If you’re a bike lover looking to purchase the much coveted Suzuki Bike in Pakistan, you’ll be happy to hear that Suzuki has recently unveiled their new Installment Plan 2024 Without Interest! This incredible plan makes it easier than ever for you to purchase the latest and greatest of what this Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has to offer. With no interest fees or down payment required, purchasing your dream bike can now become a reality with absolutely no fuss. Read on to find out more about Suzuki’s great installment scheme and how you can get revving on your favorite two wheels as quickly as possible!

Suzuki Bike Installment Plan 2024 Without Interest

Taking out a loan for the purchase of any vehicle can be a stressful and difficult experience; however, Suzuki is making the checkout process more straightforward and accessible. Through their Bike Installment Plan 2024 Without Interest, individuals can now avoid hefty interest rates and enjoy their desired bike.

It’s an innovative solution that allows people from any financial background to independently select their dream Suzuki ride and make it happen with ease. So come on over to your nearest Suzuki showroom and take advantage of this incredible offer it’s time to get on the road!

The Suzuki Bike Installment Plan 2024 is a great way to get your hands on the latest bikes from Suzuki without paying interest. This plan offers customers the chance to pay for their bike in installments over a period of 18 to 24 months, depending on their budget and payment preferences. Customers can choose from various installment plans including 0% interest rate plans, interest-free installments, and low-cost deposits.

The process of applying for the Suzuki Bike Installment Plan 2024 is quite straightforward. Firstly, customers need to visit the official website of Suzuki Pakistan and fill out an online application form with their personal details such as name, address and contact numbers as well as other relevant information. After completing the form, customers will be provided with a plan summary and an installment plan calculator that can help them estimate their monthly payments.

After reviewing the summary and payment options, customers can choose their preferred installment plan and complete the purchase by paying a low cost deposit. Once this is done, they will receive confirmation of their purchase along with the details of their installment plan.

In addition to this, customers who opt for the Suzuki Bike Installment Plan 2024 can also benefit from some exclusive benefits such as free insurance coverage, discounted prices on accessories and services, as well as 24/7 customer service. Furthermore, they get access to a secure online portal which allows them to manage their installment plan and payments conveniently.

Overall, the Suzuki Bike Installment Plan 2024 is a great way for customers to purchase their favorite bikes without paying interest. So if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient option to buy your dream bike, this might be it!

Suzuki Installment Plan Without Mark up

1.GR 150

The Suzuki Bike GR 150 has much to offer. With a 150cc engine capacity, this bike has all the power you’ll need to take long trips on the open road. And with a price of just 385,000, you’re getting a great deal. But now, get even more value out of it with the 0% mark-up installment plan only 35% down payment with 24 easy EMIs. 134,750 for the down payment and 10,500 per month till 23rd month’s installment and finally 8,750 for 24th month installment make this deal irresistible! Now go ahead own your dream ride from home!

Engine Capacity: 150cc Price: 385,000

18th Month Installment Plan

24th Month Installment Plan

2.GD 110S

The Suzuki Bike GD 110S is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish ride. Not only is this bike sleek and modern, but it also boasts an impressive 110 cc engine capacity. At an affordable price of 244,000 with 0% mark up installment schemes and various payment options, the Bike GD 110S offers great value for money.

For example, if you opt for the 35% advance payment plan, you can make monthly installments totaling 6,650 until the 23rd month and 5,650 on the 24th month. The 50% advance payment plan has monthly installments of 6,800 until the 17th month and 6,400 on the 18th month. With all these great features, what else could you ask for? Get your hands on this bike and cruise around town in style!

Engine Capacity: 110 cc Price: 244,000

18th Month Installment Plan

24th Month Installment Plan

3.GS 150

The GS 150 model of Suzuki Bike is an impressive ride with its engine capacity of 150 cc. This bike provides great performance and the looks to match. It is only available at a price of PKR 266,000 but if you opt for a 0% mark-up installment plan, it can be made much more affordable. With 35% advance payment and 24 equal monthly installments of 7,800 Rupees, you can own this amazing bike in no time. Alternatively, you can make a 50% advance payment and have 18 equal monthly payments of 7,400 Rupees each to make it yours. Make an informed decision that suits your pocket today!

Engine Capacity: 150 cc Price: 266,000

18th Month Installment Plan

24th Month Installment Plan

4.GSX 125

The Suzuki Bike GSX 125 is a powerful, fuel efficient motorbike with a generous 125 cc engine capacity. Its price tag of 359,000 is also quite reasonable, and there even exists an installment schedule detail with 0% mark-up if you pay 30% in advance. This means that after an initial down payment of 107,700, you would only need to pay 10,500 for the next 23 months before the final payment of 9800 for the 24th month. Altogether this makes for an easy and convenient way to make your dream bike yours!

Engine Capacity: 125 cc Price: 359,000

24th Month Installment Plan

At Pak Suzuki, we understand the need for convenience and affordability when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle. That’s why our Installment Plan is carefully crafted to provide you with the best value for your money.

The installment plan offers competitive and lowest-markup rates, no hidden charges, transparent deals and fast processing. You can choose from various down payment options, with no upfront installment in the down payment.

The plan also includes comprehensive insurance at the lowest rate available and priority deliveries so you don’t have to wait long for your purchase to arrive.

If you meet the criteria, avail of the Suzuki Motorcycles Installment Scheme. For more information and details, please contact one of our company owned outlets. Our experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the plan.

At Pak Suzuki, we make sure your motorcycle buying experience is easy and stress-free from start to finish. Start your journey today with our Installment Plan!