Are you looking for a stylish and reliable two-wheeler that is perfect for both long-distance touring as well as weekend rides around town? If yes, then the Suzuki GSX 125 might just be the best option for you! This contemporary Japanese design is more than your average scooter. It provides a smooth ride with its powerful fuel injection engine combined with stylish looks. Get ready to hit the roads while knowing you’re driving in style know more about this amazing proposition by reading ahead to learn all about the Suzuki GSX 125 price list in Pakistan.

Suzuki Gsx 125 Price In Pakistan

Suzuki Gsx 125Price In Pakistan
Suzuki Gsx 125 BikeRs.488,000

The Suzuki Gsx 125 is a sleek and powerful motorcycle that has made its mark on the streets of Pakistan. With its impressive design and smooth performance, it has quickly become a favorite among riders. The price tag of Rs. 488,000 may seem steep, but it’s worth every penny for riders who demand the best in both quality and style. Whether you’re commuting to work or hitting the open road, the Gsx 125 delivers an exhilarating ride that is sure to turn heads. So, if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line motorcycle, the Suzuki Gsx 125 is definitely worth considering.

Suzuki GSX 125 Overview

The Suzuki GSX125 is a true statement of style and technology. Its sporty curves give it a sleek and aerodynamic appearance, while the diamond-shaped halogen headlamp ensures clarity in all weather conditions. In addition, vibrant and robust shocks provide optimum ride comfort, absorbing impact efficiently. The 2-POD calliper hand-bars allow for easy maneuvering, contributing to the bike’s overall responsive handling. Alloy rims with disc brakes provide assured braking power, while the shimmering muffler not only enhances the bike’s looks but also delivers a pleasing exhaust note. With these features, the Suzuki GSX125 is designed to impress.

Suzuki GSX 125 Design and Outlook

Suzuki Gsx 125 Price In Pakistan

The Suzuki GSX 125 sports a sleek and contemporary design that complements its impressive specifications. With an overall length of 1990mm, width of 755mm, and height of 1075mm, the GSX 125 offers a compact yet comfortable riding experience. It stands tall with a ground clearance of 167mm, ensuring safe navigation through different terrains. Its seat height is strategically set at 770mm, providing optimal access and control for the rider. The motorcycle is lightweight with a kerb mass of 126kg, contributing to its agile and responsive handling.

Suzuki GSX 125 Engine

The Suzuki GSX 125 features a robust engine, designed for reliability and efficiency. It houses a Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke Air Cooled Engine that promises remarkable performance. The engine uses a Self Start Starter System, eliminating the need for manual efforts and facilitating an easy start. With a displacement of 125cm3 and a Bore X Stroke measurement of 57.0mm x 48.8mm, this engine ensures a smooth and responsive ride. It delivers a maximum power output of 7.8kw at 9000rpm and a peak torque of 9.2nm at 7000rpm.

The engine utilizes a Carburetor Fuel System for optimal fuel-air mixture, promoting improved combustion and increased fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the engine is paired with a 5 Speed, constant Mesh Transmission Type, offering the rider a wide range of speed options and greater control over the ride. Overall, the Suzuki GSX 125’s engine provides a balance of performance and fuel efficiency, making it a commendable choice for riders seeking reliability and power in one package.

Suzuki GSX 125 Fuel Average

The Suzuki GSX 125 has an impressive fuel average, standing at approximately 40.0 KM/L. This makes it an excellent choice for long-distance rides or daily commuting, as its fuel efficiency significantly reduces running costs. This aspect of the GSX 125 is one of the many reasons why it remains one of Suzuki’s most popular motorcycles globally.

Suzuki GSX 125 Fuel Tank Capacity

The Suzuki GSX 125 boasts a robust fuel tank with a generous capacity of 14.2 liters. This feature ensures extended travel distances before refuelling, making the bike ideal for long rides and adventurous explorations.

Suzuki GSX 125 Ride & Handling

The Suzuki GSX 125 offers a smooth and controlled ride, largely due to its unique combination of front hydraulic disc brakes and rear internal expanding drum brakes. This provides efficient and reliable stopping power. The front and rear suspension both use spring hydraulic damping, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride over various terrains. The GSX 125 also comes equipped with tubeless tyres, sized 2.75-18 at the front and 90/90-18 at the rear, providing better grip, stability, and resilience against flats compared to tubed tyres.

Suzuki GSX 125 Specifications

PricePKR 488,000
Dimension (Lxwxh)1990 x 755 x 1075 mm
Displacement125 cc
ClutchWet Type Multi-Plate
Horsepower10.0 HP @ 9000.0 RPM
Torque9.0 Nm @ 7000.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke57.0 x 48.8 mm
Compression Ratio9.1:1
Petrol Capacity14L
Fuel Average40.0 KM/L
StartingElectric Start
Top Speed140 KM/H
Dry Weight126KG
FrameBackbone Type
Ground Clearance167mm
Wheel Size18 in
Tyre at Back90 – 18
Tyre at Front2.75 – 2.75

Pros & Cons of Suzuki GSX 125

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Is Suzuki GSX 125 available in Pakistan?

Yes, the Suzuki GSX 125 is available in Pakistan. The variant of the GSX 125 is priced at PKR 488,000/-. This motorcycle combines a compact, powerful engine with a lightweight body to deliver great acceleration performance and, coupled with a stylish design, makes for a great ride.

Is Suzuki launching 125 in Pakistan?

Yes, Suzuki has officially launched the GSX 125 in Pakistan. This marks a significant move for Suzuki in the Pakistani market, extending their product line with a motorcycle that promises a unique blend of power, performance, and style. The GSX 125 is set to cater to the needs of consumers seeking reliable and efficient transport, alongside a thrilling riding experience.

What is the price of Suzuki 125 2024 in Pakistan?

The Suzuki 125 2024, a popular model in Pakistan, is priced at 488,000 PKR. Known for its fuel efficiency, durability, and overall performance, it remains a favorable choice among motorbike enthusiasts in the country.

What is the price of GSX 125r in Pakistan?

The GSX 125r, a high-performance motorcycle renowned for its impressive speed and handling, is priced at PKR 488,000 in Pakistan. This cost reflects its superior build quality, advanced features, and the thrilling riding experience it provides.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Suzuki GSX 125?

The Suzuki GSX 125 is known for its impressive fuel economy. On average, it provides a mileage of 40.0 KM/L, making it an efficient choice for those seeking to minimize fuel consumption without compromising on performance.

What is the engine displacement of Suzuki GSX 125?

The engine displacement of the Suzuki GSX 125, a popular motorcycle known for its performance and efficiency, is 125cc. This capacity contributes to the bike’s reputation for delivering good power and speed while maintaining fuel efficiency.


To sum it up, the Suzuki GSX 125 is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a bike that offers performance and reliability in one eye-catching package. Whether you’re an experienced motorcyclist or just starting out, this lightweight, four-stroke mid-sized motorcycle will fit your needs perfectly. With its light weight and fuel economy combined with exceptional style and performance, you will certainly enjoy the experience of owning this gem. Get the Suzuki GSX 125 today and join the league of proud owners of this stylish, powerful machine. Go ahead and make your decision quickly as all our products come at very competitive prices. After all, choosing the right bike is a decision that can give you moments of eternal joy throughout your years on the road!