Everything from buildings to bridges, roads and so much more require sand for construction. Sand is one of the most essential commodities in our world today, and it’s no surprise that its price can vary drastically from place to place. In Pakistan especially, experiencing an increase in population and development means a booming demand for sand but limited sources are available to meet it, leading prices to rise dramatically. But how does this affect both the businesses depending on their supply and ordinary citizens who need resources? What options do they have when faced with such high costs?

Sand Price In Pakistan Today 2024

The sand market in Pakistan has been on fire recently, with the price per cubic feet or per trolley nearly doubling from around Rs.12,000 to Rs.23,000 over the last year alone. This steep hike highlights a massive increase in usage due to surging demand from the country’s construction industry which has seen remarkable growth in recent times making it an attractive proposition for both domestic and international investors. As a result, sand supplies are being depleted more quickly than ever before and have caused prices to climb even higher due to competition within the industry.

SandSizePrice in Pakistan
Sand/ریتPer Cubic Feet or TrolleyRs. 12,000 to 22,000

Countrywide efforts remain ongoing to ensure that local environmental regulations are adhered to when extracting resources such as sand so people can rest assured that their homes and projects will be handled with integrity.

Types of Sand in Pakistan Prices

Sand is an important material for construction, and it can be found in abundance in Pakistan. Depending on the type of sand needed, there are a variety of options available at different prices.

One popular type of sand is Ghassu (Slit Sand), which costs 24.00 per cubic foot. Other types include Sand-Ghazi for 110.00 per cubic foot, Sand-Lawrencepur for 105.00 per cubic foot, and Sand-Ravi for 30.00 per cubic foot.

Whichever type of sand is chosen, it is important to make sure that it meets the necessary requirements in order to ensure a successful construction project. It is also important to consider the quality of the sand in relation to its price, as higher quality sand may be necessary for certain projects.

When it comes to finding the right sand for any project, it is best to do some research and compare prices, qualities and availability before making a purchase. By doing this, the perfect type of sand can be found at the right price.

Overall, Pakistan provides a wide variety of sand options that can meet any project needs and budget. By researching the different types of sand available, it is possible to find the perfect sand for any construction project in Pakistan.

Pakistan has several different types of sand, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. The most common type of sand in Pakistan is river sand. This type of sand is made from the sedimentary particles that are carried downstream by rivers. It typically has a light yellowish color and is used for construction purposes, such as making concrete and mortar. Another type of sand found in Pakistan is desert sand, which has a darker color and is usually made up of quartz grains. This type of sand is primarily used for landscaping purposes and in paving projects.

Sea sand, on the other hand, is made up of tiny shells and other particles that are found along coastlines. It has a more coarse texture and is often used in building foundations or as a bedding material for roads. Finally, crushed stone sand is created by passing stones through a series of crushers. It has an even finer texture than sea sand and is primarily used to make asphalt pavement. While each type serves its own purpose, they all contribute to the strength and longevity of the built environment in Pakistan.

Sand Rate List In Pakistan

Sand Brand NamesUnitPrice in Pakistan
Lawrencepur Hallow Trolley      900 Cubic Feet Rs.112,400
Sheikhapura Trolley      900 Cubic FeetRs.39,600
Ravi Sand Trolley      900 Cubic FeetRs. 30,000
Ravi Gassu  Trolley      900 Cubic FeetRs.26,000
Chanab Sand A+ Trolley    1250 Cubic FeetRs.72,500
Chanab Sand B Trolley     1250 Cubic FeetRs.53,750
Head Qadirabad Trolley    1250 Cubic FeetRs.52,500

The sand rate list in Pakistan varies depending on the type and quality of sand. The highest price is for Chanab Sand A+, which goes for 1250 CFT at 72,500 . Second is Chanab Sand B Trolley also costing 1250 CFT at 53,750. Third is Chanab Sand C Trolley, which is 1250 CFT at 52,500 . Other options include Head Qadirabad Trolley at 900 CFT for 52,200, Lawrencepur/Hallow Trolley at 900 CFT for 112,400, Ravi Sand Trolley at 900 CFT for 30,000 , Ravi Gassu Trolley at 900 CFT for 26,000 and Sheikhapura Trolley at 900 CFT for 39,600.


Sand prices in Pakistan have become exceedingly high in recent years, with the difference between the price of natural and manufactured sand being even more severe. In spite of this, it is important to remember that sand is an incredibly valuable resource and plays a vital role in the construction industry, so comes with its own set of costs.

While there are ways to reduce these costs, such as opting for artificial sand or utilising waste materials in construction projects, it is essential to ensure that these methods are environmentally friendly and not harming other ecosystems. It is clear that proper research needs to be done in order for proper cost-efficient solutions to be put into place for the future of Pakistan’s sand industry.