Are you looking for a reliable and affordable solution when it comes to your cable needs? Look no further! Sonica Cables has an extensive price list of cables, designed to make your life easier. Every product is specifically designed for any use whether it be audio, video, networking or all of the above and guarantees high quality at great prices. With our wide variety of products on offer, we are certain that you won’t have any problems finding exactly what you need at the right price. Read below to find out more about what we have available in our collection!

Sonica Cables Price in Pakistan

Sonica cables have it all! With a wide selection of prices ranging from Rs.10,112 to 49,500 they are sure to an easy choice for any customer within their budget. All Sonica cables come with a full guarantee and include 100% compatibility with all current devices. As well as the shorted response time of any other cable on the market today.

Sonica Cables Price List in Pakistan

Cable TypesSizePrice in Pakistan
3/29 cable90 MeterRs. 4656
7/29 cable90 MeterRs. 10112
7/36 cable90 MeterRs.14350
7/44 cable90 MeterRs. 21000
7/52 cable90 MeterRs. 30900
7/64 cable90 MeterRs. 48350
23/7690 MeterRs.1200
40/7690 MeterRs.1950
70/7690 MeterRs.4770
110/7690 MeterRs.9990
170/7690 MeterRs.14800
190/7690 MeterRs.20900
1/44 earthing cable90 MeterRs. 3150
10mmz90 MeterRs. 30,90
16mmz90 MeterRs.48800
1mmz90 MeterRs.3510
1.5mmz90 MeterRs.5150
2.5mmz90 MeterRs.10200
4mmz90 MeterRs.14300
6mmz90 MeterRs.20850

Sonica Cables offers a range of high-quality cables to suit all your audio and video needs. Whether you are looking for cables to connect your speakers, amplifiers, or receivers, Sonica Cables has the right solution for you. Our cables come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to ensure that you can get the perfect fit for your system. Sonica Cables also offer a range of custom cables designed to match the exact specifications of your equipment.

Sonica Cables prices are highly competitive and we guarantee that you will find something to suit your budget. Our extensive range of products includes HDMI, RCA, Banana, Coaxial, Optical Fiber, USB Type-C, Audio Jack, Speaker Wire, and more. All of our cables are made with superior quality materials to ensure maximum signal transfer and durability.


The Sonica Cables list of prices offers a great way to start building an attractive and efficient home sound system. Whether you’re looking for high end cabling accessories, basic audio wires and cables, or something in between, the wide variety of options and pricing from the Sonica Cables line offers something for everyone.

From powerful speaker wire to HDMI cables and beyond, Sonica offers reliable products at affordable prices. With their ability to enhance any sound system at whatever level you are operating Sonica is the perfect option to build your ideal listening experience. So as revellers prepare for summer music festivals and outdoor concerts look no further than Sonica Cables for tunes with all the trimmings. Finally, if there’s anything customers appreciate more than amazing sounds coming through superior cables it’s knowing they didn’t have to break the bank to get them.