PTA tax is a levy imposed by the Pakistani government on imported smartphones. Its primary objective is to regulate the influx of smartphones into the country and ensure compliance with local regulations. The tax structure varies based on the device’s specifications, including its price, features, and capabilities. This tax plays a crucial role in determining the final retail price of smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S24.

PTA Tax Information

The PTA tax for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in Pakistan is categorized based on two different scenarios: tax on passport and tax on CNIC.

Tax on Passport

Tax on CNIC

Please note that these tax amounts are subject to change and it’s always advisable to check with the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information.

Implications for the Samsung Galaxy S24

The introduction of the PTA tax will undoubtedly have implications for the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S24. The tax structure will be a determining factor in the device’s retail price, potentially leading to an increase compared to previous models. It is essential for consumers to be aware of these potential changes to make informed decisions when purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Government Policies and Regulations

The PTA tax aligns with the Pakistani government’s policies and regulations, aiming to regulate the smartphone market and promote local manufacturing. It is crucial to understand the rationale behind this tax and its intended impact on the economy and national interests. The government’s focus on local manufacturing and job creation is a driving factor behind the implementation of the PTA tax.

Consumer Reactions and Market Trends

The imposition of the PTA tax on the Samsung Galaxy S24 is expected to influence consumer behavior and market trends. Consumers may reconsider their purchasing decisions or explore alternative options to mitigate the impact of the tax. It is essential to monitor market trends and consumer reactions to determine the long-term effects of the PTA tax on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Mitigating the Impact

For budget-conscious buyers, it is important to consider strategies to mitigate the impact of the PTA tax on the Samsung Galaxy S24. Exploring alternative options, considering pre-owned devices, or opting for installment plans are some strategies to navigate the changing smartphone landscape. It is crucial to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your budget and preferences.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 PTA tax in Pakistan 2024 presents challenges and opportunities for consumers and the smartphone industry. Understanding the PTA tax and its implications is vital for consumers to make informed decisions. While the tax may affect the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S24, it is essential to consider the device’s advanced features, cutting-edge technology, and the value it brings to users. By staying informed and exploring alternative options, consumers can make the best choice that suits their needs and preferences in the evolving smartphone market.