Do you live in Lahore? Or are you planning a visit to Pakistan’s second largest city? Either way, one of the most essential factors for your smooth navigation and transportation within the city is knowledge about its public transport system.

While Lahore has evolved over time and now boasts reliable ride-hailing services such as Uber and Careem, there’s still no better option than travel aboard a Speedo Bus taking note of its reliable routes is key to allowing you to take full advantage of all that the city has on offer! In this blog post, we’ll explore the Speedo bus routes in Lahore that will help make your time here so much easier. So grab something to drink, settle down and let fancy explore these vital transportation lines together!

Speedo Bus in Lahore

Speedo Bus operates through an extensive network of routes, providing thorough coverage within Lahore and its neighboring regions. The main routes serve popular destinations, such as the historic Lahore Fort, the bustling Anarkali Bazaar, the tranquil Shalimar Gardens, and the expansive Emporium Mall, making it an ideal choice for city tours and daily commute alike. Tickets can conveniently be bought on-board or pre-booked, facilitating smooth and hassle-free journeys for both residents and tourists. Reliable, timely, and affordable, Speedo Bus remains a top choice for mass transit in Lahore.

Speedo Bus Routes List in Lahore

The Speedo Bus Services in Lahore operate along a vast network of routes that span the entire city, connecting key areas and landmarks. The service currently runs on 34 routes, connecting various primary points such as Railway Station, Samanabad Mor, R.A Bazar, Shad Bagh Underpass, Babu Sabu, and Bagrian, amongst others.

These routes ensure that the majority of the city is well-connected, facilitating easy travel for citizens. Furthermore, key interchanges like Quaid e Azam and Niazi Interchange are also included in the network, ensuring connectivity to the outskirts as well. This comprehensive network of Speedo Buses ensures that no area is left disconnected, making it an integral part of Lahore’s public transportation system.

Speedo Bus Routes Map

Route No.FromTo
Route 1Railway StationBhatti Chowk
Route 2Samanabad MorBhatti Chowk
Route 3Railway StationShahdara Lari Adda
Route 4R.A. BazarChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 5Shad Bagh Underpass Bhatti Chowk
Route 6Babu SabuRaj Garh Chowk
Route 7BagrianChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 8Doctor HospitalCanal
Route 9Railway StationSham Nagar
Route 10Multan ChungiQartaba Chowk
Route 11 Babu SabuMain Market Gulberg
Route 12R.A Bazar Civil Secretariat
Route 13BagrianKalma Chowk
Route 14R.A BazarChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 15Qartba ChowkBabu Sabu
Route 16Railway Station Bhatti Chowk
Route 17Canal Railway Station
Route 18Bhatti Chowk Shimla Pahari
Route 19Main MarketBhatti Chowk
Route 20Jain MandarChowk Yateem Khana
Route 21Depot ChowkThokar Niaz Baig
Route 22Depot ChowkThokar Niaz Baig
Route 23ValenciaThokar Niaz Baig
Route 24Multan ChungiGhazi Chowk
Route 25R.A BazarRailway Station
Route 26R.A BazarDaroghawala
Route 27BataPur Daroghawala
Route 28Quaid e Azam InterchangeAirport
Route 29Niazi InterchangeSalamat Pura
Route 30Daroghawala Airport
Route 31DaroghawalaLari Adda
Route 32Shimla PahariEk Moriya
Route 33Cooper StoreMughalpura
Route 34SinghpuraMughalpura

The Speedo Bus network in Lahore offers an extensive range of routes that cover almost every part of the city, making it a preferred mode of transportation for both residents and tourists.

Speedo Bus Ticket Price

Speedo BusTicket Price
Speedo Ticket RatesRs.20 to 80

The fare structure for Speedo Buses is designed to be economical and user-friendly. A ride on a Speedo Bus, depending on the distance, can cost as little as PKR 20, making it an affordable option for daily commuters. The price can go up to PKR 80 for longer distances, which is still relatively cost-effective when compared to other forms of public transportation.

In addition, Speedo offers rechargeable intelligent cards for frequent passengers. These cards not only provide a hassle-free payment method, but they also come with notable discounts, making them a smart choice for regular commuters.

Speedo Bus Service Timing In Lahore

Speedo Bus ServiceTiming In Lahore
Timing Of Speedo Bus6.00AM to 10.00 PM

The Speedo Bus service in Lahore offers a reliable and consistent mode of public transportation for its residents. Operating seven days a week, the buses maintain rigorous schedules, beginning service at 6 AM and continuing until 10 PM. This punctuality ensures that passengers can plan their commutes with confidence. Notably, the frequency of the buses is commendable, with each station experiencing arrivals every 5 to 10 minutes, minimizing wait times for commuters, and further enhancing the efficiency of the service.


What is the schedule of Speedo bus in Lahore?

The buses start their operations at 6 AM and continue until 10 PM, every day of the week. It’s important for passengers to note that the buses stick to a strict timetable, generally arriving at each station within intervals of 5 to 10 minutes. This punctuality ensures smooth commuting and contributes to the efficient functioning of the city’s public transportation system.

Which Speedo goes to RA Bazar Lahore?

As per the provided route information, two Speedo buses go to R.A Bazar in Lahore.
Route 12 originates from R.A Bazar and goes to the Civil Secretariat.
Route 14 also starts from R.A Bazar and ends at Chungi Amar Sidhu.
Please note that these are the starting points, so you would need to identify a suitable bus route in the opposite direction if you’re planning to travel to R.A Bazar.

Which Speedo goes to Gulberg?

The Speedo bus service that goes to Gulberg is Route 11. This route starts from Babu Sabu and ends at Main Market Gulberg, making stops at various points in between. It provides a convenient and affordable means of transportation for residents and visitors alike who need to commute between these areas.

How to use Speedo bus in Lahore?

Using the Speedo Bus in Lahore is simple and convenient. Begin by locating a nearby Speedo Bus station. The service operates across numerous routes in the city, ensuring wide coverage. Once you arrive at the station, wait for your bus. As it operates from 6 am to 11 pm, you have ample hours to travel. To board the bus, you need to pay a fare of PKR 20. This can be done using a fare card that can be purchased and recharged at the dedicated kiosks at the bus stations. Remember to scan your fare card upon boarding. When you’re ready to disembark, scan your fare card once more before leaving the bus. Doing so will refund PKR 5 back to your fare card. With these simple steps, you can comfortably use the Speedo Bus service in Lahore.

How do I contact Speedo bus route Lahore?

If you want to get in touch with the Speedo bus route in Lahore, you can contact the helpline for the Lahore Metrobus System at the following number: (042) 111-222-627. Additionally, for inquiries related to the broader Pakistan Metrobus System, you can reach out to (051) 111-222-627. If your query pertains to the Multan Metrobus System, please dial (061) 111-222-627.


The Speedo Bus service in Lahore stands out as a paragon of efficient and effective public transportation. With a vast network spanning across the major and minor areas of the city, it ensures seamless connectivity for the residents of Lahore. Its affordable fare structure, punctuality, and comfortable ride experience make it a preferred choice for all, be it daily commuters or tourists exploring the city.

The added convenience of the intelligent card system further elevates the user experience. It’s evident that Speedo Bus has become an integral part of Lahore’s transportation infrastructure, playing a pivotal role in streamlining the city’s public transit and contributing to its ongoing growth and development.