Are you looking to harness energy from the sun but aren’t sure where to start? When it comes to investing in solar charge controllers, it’s important to be informed and make an educated purchase. In this blog post, we’ll review the various pricing options available for solar charge controllers in Pakistan, as well as their features and benefits. With this information, you’ll be able to determine which solution best meets your needs while staying within budget.

Solar Charge Controller Price in Pakistan

Solar Charge ControllerPrice in Pakistan
Solar Charge Controller 20 Amp 12v/24v PWMRs. 1,600
30A Solar Charge controllerRs.2,599
PWM Solar Charge Controllor 30A 12V 24V Rs.2,000
Solar Charge Controller Suoer 10ARs.1,750
Solar Charger ControllerRs.4,800
Simtek Mppt Plus Hybrid Solar Charge Controller 100v Voc 60 amp Fully AutomaticRs. 22,000
JFY Anti-Reverse Controller (30kw 50kw 60kw 80kw)Rs.50,000
60A PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller 2x USB Auto Battery Regulator ChargerRs. 5,499
Small Solar Charge Controller Muti-Protection PanelRs.2,969
MPPT Charge Controller 80A/100ARs.40,000

Solar charge controllers are an important and cost effective addition to any solar energy setup. In Pakistan, their prices are quite varied ranging anywhere from Rs. 1,600 right up to 31,500. Depending on your budget and the energy requirements of your project, you can find a quality controller that fits your particular situation. The technology has been improving over the years too, allowing for more efficient and reliable models to be available in a lower price range. Ultimately making having solar energy as accessible as possible, regardless of whether you’re outfitting a small home or running a large business.

List of Best Solar Charge Controller in Pakistan With Price

A solar charge controller is an essential part of any solar power system. It regulates the amount of current going into and out of your battery and prevents it from overcharging or discharging, thus protecting your battery from damage. In Pakistan, there are many different types of solar charge controllers available in the market with a variety of features and price ranges.

1.Solar Charge Controller 20 Amp 12v/24v PWM

The Solar Charge Controller 20 Amp 12v/24v PWM is a great way to power your home or office. This charge controller features an LCD/LED display, PWM battery charging, and all necessary protection equipped. With adjustable controlling parameter of the system, this device ensures that you get optimal and accurate control over your solar energy usage. The price of this charge controller is reasonably priced at Rs. 1,600, making it an economical and reliable choice for your energy needs. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can be sure that your solar set up will work efficiently and reliably to power your home or office.

2.30A Solar Charge controller

The 30A Solar Charge Controller Price in Pakistan is Rs.2,599 and provides users with an economical way to power their devices. This rechargeable solar charger has a fashionable and practical design that looks attractive while providing ample protection against damages. It is made of high quality materials, making it long-lasting and reliable. The unique shape of the charger allows it to fit into any pocket or bag, making it easy and convenient to carry around.

This solar charger also has a LCD display that shows the working status of the device. The simple button operation makes it user-friendly and easy to understand. Furthermore, this controller comes with multiple functions that allow users to choose from a range of settings. With its light weight and portability, it is the perfect solution for any outdoor activities or journeys.

3.PWM Solar Charge Controllor 30A 12V 24V 

The PWM Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V 24V is an intelligent and powerful device designed to control the charging process of solar modules. It features features that are essential for reliable and safe operation, such as automatic identification system voltage level setting operating mode of load, battery low voltage disconnection (LVD), accumulated function of charge and discharge Ampere hours, intelligent PWM charge mode, and adjustable charge-discharge control parameters. Plus, it offers overload and short circuit protection as well as battery reverse-discharge and connection protection to ensure the safety of your system. With all these features at an affordable price of Rs.2,000.

4.Solar Charge Controller Suoer 10A

The 10A Solar Charge Controller is an excellent choice for those looking to harness the power of solar energy. This controller is capable of 12v/24v auto-detection and comes equipped with a double USB charge port that delivers 5V/1A output, allowing you to charge your devices quickly and efficiently. The PWM charging mode ensures your devices are charged at the optimal rate. It also features an LCD display, a set real-time clock, and light control and time control modes.

These features make it easy to monitor your device’s charge status and adjust its charging parameters accordingly. Additionally, the controller provides reverse connecting protection for added peace of mind. The hanging style design makes it convenient to install and the price in Pakistan is only Rs.1,750. This controller will be an excellent investment for those looking to make use of renewable energy resources. With its efficient and effective charging capabilities, your devices will stay powered up even during off peak hours.

5.Solar Charger Controller

The Solar Charger Controller is a great product to use when you need reliable and efficient solar charging. It has a large LCD display that shows battery voltage, temperature, solar charging current, and output load current. This controller also comes with all necessary protections so you can be sure your equipment will stay safe during the charging process. The price for the Solar Charger Controller is Rs.4,800, making it an affordable and practical choice for any solar power system. With this charger controller in your arsenal, you can be sure that your system will stay powered up and running no matter where you are.

6.Simtek Mppt Plus Hybrid Solar Charge Controller 100v Voc 60 amp Fully Automatic

The dual LCD and LED display provides all the parameters related to the system, allowing users to get real-time information. It is designed with eye level installation on a vertical wall and should be placed in a shaded and airy area.

Before installing the unit, users are advised to read all instructions carefully. All wires should be properly tightened into their respective connectors for safety purposes. With its automatic detection capability of both 12V and 24V systems, this charge controller provides users with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage their solar power system. The price of this unit is Rs. 22,000 and is a great investment for anyone looking to take advantage of solar energy. It ensures maximum power efficiency and performance for years to come.

7.JFY Anti-Reverse Controller (30kw 50kw 60kw 80kw)

The JFY Anti-Reverse Controller is available in different power capacities of 30kw, 50kw, 60kw and 80kw and the price varies depending on the capacity. The price of the 30kw capacity model is Rs.50,000 while that of the 50 kw capacity model is slightly higher at Rs.60,000. The 60kw and 80kw models are priced higher still at Rs.80,000 and Rs.100,000 respectively. The Anti-Reverse Controller is a perfect choice for anyone looking for an efficient way to control their electricity supply and usage. It is reliable, durable and comes with comprehensive features that make it an ideal choice for any application.

8.60A PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller 2x USB Auto Battery Regulator Charger

The 60A PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller with 2x USB Auto Battery Regulator Charger is a must-have for those who want to make their lives easier and more efficient. With it, you can charge your batteries quickly and efficiently without worrying about overcharging or undercharging them. This controller also comes with two USB ports that can be used to charge any electronic device, ensuring that you’re always ready for anything. The price of this powerful charger is just Rs. 5,499 and it’s available at the best prices in Pakistan.

9.Small Solar Charge Controller Muti-Protection Panel

This small solar charge controller is a great solution for anyone looking to get the most out of their solar power system. It features multi-protection panel with a black colour and is rated to work at 12V or 24V, making it suitable for both small and large systems. With its 20A rated charging current and 20A load current, it is capable of providing reliable power to a wide variety of devices.

It also features overcharge protection at 14V / 28V, overdischarge protection at 10.8V / 21.6V and overdischarge recovery at 11.8V / 23.6V for added safety. It has an operating temperature range from -20℃ to +60℃, giving it durability and a long life. All these features make this small solar charge controller an excellent choice at its price of Rs.2,969. With its reliable performance and safety features, it is ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their solar power system.

10.MPPT Charge Controller 80A/100A

The Must MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100A PC1800 Smart Digital DC 12V/24V/36V/48V is a powerful and reliable solar charge controller designed to provide optimal power conversion efficiency. It features an LCD display that makes it easy to operate on the screen and comes with multi-stage charging functions such as 3-stage charging, parallel charging, and equalized charging. It also comes with a battery remote temperature sensor terminal that enables it to charge Lithium, Gel, or lead-acid batteries.

The controller is further equipped with RS485 & USB communication ports for efficient data transfer. Additionally, the controller features protection from PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity, Battery reverse polarity, Over charging, and Output short circuit. The Must MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100A PC1800 Smart Digital DC 12V/24V/36V/48V is available in Pakistan at a price of Rs.40,000. It is an ideal solution for those looking for a reliable yet economical solar charge controller for their PV system.


Solar charge controllers are an integral part of any solar power system. They regulate the voltage and current from the solar panels to prevent your batteries from overcharging. There are many different types of solar charge controllers on the market, so it’s important to choose one that is compatible with your specific system. Prices can vary depending on the type and brand of controller, but you can typically expect to pay between Rs.1600 and 40000 for a quality unit. When shopping for a solar charge controller, be sure to consider features like compatibility, wattage, amperage capacity, and warranty.