Are you looking for answers to your questions regarding the fuel average of Suzuki 150 in Pakistan? With prices continuously going up at gas stations and oil becoming scarcer, it has become imperative to maximize mileage efficiency. Many people are seeking reliable information on how far their vehicles can go for a certain amount of fuel cost and Suzuki 150 is no exception. In this blog post, we will provide you with an overview of the fuel average in Pakistan for the popular Suzuki 150 as well as explore ways that help you save on gas expenses.

Whether you’re planning short trips out of town, enjoying a weekend getaway or simply want to ensure your monthly road expense stays within budget – this guide is for everyone who wants accurate data about this motorcycle’s performance! Read ahead and discover more about its mileage capacity so that ultimately, you can easily make informed decisions regarding investing in a Suzuki or similar vehicles.

Suzuki 150 Fuel Average In Pakistan

Suzuki 150 Fuel average (km per litre)Around 35-42 km

Suzuki GR 150 is one of the most popular motorcycles in Pakistan due to its great fuel efficiency and performance. With an average fuel consumption of 35-42 km/l, this motorcycle has been a favorite for many bike owners. It is also relatively affordable compared to other bikes of similar types and sizes. The Suzuki 150 is a reliable and durable bike that ensures you get a smooth ride every time.

The bike is equipped with a powerful 150cc engine with four-stroke air-cooled technology for maximum performance and efficiency. It also offers advanced features such as an electric starter, digital meter console, CDI electronic ignition system, Monoshock rear suspension, front disk brake and more. All these features make the Suzuki GR 150 a great choice for riders looking for a reliable and affordable ride.

Suzuki 150 Fuel Average In Pakistan

In addition to the great performance, the Suzuki 150 is also known for its stylish design and modern technology. Its sharp body lines, sleek profile and unique colors make it look stunning on the road. The bike also comes with various accessories such as wind deflectors, rear carrier racks and LED lights which add to its overall appeal.

Overall, the Suzuki GR 150 is a great bike with excellent performance and modern features. With an affordable price tag, it provides riders with an enjoyable ride along with great fuel economy. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and stylish motorcycle. So if you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable ride, the Suzuki 150 is your best option. Enjoy the ride and experience the thrill of driving a powerful machine with the Suzuki GR 150!

Mileage Of Suzuki 150 In Pakistan

With a fuel efficiency that stands out among its competitors, the Suzuki GS 150 and GS 150 SE, both popular motorcycles in Pakistan, deliver a stunning mileage of approximately 37 to 42 km per litre. Their 12-litre fuel tanks further augment their journeying prowess, enabling long trips before requiring refuelling.

The GS 150 models are designed for optimal handling and comfort, featuring a ground clearance of 155 mm, front and rear tires of 2.75 mm and 90/90 respectively, and an 18-inch diameter for both tires. The wheelbase is a substantial 1280 mm, while the bike’s dry weight of 114 kg makes it maneuverable without compromising stability. A 12-volt battery powers the motorcycle’s performance for a duration of up to 10 hours.

Performance is also significantly boosted by its integrated 4-stroke, OHC, air-cooled engine with a 150 cc capacity, delivering an enjoyable ride. Its robust shock-absorbers promise a smooth and jerk-free ride, contributing to a pleasurable journey. A 5-speed constant mesh transmission, a compression ratio of 9.2:1, a disc brake, and precise bore x stroke measurements all combine to ensure the bike’s excellent performance. Complementing all these features is a top speed of 118 km per hour, providing a thrilling riding experience.

Capacity of the fuel tank Suzuki 150

This two-wheeler can hold up to 12 litres of fuel, ensuring longer rides without the worry of frequent refuels. Such a feature is particularly beneficial for those who rely on their bike for daily commuting or long-distance travel.

Suzuki 150 Specifications

Engine displacement145 cc
Type of the engine4-Stroke, OHC, Air-cooled
Number of valvesOne
Bore * stroke57.0 mm x 56.8 mm
Compression ratio9.2:1
Type of ignitionCDI
Starter systemKick and electric
Transmission5-speed transmission constant mesh
Horsepower (hp)13.8 HP at 8500 RPM
Torque13.4 Nm at 600 RPM
The capacity of the fuel tank12 litres
Fuel average (km per litre)45.0
Length1890 mm
Height1120 mm
Width785 mm
Wheelbase1280 mm
Dry weight114 kg
Min. ground clearance155 mm
Type of the wheelsAlloy
Frame designBackbone type
Front suspensionCoil Spring, telescopic, Oil Damped
Rear suspensionCoil Spring, Swing-Arm, Oil Damped
Front tire2.75 – 18 (6 Ply)
Rear tire90 / 90 – 18 (6 Ply)
Brake (front)Disk
Brake (rear)Drum
Clutch typeWet type multi-plate


What is the fuel consumption of Suzuki 150 in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the Suzuki GS 150 has a respectable fuel consumption rate that aligns with its performance specifications. The motorcycle touts a fuel economy range between 35 to 42 kilometers per liter, dependent on driving conditions. This balance of efficiency and performance is reflected in its top speed, reaching between 110 to 120 kilometers per hour within urban settings. Complementing this, the Suzuki GS 150 is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 12 liters, supporting longer rides before requiring a refill.

What is the fuel capacity of GS 150 SE?

The GS 150 SE, a popular motorcycle model, boasts a generous fuel capacity. This model is equipped with a tank that can hold up to approximately 12 liters of fuel, providing ample range for both city commuting and longer road trips.

What is the Suzuki GS 150 Reserve tank Capacity?

The Suzuki GS 150 is a motorcycle known for its robust features. With a width of 785 mm and a height of 1120 mm, it has a substantial presence on the road. The GS 150 has a fuel capacity of 15.5 litres, ensuring long-distance travel without frequent fuel stops. Additionally, it features a reserve tank with a capacity of 3.5 litres, providing an extra safety net for riders. The saddle height stands at 790 mm, providing comfort and stability for riders of varying heights.


To conclude, Suzuki 150 is a great choice of motorbike in Pakistan. It has high-quality features and a great fuel average, offering between 35 to 42 km per litre. This bike can therefore last long miles with the help of less fuel economy.

Combined with its economic price tag, Suzuki 150 makes an excellent overall motorbike choice in Pakistan. So don’t waste any more time and ride your way to adventure by buying a Suzuki 150 you won’t regret it! If you are worried about the cost of maintenance, don’t worry Suzuki 150 comes with a reliable service and spare parts availability as well so go ahead and book one today and make the most of this awe-inspiring ride!