Telenor Loan Code -How to Get Telenor Advance Balance Loan, Emergency

Are you running out of cash in an emergency situation but have no other way to get some money quickly? If yes, then you must be looking for a quick solution. Well, we let me tell you there’s hope! With Telenor Advance Balance Loan, you can avail easy access to your balance whenever needed. In this blog post, we will discuss all about how it works and what are the codes available through which one can get the loan transferred into their account within seconds. So now with no hesitation or fear of delay, take a look at our guide on understanding the Loan code process and getting an Emergency Telenor Loan.


Telenor Loan Code

Telenor LoanCode
Telenor Advance Balance Loan Emergency CodeDial *0# 
Loan AmountRs.30.00
Loan ChargesRs. 3.5(incl.Tax

Telenor, a leading telecommunication service provider, offers an advance balance loan service to its customers. In a situation where your balance drops to a bare minimum, you can avail of this service to ensure uninterrupted communication. To activate the Telenor Advance Balance Loan, simply dial the emergency code *0#. This service is a safety net for users, providing them the convenience and peace of mind they need in times of urgency.

How to Get Telenor Advance Balance?

To get the Telenor Advance Balance, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial *0# on your Telenor number.
  2. You will receive a loan of Rs.30.00, courtesy of Telenor Emergency Load.
  3. This amount can be used for all prepaid services, except for Balance Transfer.
  4. The service is available to all Telenor customers, and a service fee of Rs. 9.0 (including taxes) is deducted from your next successful recharge.

Please note that the service fee is a “Pay As You Go” (PAYG) feature, meaning you’ll only have to pay the fee when you use the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for USSD dial code *0#?

The USSD dial code *0# is free of charge.

What happens if a customer migrates from a prepaid price plan to postpaid?

If a customer migrates from a prepaid price plan to postpaid, any loans on their account will be cleared. We always verify if the customer has an outstanding unpaid loan amount before migration and ensure its repayment via recharging.

Can I request for another emergency load if I have still not cleared the first amount?

No, customers are required to clear their first emergency load via recharging before requesting another.

How can I check details about my emergency load balance?

Customers can check their emergency load balance via the standard balance inquiry USSD code *444#. Please note, this check is charged at Rs. 0.20 plus tax.

What is the validity of the emergency load amount?

The validity period for the Emergency Load amount is 30 days.


In conclusion, Telenor’s Advance Balance Loan service is a lifesaver for those unforeseen moments when you run out of balance but need to make an urgent call or use the internet. This service is not only fast, but it’s also easy to use; all it takes is dialing the emergency code *0# on your Telenor number, and you will receive an instant loan of Rs. 30.00.

Note that a service fee of Rs. 9.0 (including taxes) applies, which is deducted from your next successful recharge. This is a Pay As You Go feature, so you only pay when you use the service. To check your emergency load balance, dial *444#, though there’s a small fee of Rs. 0.20 plus tax. Lastly, keep in mind that the Emergency Load amount is valid for 30 days. Stay connected without disruption, thanks to Telenor’s innovative and customer-focused service.