Are you looking for delicious and affordable pizza options in town Look no further Tehzeeb Pizza is here to provide exceptional value with their unbeatable prices. With a large variety of gourmet pizzas, sides, and drinks available at an incredible price, Tehzeeb Pizza has something for everyone. Their wide selection of toppings, fresh crusts and sauces make this the perfect spot for your next pizza night. Read on to explore Tehzeeb’s full price list!

Tehzeeb Bakers Pizza Prices 2024

Tehzeeb Bakers are revolutionizing their pizza menu for 2024 and the prices are surprisingly affordable. With an expected average price ranging from ₨.1580 to a maximum of ₨.4,000, consumers can now enjoy freshly made pizza crafted with authentic Italian flavors. Tehzeeb Bakers strives to create delicious pizzas that suit all kinds of different tastes, with most options including vegan or gluten free options at no extra cost. From classic cheese on thin crusts to the exotic range of Asian inspired toppings, the selections at Tehzeeb Bakers will tantalize your taste buds and delight any pizza lover’s palate. Now you can experience true Italian flavor with just a few clicks or taps away!

Tehzeeb Bakers Pizza Menu with Prices 2024

Tehzeeb Bakers bring you some special flavoured pizzas to make your pizza cravings more enjoyable. Choose from Cheese and Tomato, Hawaiian, Grilled Chicken, Sausage, Veggie, Four Square, Smoked Chicken, Chicken Chapli and Sriracha flavors. All these flavours are available in four sizes of 9 inches, 11 inches, 13 inches and 15 inches. Prices of each size vary according to the flavour you choose. Get your favorite pizza at Tehzeeb Bakers with prices starting from Rs. 1130 for a small 9 inch pizza. Enjoy delicious pizzas and make every meal special!

Pizza Flavours NamesSmall Pizza 9 Inches SizeMedium Pizza 11 Inches SizeLarge Pizza 13 Inches SizeExtra Large Pizza 15 Inches Size
Cheese and Tomato PizzaRs. 1130Rs. 1580Rs. 2110Rs. 2575
Hawaiian PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640
Grilled Chicken PizzaRs. 1130Rs. 1580Rs. 2110Rs. 2575
Sausage PizzaRs. 1130Rs. 1580Rs. 2110Rs. 2575
Veggie PizzaRs. 1130Rs. 1580Rs. 2110Rs. 2575
Four Square PizzaRs. 1130Rs. 1580Rs. 2110Rs. 2575
Smoked Chicken PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640
Chicken Chapli PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640
Sriracha PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640
Vegetarian PizzaRs. 1130Rs. 1580Rs. 2110Rs. 2575
Beef Pepperoni PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640
Bar B Q PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640
Beef Salami PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640
Mortadella PizzaRs. 1195Rs. 1640Rs. 2175Rs. 2640

Tehzeeb Bakers Contact Number and Location

Tehzeeb Bakers also has multiple branches in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The branches located in Rawalpindi are Saddar, Chaklala, and Satellite Town. Whereas the branches located in Islamabad are F-11/2, Blue Area, Karachi Company, G-11 Markarz, PWD and Sowan.

For any inquiries or orders, you can contact Tehzeeb Bakers at their main branch located on 30 S.I.T.E Mauripur Road, Karachi. Their phone number is 051-111-11-2253 for all customer services and queries. You can also visit any of their branches in Rawalpindi and Islamabad for more information.

So if you are looking to try out Tehzeeb Bakers’ delicious treats, be sure to drop by one of their branches or give them a call.

To summarize, Tehzeeb Pizza’s menu prices are quite reasonable given the quality of their ingredients. It is clear that they put in a lot of effort into making sure the food tastes just right, and it truly stands out from other pizza restaurants. In addition to offering great value for money, their wide variety of menu items makes them attractive to pizza lovers who may be looking for something out of the ordinary. Their friendly customer service is yet another reason why Tehzeeb Pizza should remain at the top of everyone’s list as a go to option for hungry individuals and families looking for a great meal. If you’re ever searching for an authentic taste of same old tastes, or something brand new you’ll never forget, look no further than Tehzeeb Pizza.