Are you looking for a reliable paint brand to spruce up your house. A good quality paint can not only protect your walls from the elements, but it can also transform an entire room with vibrant colors and beautiful finishes. If you’re looking for the best paints in Pakistan, then look no further!

We’ve put together a list of the top paint brands that are tried and tested by professionals so that you don’t have to worry about finding a durable and high-quality product. Read on as we break down all the features of these Pakistani paint brands so that you can make an informed decision for making your walls come alive with color.

Best Paint Companies in Pakistan

When it comes to painting your home, choosing the right brand of paint is key. In Pakistan, there is no shortage of options when it comes to paint brands, but which ones are the best? From my research and personal experience, the top best paint brands in Pakistan are Brighto, Dulux, Berger, Nippon, Jotun, Diamond, Gobis, Master, Sparco, and Happilac.

These brands offer a wide range of colors and finishes, and their paints are known for their excellent coverage, durability, and long-lasting color. Whether you’re painting your walls, ceilings, or furniture, you can trust these brands to deliver high-quality results that will make your home look beautiful for years to come.

1.Dulux Paints

Dulux Paints, a brand under AkzoNobel, operates as a leading paint brand in Pakistan, leveraging the vast operational capacities of its parent company. Hailing from the Netherlands, AkzoNobel has established a significant global presence across more than 80 countries, employing a workforce of over 32,000 individuals. In 2020 alone, the company reported sales figures upwards of €8.5 billion. The company’s roots in Pakistan stretch back to 1944 with the establishment of a manufacturing facility by Khewra Soda Ash Company, a predecessor of ICI Pakistan Limited. In 1952, ICI was formally established as a public limited company.

As a leading manufacturer of paint in Pakistan, ICI’s Pakistani subsidiary has been a front-runner in supplying to the Pakistani construction industry. It caters to the decorative segment through its well-known brands Dulux and Pantex. In the performance coatings segment, the company has a significant market share via its other brands Sikkens, DynaCoat, International, and ICI Auto Paints.

Dulux, recognized as one of the best leading paint brands in Pakistan, offers a vast array of paint options suitable for both interior and exterior applications. For any inquiries, the customer support line is 0800-38589.

2.Diamond Paints

Diamond Paints, a top-tier paint brand in Pakistan, was established by Mir Allaudin in 1982. Playing a significant role in the chemical industry, Diamond Paints has become a national leader in paint manufacturing, continually delivering high-quality, affordable solutions. Their offerings stand out in the market for premium quality at surprisingly low prices.

At Diamond Paints, you’ll find an expansive variety of colors and qualities for both interior and exterior needs. The brand’s commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed, with several awards attesting to their excellence. In a significant milestone, Diamond Paints set an industry record in 2020, with sales exceeding PKR 1 Billion in a single month. For any queries or support, customers can reach out to their efficient customer service at 042-111-265677.

3.Brighto Paints

At the heart of every Brighto Paint product lies a commitment to quality. Since its inception in 1973 by Mr. Riaz Ahmed Sikka, this dedication has propelled Brighto into its current position as a premier, multinational paint brand with operations spanning Pakistan, UAE, and Qatar. Headquartered in Lahore, Brighto maintains rigorous international quality standards for both interior and exterior surfaces, a standard that has remained unwavering for nearly five decades.

The expansive Brighto portfolio boasts of an assortment of products, including basic and industrial chemicals, decorative paints, industrial (re)finishing products, and coatings. Their extensive color library boasts over 1050 colors, offering customers the flexibility to choose or even create their own unique color.

In addition to its exceptional products, Brighto also prides itself on its team of highly-qualified technical staff, featuring Engineers, M.Sc, and B.Sc. professionals. Brighto Paints (Pvt.) Limited, certified by ISO 9001 and the International Quality Crown, is a testament to the unparalleled quality that Brighto offers. Having grown exponentially over 35 years, Brighto Paints (Pvt.) Limited is rightly recognized as “The Paint of the 21st Century”. For any queries or support, customers can reach out to their dedicated customer service line at: 08000-1973.

4.Berger Paints

Berger Paints has earned the accolade of being the top paint brand in Pakistan, a position that testifies to its commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of quality. For over two centuries, Berger has been synonymous with superior paints that enhance the aesthetics of buildings while offering long-lasting protection. In Pakistan, Berger initiated its operations in 1950, setting the precedent as the first organized paint company offering premium-quality products imported from the UK.

In 1974, Berger Paints Pakistan Ltd morphed into a public limited company, with 49.38% of its shares owned by Pakistani investors and the remainder held by the parent company, Jenson & Nicholson Limited, from the UK. Berger’s progressive journey in Pakistan saw the establishment of its first local manufacturing plant in Karachi in 1955. The company’s growth was fueled by the burgeoning demand for high-quality paints as the nation’s economic and industrial sectors expanded.

To align with the rising demand, Berger continually added to its product range, thereby meeting and exceeding customer expectations. A landmark development in Berger’s operations came in 2006 when the company inaugurated a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lahore. Now, with its headquarters in Lahore, Berger is better positioned to serve its valued customers on a national scale. The company’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is further reflected in its dedicated customer support line: 042-111-237437.

5.Master Paints

Master Paints’ product range includes an impressive variety of paints, from decorative and architectural coatings to industrial finishes. The brand prides itself in its extensive color palette that caters to diverse aesthetic preferences, and its commitment to environmental responsibility, manufacturing products that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Furthermore, Master Paints has a remarkable reputation for customer satisfaction their dedicated customer support team (contactable at 042 111-333-465) is always ready to assist with color consultancy, technical advice, and after-sales service. This commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets Master Paints apart, firmly establishing it as one of the best paint brands in Pakistan.

6.Nippon Paints

Nippon Paint, a brand under the NIPSEA Group, has established itself as one of the leading paint brands in Pakistan since its official introduction to the market in 2007. Their success story has spanned over 15 years, aiding them in firmly entrenching their presence with a manufacturing plant in District Kasur near Lahore, which covers a vast 12.02 acres of land. Currently, they boast over 600 outlets nationwide, a clear indication of their expansive growth, and the number continues to rise.

One of the standout features of Nippon Paint is their innovative and user-friendly website, designed to enhance customers’ experience when choosing the ideal paint color for their homes. The website offers unique features such as the ‘Trend Beyond Colors,’ ‘Color Explorer,’ and ‘Paint Visualizer.’ These tools allow users to visualize their chosen colors in various settings, thus making the color selection process seamless and enjoyable.

For any queries, Nippon Paint Pakistan offers reliable customer support at 021111-647766, ensuring that all your painting needs are addressed promptly and professionally. By harnessing the power of technology and excellent customer service, Nippon Paint has emerged as the top paint brand in Pakistan.

7.Happilac Paints

Happilac Paints, with its inception in 1978, has grown to become one of the top paint brands in Pakistan. The vast portfolio includes architectural coatings, industrial coatings, road marking paints, texture finishes, wood finishes, ancillaries, and protective coatings. Not only confined to Pakistan, Happilac has expanded its reach to other countries including Tajikistan and Qatar.

The company attributes its success to its focus on research and development, which has been instrumental in delivering high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. Their sophisticated R&D lab is furnished with cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and testing equipment, allowing their expert workforce to experiment and innovate. For customer support, you can reach them at 08000-1978.

8.Gobis Paints

Gobi’s Paints stands as a true testament to innovation and quality in the coatings industry. With an inception dating back to 1981, this leading manufacturer has consistently set the bar high, extending its reach not only within Pakistan but also making its mark in the UK. Their production relies on advanced European technology, ensuring their solutions are not only groundbreaking but also of superior quality and sustainable. The brand has carved a niche for itself, known for exceptional product quality, stringent professionalism, and innovation.

Gobi’s Paints prides itself on unparalleled customer service, serving millions of customers across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors with a vast variety of high-performance coatings, specialty chemicals, and application systems.

Their offerings span a wide array of premium quality decorative and industrial products, catering to all coating needs. Notably, Gobi’s Paints has also made significant strides in environmental conservation, having partnered with the Government of Pakistan and local horticulture authorities to organize an extensive plantation drive with the aim of planting six lakh trees across Pakistan. For any assistance, they can be reached at their customer support number: 042 111-146-247.

9.Jotun Paints

Jotun Paints are renowned as the top paint brand in Pakistan, and their global presence speaks volumes about their quality and reputation. Notably, the company’s products are used all over the world, from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, demonstrating their unparalleled durability and finish. In Pakistan, Jotun’s operations are concentrated in Lahore, where their manufacturing facility employs over 135 individuals.

The company generates a turnover of over a billion Pak Rupees, underscoring its economic significance. At the heart of Jotun’s success is their commitment to solving customers’ needs through innovative products and solutions, leveraging their vast experience and advanced technology to tackle the challenges of a changing environment. The consistent quality of Jotun paints is undisputed, making them an excellent choice for any painting project. For any queries or assistance, you can reach out to their customer support at 042-3256 0422.

10.Sparco Paints

Sparco Paints, founded in 1988, has established itself as a leading brand in the paint industry in Pakistan. They have carved a unique niche by offering high-quality, innovative products to their customers. The company has not only gained recognition on a national scale but has also made a mark in the international markets, becoming one of the largest exporters of paints from Pakistan.

Sparco is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and specializes in home decorative paints, wood finishes, and road marking paints. They are dedicated to continuous research to improve their product quality and to devise innovative solutions that meet their customers’ needs. For any further queries or support, you can reach them at their Customer Support: 042-35403046.


Overall, if you’re looking for the best paint brands in Pakistan to use for your next interior or exterior paint job, then consider Berger, Dulux, Suraj, Solver, and Nerolac. Quality is paramount when it comes to painting; so be sure to make the investment to secure the right paint brand. Not only will you have a long-lasting finish but also an aesthetically pleasing outcome too. So don’t wait any longer and get painting today with one of the five best paint brands available in Pakistan!