Super Star has once again made a stunning entry into the world of two-wheeled vehicles with its latest release, the 200cc roadster motorcycle. It’s great news for bike enthusiasts in Pakistan who are always eager to see what new products this renowned company has to offer. With its affordable price tag of Rs. 575,000, the bike is set to catch the attention of not only bike lovers but also those seeking reliable and efficient transportation.

But the true beauty of this bike lies in its impressive specifications and features, which set it apart from the competition. With its direct competition being the likes of Suzuki GR 150 and Honda CB 150F, this bike is up for a tough challenge, and we can’t wait to see the comprehensive comparison between these rivals.

Super Star 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan

Motorcycle ModelPrice in Pakistan
Super Star 200ccRs.575,000 (Initial booking: 275,000)

The Super Star 200cc, a sought-after motorcycle in Pakistan, retails at a competitive price of Rs. 575,000. Potential buyers are required to make an initial deposit of Rs. 275,000 to confirm their booking. The remaining balance of Rs. 300,000 is due upon delivery of the bike, which typically takes about 2 months from the initial booking. This pricing strategy allows for a flexible payment structure, making ownership of the Super Star 200cc a realistic goal for many motorcycle enthusiasts.

Super Star 200cc Bike Features

The Super Star 200cc bike in Pakistan is not just a vehicle; it’s a sophisticated blend of style, power and efficiency. More than just its attractive price tag, it boasts of impressive features and specifications. Equipped with a digital meter, speedometer, and an odometer, it provides relevant driving information at a glance.

Fuel efficiency is top-notch, with a 13L fuel tank yielding 30-35 Km/L on highways and 20-25 Km/L in urban environments. Safety is also at the forefront, with the inclusion of disc brakes and Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). The LED front and rear lights ensure optimal visibility during night rides.

The wheels are 17” alloys, fitted with tubeless tires, offering a robust grip on the road. The heart of the Super Star 200cc bike is a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled engine, complemented by 5 gears. Performance-wise, the bike has an engine displacement of 200cc, a horsepower of 21, a torque of 16 Nm, and can achieve top speeds of 120-130 Km/h. Truly, the Super Star 200cc bike is a worthy road companion.

Design of Super Star 200cc Bike

The Super Star 200cc motorcycle, designed with a distinct focus on comfort and versatility, is tailored to adapt to the varying conditions of road riding in Pakistan. The bike sports a classic roadster design, exuding an aura of elegance and sturdiness. The upright riding position it offers accommodates both short commutes and long journeys, promoting comfort and reducing rider fatigue.The bike is outfitted with a digital meter, speedometer, and odometer, providing the rider with real-time data for a smooth and informed ride.

Engine of Super Star 200cc Bike

The Super Star 200cc Bike in Pakistan is endowed with an impressive engine configuration. It boasts a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled engine with 5 gears. This engine setup ensures smooth operation and delivers a balance of power and fuel efficiency. Its air-cooled feature ensures the engine maintains an optimal temperature, reducing the chances of overheating, while the 5-gear system allows for flexibility and control in various riding conditions.

Super Star 200cc Bike fuel average

The Super Star 200cc Bike is recognized for its impressive fuel efficiency. This motorcycle achieves an excellent fuel economy with 30-35 Km/L on highway rides and around 20-25 Km/L in urban settings. This makes it an ideal choice for both long-distance travel and everyday city commuting, offering riders a cost-effective solution to their transportation needs.

Super Star 200cc Bike Fuel capacity

The Super Star 200cc Bike is designed with a generous fuel capacity in mind. It boasts a 13L fuel tank, offering riders extended travel distances before the need for refuelling arises. This makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoy long-distance rides or those who need a reliable means of daily transport. The sizable fuel tank contributes to the bike’s overall performance, adding an extra level of convenience to the riding experience.

Super Star 200cc Bike Specification

Digital meterSpeedometer, Odometer, Fuel gauge
Start mechanismSelf start
LightingDRLs, LED front and rear lights
Fuel capacity13L fuel tank
Fuel economyHighway: 30-35 Km/L, Urban: 20-25 Km/L
Braking systemDisc brakes
TiresFront Tire: 110/70, Rear Tire: 140/70
Wheels17” alloys, Tubeless tires
Engine4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled
5 gears
PerformanceEngine displacement: 200cc
Horsepower: 21, Torque: 16 Nm
Top speed: 120-130 Km/h

Super Star 200cc Bike Booking

Book your Super Star 200cc Motorcycle today! We offer an easy and affordable booking process. By paying an advance of Rs. 275,000, you can secure your Super Star 200cc motorcycle. The remaining amount of Rs. 300,000 is due upon delivery, which will be scheduled between 45-60 days from the booking date. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a Super Star 200cc motorcycle and experience the thrill of a powerful ride.

Pricing and Competitors: A Market Look

When examining the pricing of the Super Star 200cc in the context of the market, its competitive position becomes clear. With a price tag of Rs. 575,000, which includes a booking fee of Rs. 275,000 and a remainder of Rs. 300,000 due upon delivery, it offers potential buyers a balance between affordability and performance.

In comparison, the Honda CB 150F and Suzuki GR 150, two of its main competitors in the market, come in at Rs. 500,000 and Rs. 521,000 respectively. This pricing structure places the Super Star 200cc as a mid-range option, offering a unique combination of features and performance at a competitive price point. Considering the 2 months waiting period as part of its purchase process also provides potential buyers with ample time to plan their finances accordingly.

Super Star 200cc Installment Plan

The Super Star 200cc, also known as the Super Sport 200cc motorcycle, is now within your reach courtesy of our convenient installment plan. By making a down payment of Rs. 287,500, this thrilling ride can be yours. The balance amount can be settled over a period of up to 20 months, with comfortable monthly payments.

Please be aware that your total payable amount will include a mark-up, the rate of which will be determined based on the duration of the installment period. This is to cover the interest and other associated costs of offering the installment facility. This way, you can get your dream bike today and pay for it in manageable chunks over time.


Overall, the Super Star 200cc bike is a great choice to consider for those who want excellent performance and reliable rides. With its competitive price in Pakistan and outstanding features, this bike is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a solid two-wheel vehicle.

Whether you’re alone or with friends, for city or country rides the Super Star 200cc is bound to give you the ultimate driving experience. If you’re ready to hit the roads and explore Pakistan from a different point of view, then getting your hands on the Super Star 200cc should be your next move. Seize the day and make an informed purchase – it’s time to become part of the Super Star family!