If you’re searching for a reliable, fuel efficient and affordable car then look no further than the Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba. This dynamic mini-van has been known to provide its drivers with an enjoyable driving experience while also offering them great value for their money. With features such as four power steering assisted wheels, air conditioning, compact exterior design and proven engine performance, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing this model when it comes to selecting their next vehicle. So if you’re interested in learning more about the Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba price in Pakistan along with what other features this amazing model has to offer then read on!

Carry Daba in Pakistan

Carry Daba VariantsFeaturesPrices
Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba 2024796 cc Manual, PetrolRs. 1,500,000
Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Cargo 2024796 cc Manual, PetrolRs. 1,487,000
Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba AC 2024796 cc Manual, PetrolRs. 1,579,000

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is a durable and reliable vehicle that can easily accommodate up to three passengers plus cargo space. Its 796cc engine is powerful enough to take you on an adventure and its manual petrol transmission ensures optimal fuel efficiency, a must for any budget-conscious traveller. The advanced air conditioning system offers much needed relief from the scorching Pakistani heat and the interior of this compact van features modern amenities like superior sound insulation and independent suspension providing a smoother ride. With estimated prices ranging from PKR 1,487,000 to PKR 1,579,000 depending on your variant of choice, Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is an excellent option if you are looking for a good value car in Pakistan.

Suzuki Carry Daba Price In Pakistan

BolanPKR 1,500,000PKR 10,000PKR 30,000
Bolan CargoPKR 1,487,000

Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Specification

Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is equipped with an efficient 796 cc water cooled OHC & EFI engine that has a bore x stroke of 68.5×72 mm, producing a maximum output of 27.5 kW/rpm and torque of 62 Nm/rpm. It features a 2WD drive system with 4-forward all synchromesh transmission and 1 reverse. It has a fuel tank capacity of 36 liters, and can comfortably seat up to 5 passengers.

All these features make Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba an ideal option for day to day commuting as well as short trips. Thanks to its robust engine and comfortable seating arrangement, it offers a smooth ride even on rough roads. Additionally, its fuel efficiency makes it a cost effective vehicle that provides great value for money. With Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba, you can be sure to get an enjoyable and comfortable ride with every journey.

Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Interior

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is a van with plenty of interior space to make your commute comfortable. The newly designed instrument panel features a 4-spoke steering wheel, making it easier and more enjoyable to drive. With its multi-purpose capabilities, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba can be used both for private and commercial purposes. The van is designed to provide a safe and reliable journey, no matter how many passengers or items you need to bring with you. With its comfort and convenience features, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to travel in style and have plenty of interior space.

Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Exterior

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is designed for versatility and utility. It features a large, flat cargo area that has plenty of space for luggage or other items you may need to transport. The sides of the cargo area are also fitted with plastic covers to keep your items secure while traveling. Additionally, the vehicle is fitted with a tow bar at the back for added convenience when towing items like a trailer.

The exterior of the Bolan also features sliding doors on both sides, giving you easily accessible entry from either side of the vehicle. As an added bonus, there is an optional sunroof available for those who want to feel the wind in their hair while taking a ride. The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable option for their everyday needs.

Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Fuel Average

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is an ideal option if you’re looking for a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle. With its 800cc engine, it offers outstanding fuel economy, ranging from 12Km/L to 16Km/L depending on the load and individual driving habits. This cost effective vehicle comes with features like steel body construction, a robust suspension system and comfortable seating that make it an ideal choice for family trips or business trips. T

Suzuki Bolan Carry DabaSpecification
Overall length (mm)3,255
Overall width (mm)1,395
Overall height (mm)1,845
Wheelbase (mm)1,845
Minimum turning radius (m)4.1
EngineWater-cooled OHC & EFI
Displacement (cc)796
Bore x stroke (mm)68.5×72
Max output (kW/rpm)27.5/5000
Max torque (Nm/rpm)62/3000
Fuel tank capacity36 (L)
Seating capacity5
Transmission4-forward all synchromesh, 1 reverse
Front brakeDrum
Rear brakeDrum
Suspension frontstrut
Suspension rearLeaf Spring
Tires145 R12 C
PriceRs. 1,579,000

Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Colors

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba comes in three distinct colors to choose from: Solid White, Pearl Red, and Silky Silver. The white gives the car a simplistic yet elegant look that fits any occasion, while the red provides an eye-catching vibrancy. Lastly, the silvery hue of the silver version is sure to give the car a modern and stylish touch. Regardless of which you choose, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is sure to impress with its sleek design and vibrant colors. Whichever color you choose, you can be sure that your car will turn heads everywhere it goes!

Overall, Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is a great choice for those looking for an economical and reliable vehicle. It has all the features that make it perfect for everyday commuting as well as family trips. Its efficient engine and comfortable seating arrangement ensure a smooth ride even on rough roads, while its fuel efficiency makes it a cost effective option.


How much Price Carry Daba in Pakistan?

The Price Carry Daba in Pakistan varies depending on the model and options you choose. Prices for the base model start from Rs.1,487,000 and goes up to Rs. 1,579,000. Higher trim models can cost even more. The price also depends on city or province where it is bought.

Does Suzuki Bolan have AC?

Yes, New Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba AC 2024 comes with an air conditioner. It is a 796cc engine and runs on petrol. It comes at a price of Rs. 1,579,000 in Pakistan.

How many cc is a Suzuki Bolan?

The Bolan is available in two different engine types, petrol or diesel, with the petrol version having an impressive 796 cc capacity.

What is the Price of Suzuki Bolan Cargo 2024 in Pakistan?

The price of the Suzuki Bolan Cargo 2022 in Pakistan is Rs 1,579,000.

How many gears does a Suzuki Bolan have?

The Suzuki Bolan features a manual transmission with a 4-speed gearbox, providing drivers with four different gears to choose from.


The Daba carry is a popular vehicle in Pakistan, providing drivers with an economical and efficient way to get around. It is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and low cost option, as well as being easy to drive and maintain. Furthermore, the price of the vehicle varies depending on its size and condition, but it’s typically available at a very reasonable rate. All things considered, the Daba Carry is a great choice for those that want to explore Pakistan while still keeping costs down.