Are you looking for the best soap brands in Pakistan? The market is full of different options, from affordable to luxury products. But it can be difficult to decide which one suits your needs. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together this article with a comprehensive guide on the top five soap brands available in Pakistan today. As well as reviews and ratings on each product based on quality and value for money, we also take a closer look at their ingredients and any other associated features they offer users such as fragrances or moisturizing effects. By considering all these criteria when making your decision, hopefully you will find the perfect choice quickly and easily!

List Of Top 10 Best Pakistani Soap Brands With Prices

Soap BrandPrice (PKR)
Dettol SoapRs.180
Tibet SoapRs.80
Pears Transparent SoapRs.480
Hemani Herbals SoapRs.280
Care Anti-Bacterial with Sea-Minerals SoapRs.200
BOLD Deo Moisturizing SoapRs.200
Rivaj UV Whitening SoapRs.200

At times, it can be difficult to find the right soap brand that promises both quality and nutrition. We have done the research for you and compiled a list of the best Pakistani soap brands that will take your hygiene routine to the next level:

1.Dettol Soap

Dettol, renowned for its germ-killing properties, is considered one of the best soap brands in Pakistan. This brand has built a strong reputation over the years, providing high-quality hygiene products that guarantee protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. The price of Dettol soap in Pakistan is quite reasonable, approximately Rs. 180, which makes it an affordable choice for most households. Not only does it ensure cleanliness, but it also leaves a refreshing scent, contributing to a pleasant and healthy bathing experience.


Lux, being a beacon of timeless beauty, has been a staple in Pakistani bathrooms for nearly a century. The brand has effortlessly embodied the essence of femininity with its commitment to helping women feel their best. Lux soaps are more than just cleaning agents; they’re an experience. Infused with the choicest fragrances, a bath with Lux is akin to being doused in a burst of orchard freshness. Each variant presents a unique personality that’s assertive, bold, and vibrant, making every bath with Lux soap a transformative journey. Priced at an affordable Rs.150, Lux ensures that luxury bathing is accessible, allowing every woman to feel confident and beautiful in her skin.


Safeguard, a renowned soap brand in Pakistan, is more than just a regular soap. It’s a shield that defends your family, particularly children, against harmful germs responsible for an estimated 75% of illnesses in children. Endorsed by several physicians, Safeguard is recognized for its effectiveness against various fungi, gram-bacteria, and viruses. Beyond hygiene, it offers an endearing sweet fragrance that captures your senses. For a price of around Rs.160, Safeguard promises not just cleanliness, but comprehensive protection for your family.


Palmolive, a flagship brand of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, has established itself as a favorite among Pakistani consumers. Known for its versatile range of personal care products, Palmolive emphasizes quality, affordability, and availability. The brand’s standout offering its soap, is priced around Rs.120, making it an accessible and practical choice for the Pakistani market. The soap combines vibrant fragrances with deep cleansing properties, promising a rejuvenating bath experience. Its commitment to delivering superior personal care has cemented Palmolive’s status as the best soap brand in Pakistan.


However, when it comes to the best Pakistani soap brand, Palmolive stands apart. Renowned for its rich, moisturizing formula, Palmolive leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed, and glowing. With a history of consistent customer satisfaction, Palmolive is a reliable choice for daily skincare. The brand boasts an impressive range of soap varieties, each tailored to meet different skin needs and preferences. The cost for a Palmolive soap bar is slightly higher, around Rs.180, but the superior quality and proven skin benefits justify the price.


Lifebuoy, a renowned soap brand housed under the multinational conglomerate Unilever, holds a prominent position in Asia and Africa. Known for its affordability and top-tier quality, it has carved a niche in the market landscape. The inception of Lifebuoy can be traced back to 1894 with the launch of the Royal Disinfectant Soap in the UK. Introduced with the objective of fostering better personal hygiene standards, it was both budget-friendly and potent. Rigorous laboratory tests substantiate Lifebuoy’s claim of offering an unparalleled 100% germ protection. With the price set around Rs.120, it continues to be a popular choice among consumers, standing testament to the brand’s consistent commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness.


Dove is one of the best-known Pakistani soap brands on the market. Known for its soft and nourishing formula, it’s been a popular choice amongst consumers looking for a gentle cleansing experience. With its competitive price point of around Rs.400, Dove has become an accessible option for those seeking quality at an affordable cost.

Not only does Dove provide customers with an effective cleansing experience, but it also carries a brand voice that speaks to its commitment to nourishing and caring for skin. With its range of moisturizing soaps, Dove’s message is one of positivity and self-care, reassuring customers that they can enjoy a gentle cleansing ritual without sacrificing their skin’s health. As such, Dove has become a trusted name in Pakistani soap brands, thanks to its high quality and affordability.

8.Tibet Soap

Tibet Soap holds an enviable place in the landscape of Pakistani soap brands. With a rich history dating back decades, it is recognized as one of the oldest brands in the market. Despite its top-tier status and premium quality, Tibet Soap remains affordable with a price point around Rs.80, making it an excellent choice for consumers seeking both quality and value. With its enduring legacy and reasonable pricing, Tibet Soap undoubtedly stands as one of the best soap brands in Pakistan.

9.Pears Transparent Soap

Pears Transparent Soap is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the best brands of soap to have graced the market. Originating from a simple factory just off Oxford Street in London, the brand has grown to become a household name across the globe. The first of its kind, Pears introduced the world’s first mass-market translucent soap back in 1807, a creation by the inventive Andrew Pears. Fast forward to the present day, it continues to hold a prominent place in the Pakistani soap market. Despite its long-standing presence and premium quality, the soap remains reasonably priced around Rs.480, ensuring its accessibility to a broad range of consumers.

10.Hemani Herbals Soap

Hemani Herbals Soap is considered one of the best soap brands in Pakistan. Praised for its high-quality ingredients and beneficial properties, it has earned its place in many households nation-wide. Retailing at around Rs.280, this soap promises to provide value far exceeding its price. It’s not only a soap it’s a luxurious experience that leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished, and wonderfully fragrant. With its natural ingredients, it’s no wonder people are raving about Hemani Herbals Soap.

It also boasts of a mild yet effective cleansing action that helps remove dirt and oil from the skin without stripping away essential oils and moisture. This soap is perfect for all skin types, leaving your skin feeling fresh and soft throughout the day. Whether you have sensitive or normal skin, you can trust Hemani Herbals Soap to provide a gentle yet effective cleansing action.


Care Anti-Bacterial with Sea-Minerals Soap, hailing as the best Pakistani Soap Brand, is a blend of essential minerals and unique bioactive, organic extracts. This combination works harmoniously to leave your body feeling refreshed, cleansed, and rejuvenated. The soap’s antibacterial properties provide a robust defense against germs and bacteria, ensuring your skin remains healthy and protected. It is ideal for all skin types and is resilient in all weather conditions. Priced at approximately Rs.200, it offers excellent value for its quality and benefits.

12.BOLD Deo Moisturizing Soap

BOLD Deo Moisturizing Soap is a renowned brand offering top-notch toiletries in Pakistan. This soap is infused with moisturizing elements and a delightful fragrance, making it a popular choice for consumers. Known for its quality and efficacy, the soap not only cleanses but also hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and fragrant. Priced around Rs.200, BOLD Deo Moisturizing Soap delivers excellent value for money, reaffirming its status as one of the best soap brands in Pakistan.


Rivaj UV Whitening Soap, recognized as one of the best Pakistani soap brands, is an excellent choice for comprehensive skincare. It is formulated with ingredients that work synergistically to nourish the skin and mitigate the harsh effects of the sun’s UV rays. Its whitening effect is gentle, aiming to even out skin tone rather than drastically alter it. Priced at approximately Rs. 200, it offers value for money, making quality skincare affordable and accessible.


To sum up, the Pakistani soap industry is a billion dollar worth enterprise with great potential and an ever-increasing demand. The top 10 Pakistani soap brands have been discussed in detail in this article to give you the information you need to make well-informed decisions when planning your cosmetic purchases in the near future. All of these products contain natural ingredients, so they can be safely used by people of all ages.

The key lies in picking the right one for yourself and following all safety instructions given on the labels. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab your favorite Pakistani soap brand at affordable prices. And if you still have doubts about which one to go for, our friendly customer service team is always at hand to answer any further queries that you may have. So be sure to stop by and take advantage of the best deals available today!