Finding the right pair of shoes can be a daunting task especially when you are looking for men’s shoes in Pakistan. With so many different brands, styles and fits available, it’s hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we have rounded up some of the best Pakistani brands that offer comfortable and stylish shoes for men.

From unique detailing on leather onto versatile colorways and intricate patterns these shoe lines bring together quality materials with modern design sensibility. So whether you’re in search of sandalsa dressy Derby or fancy lace-ups this guide features Pakistani brand’s perfect pieces that will upgrade your wardrobe!

Men Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Men Shoes Brands In Pakistan

The world of shoes is constantly evolving, and there are quite a few brands making themselves known in Pakistan. A popular choice is Bata, which offers a variety of styles at an affordable price of Rs.5,949. If a more high-end brand is what you’re looking for, Adidas may be right up your alley with a price tag of Rs.19,100. Stylo is a great option for those on a budget, with a price point of only Rs.2,500.

If comfort is your priority, Hush Puppies and Skechers are both excellent options, coming in at Rs.15,999 and Rs.14,999 respectively. Ndure, Borjan Shoes, Aerosoft, and Outfitters also offer their own unique styles and prices to choose from. With so many brands to choose from, there’s no doubt that there’s a perfect pair of shoes for every Pakistani man.

List of Top 10 Best Men Shoe Brands in Pakistan

Many Pakistani men love to invest in quality footwear. A good pair of shoes will last you a very long time and makes an excellent investment since it’s something that you wear every day. Pakistan has some great shoe brands that offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, so if you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes then this list is the right place for you.

1.Skechers Shoes

Skechers shoes cater to a variety of needs and preferences, establishing them as a preference among Pakistan’s male populace. The brand holds a high repute for not only being stylish but also exceptionally comfortable, making them an ideal choice for those with active lifestyles or jobs that require long hours on their feet. The durability of Skechers shoes is another notable feature, offering consumers a product that can withstand the test of time and provide value for money.

Skechers’ extensive men’s shoe collection online and in stores gives customers a wide array of options to choose from. The unique and recognizable designs of Skechers sneakers, in particular, are a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering style, comfort, and quality in a single product. If budget permits, investing in Skechers shoes can be a smart fashion and comfort choice.

2.Adidas Shoes

Adidas, a name synonymous with unrivaled comfort and top-notch quality, is acknowledged as the best men’s shoe brand in Pakistan. The preferred choice of global sports personalities like Lionel Messi, Adidas has made its mark in Pakistan’s sports shoe segment. Whether you’re seeking footwear for your next game or your next workout, Adidas offers a selection that caters to various needs. Although Adidas shoes might lean towards the pricier side, they justify their cost with their exemplary durability and design. Adidas has physical stores in the major cities of Pakistan. Additionally, for those who prefer online shopping, numerous online retailers stock imported Adidas shoes, bringing this world-renowned brand right to your doorstep.

3.Ielgy Shoes

IELGY shoes stand out due to their exceptional quality, stylish design, and comfortable fit. These shoes are designed keeping the latest trends in mind, making them the go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts. The brand offers a variety of designs to cater to different tastes, ranging from sleek, minimalistic styles to bold, vibrant patterns. Whether you are looking for a pair of shoes for a casual outing, a business meeting, or a party, IELGY has something for every occasion. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, IELGY shoes are crafted with high quality materials and superior workmanship to ensure durability. This commitment to quality and style makes IELGY one of the top shoe brands in Pakistan.

4.Nike Shoes

Nike’s popularity in Pakistan is further bolstered by the brand’s wide range of offerings. Whether you’re an amateur athlete looking for your first pair of running shoes, or a professional footballer in need of cleats that can handle the rigors of the game, Nike has you covered.

The brand has a shoe for every sport and every level of competitiveness, which makes it a one stop shop for sports enthusiasts across the country. Moreover, Nike’s global reputation as a leading sportswear brand gives customers the confidence that they are investing in a product backed by years of research, innovation, and proven performance. Therefore, for those seeking the perfect blend of style, comfort, and superior athletic performance, Nike remains the go-to brand in Pakistan.


Aerosoft is a brand that truly understands the footwear needs of modern Pakistani men. With a broad spectrum of styles on offer, ranging from formal shoes perfect for work environments, to casual footwear for leisurely outings, Aerosoft consistently delivers on both quality and style. The brand has earned a strong reputation in the local market due to their commitment to comfort and relaxation. Many, at least once, have experienced the superior ease of walking in Aerosoft slippers.

Their affordability does not compromise their quality, making them leaders among local brands. The durability of Aerosoft’s sandals and slippers ensures long-lasting wear, while their moccasin shoes offer a blend of traditional and contemporary style. Thanks to Aerosoft, superior comfort, quality, and affordability in men’s footwear is always a step away.

6.Hush Puppies

In terms of variety, Hush Puppies leaves no stone unturned. Offering a broad spectrum of styles, they cater to the diverse taste of Pakistani men. The designs range from casual loafers, perfect for a relaxed weekend outing, to formal Oxford shoes that seamlessly complement business attire. What distinguishes Hush Puppies from other shoe brands on the market is their meticulous attention to detail, evident in the superior craftsmanship of every pair.

Moreover, Hush Puppies consistently strives to offer value for money, ensuring their high-quality footwear remains accessible to all. Their Peshawari Chappals, in particular, are a testament to this brand’s commitment to blend traditional aesthetics with modern comfort. It’s no wonder then that Hush Puppies continues to win the hearts of men across Pakistan.

7.Borjan Shoes

Borjan Shoes, recognized as one of the leading shoe brands in Pakistan, offers an extensive range of men’s footwear at affordable prices. While the cost of men’s shoes begins at less than Rs. 1000, the variety and quality of the footwear are not compromised. The range encompasses everything from chappals and sneakers to sandals, catering to both casual and formal attire.

The brand also offers loafers and formal shoes, specifically designed for comfort and stability. With modern and trend-setting designs, Borjan continually proves to be a top choice for stylish and functional footwear. Moreover, the convenience of Borjan’s online store allows customers to shop from the comfort of their home, further solidifying Borjan’s position as the best men’s shoe brand in Pakistan.


Beyond its extensive product range, Servis has also positioned itself as a responsible brand, deeply committed to social and environmental issues. It continually strives to reduce its environmental footprint by using sustainable and recyclable materials in its production processes. Moreover, Servis takes an active role in supporting communities by launching various social initiatives and charity partnerships. This dedication to ethical business practices further enhances Servis’s reputation as not just the best men’s shoe brand in Pakistan, but also as a brand that values people and the planet.


Outfitters has established itself as a top contender in the footwear industry in Pakistan, known for its stylish and trendy sneakers. The brand’s offerings may come with a higher price tag compared to other local brands, but the quality and design they offer are unsurpassed. Their collection is worth exploring for any sneaker enthusiast, with designs that echo the iconic Jordan sneakers from Nike. With a price range of Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000, Outfitters shoes are a testament to the adage that quality comes with a price. So, for individuals seeking to make a fashion statement without compromising comfort and quality, Outfitters remains an unbeatable option.


Puma, renowned for its high-quality footwear, has earned its reputation as the best men’s shoe brand in Pakistan. Offering a diverse range of shoes, Puma caters to every man’s needs, be it for casual everyday use, athletic performance, or special occasions. Puma shoes are known for their excellent cushioning and support, ensuring maximum comfort during wear. The collection ranges from casual sneakers to performance-driven athletic shoes, designed perfectly for running, walking, or engaging in sports. Furthermore, Puma merges functionality and style seamlessly.

Their shoes, available in an assortment of colors and designs, are as fashionable as they are comfortable, versatile enough to be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Puma is synonymous with quality, ensuring that their shoes withstand the test of time. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair to finish off an outfit or a comfortable pair for athletic pursuits, Puma has got you covered.

11.CA Sports Shoes

CA Sports Shoes, through its extensive range, caters to every athlete’s specific needs, from the amateur sports enthusiast to the professional cricketer. Each pair is meticulously designed, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The brand’s commitment to innovation is evident in its use of advanced technology and high-quality materials which ensure optimum comfort, stability, and durability. Whether on the cricket field or off it, wearers can trust CA Shoes to provide unmatched performance and style. Truly, CA Sports Shoes is not just a brand it is a symbol of excellence in the world of sportswear.

12.Bata Shoes

Bata Shoes, a Swiss brand recognized globally, has carved out a significant place in the Pakistani market. This brand, renowned for its footwear, apparel, and other fashion products, is particularly appreciated in South Asia. One of the reasons for its immense popularity, especially among Pakistani men, is its affordability. Bata offers an extensive range of men’s shoes, catering to various styles and preferences, all while maintaining reasonable pricing. This has made Bata not just a brand, but a household name in Pakistan, with almost everyone having worn at least one pair of Bata shoes in their lifetime.

13.Ndure Shoes

Ndure’s shoes are indeed a testament to its design philosophy, which is a fusion of comfort, style, and durability. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual day out, Ndure’s extensive product range ensures that every Pakistani can find a pair of shoes that perfectly suits his needs. It’s their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has made Ndure, not just a footwear brand, but an essential part of Pakistan’s lifestyle. The brand’s promise “Made to Last” beautifully encapsulates this ethos. From the northern mountains to the bustling cities of the south, you’ll find Ndure’s presence, serving the nation’s footwear needs with its high-quality offerings.

14.Mochari Shoes

In a market inundated with mass-produced shoes, Mochari distinguishes itself by championing bespoke craftsmanship and sustainability. The brand’s shoes encapsulate the rich cultural tapestry of Pakistan, each pair crafted meticulously with an attention to detail that justifies the luxury price point. But the true essence of Mochari extends beyond high-quality footwear. The brand’s commitment to sustainable practices is a breath of fresh air in an industry often scrutinized for its ecological impact.

By supporting local agriculture and providing a livelihood for artisans in the community, Mochari is more than a shoe brand it’s an advocate for environmental responsibility and social empowerment. Additionally, the brand’s diverse collection, which includes everything from sandals and Oxfords to Khussas and ankle boots, caters to a wide array of style preferences and occasions, whether it’s a festive gathering or just another day at the office. Truly, Mochari is setting the bar high for luxury footwear in Pakistan.

15.English Boot House, or EBH

The English Boot House (EBH) has earned a reputation for delivering not just quality, but also style and comfort. Their shoe designs, which range from formal wear to casual and sports footwear, embody sophistication and elegance, appealing to the discerning tastes of their customers. With innovation at the heart of their operations, EBH continually introduces new designs, keeping pace with global fashion trends. Their commitment to excellence has not only won them the loyalty of local customers, but has also attracted international clientele, giving testimony to EBH’s standing as the Best Men’s Shoe Brand in Pakistan.


Urbansole, a household name in Pakistan, has ascended to its prominent position as the leading men’s shoe brand by consistently delivering affordable, stylish, and diverse footwear. From prices as low as Rs.1999/-, Urbansole ensures that style is never a luxury, but a norm, even for individuals on a stringent budget. The brand’s portfolio includes a spectrum of footwear designs, encompassing casual wear, fashionable loafers, sumptuous traditional wear, and contemporary classics.

The uniqueness of Urbansole lies in its bold and distinct designs, a stark contrast to the traditional looks adhered to by other brands. Quality remains uncompromised, with the use of top-tier materials and genuine calf leather. Whether you are looking for casual, formal, or special occasion footwear such as for weddings or Eid celebrations the Urbansole collection has it all. Become a part of the Urbansole community and embrace the joy of owning superior footwear at pocket-friendly prices.


Insignia, the premier men’s shoe brand in Pakistan, is not merely a trademark but a symbol of refinement, class, and fashion. The brand’s commitment to quality and exclusivity is at the core of its operations. Each pair of shoes that is marketed under the Insignia brand is a demonstration of their unwavering attention to craftsmanship, style, and comfort. The company’s meticulous attention to detail and use of high-grade leather materials distinctly position it in a highly competitive marketplace. Moreover, Insignia’s extensive product line ensures a fit for everyone’s needs.

From suave men’s footwear to fashionable women’s shoes and elegant accessories such as bags and clutches, every item is crafted keeping the customer’s comfort and style at the forefront. Exceptional customer service forms the backbone of Insignia’s operations. The brand goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, which has fostered fierce customer loyalty and fortified its dominant market position. With a network of over 33 stores spread across Pakistan’s major cities, Insignia continues to strive towards its goal of becoming the country’s top shoe brand.

18.Levi’s Shoes

Levi’s shoes embody the perfect amalgamation of style and substance. Each pair acts as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The durability of these shoes is unmatched, making them a viable choice for the rough and unpredictable terrains of Pakistan. Moreover, the brand offers an extensive range of designs and styles, from sleek and sophisticated formal shoes to rugged and robust boots, all while maintaining the signature Levi’s aesthetic.

Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of Karachi or exploring the rugged landscapes of Northern Pakistan, Levi’s shoes are designed to provide ultimate comfort and durability. For Pakistani men seeking a stylish, comfortable and long-lasting footwear solution, Levi’s shoes are the epitome of perfection.


The exceptional craftsmanship behind Mocciani shoes ensures that every piece they produce is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and comfortable. The brand continuously innovates to stay in rhythm with the latest fashion trends, helping its patrons make powerful style statements. Mocciani’s men’s shoe collection showcases a unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary, with designs that are perfect for everything from formal office settings to casual outings. Their shoes are the epitome of elegance, imbued with a charm that enhances the wearer’s personality. For those who seek to stand out, Mocciani is more than just a choice; it’s a lifestyle.

20.Unze London

Unze London’s men’s shoe collection is no exception to the brand’s commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. The range caters to various styles, from classic formal shoes perfect for office wear, to trendy casual shoes for everyday comfort and style. The collection also offers a versatile range of sports shoes, designed to offer maximum performance and comfort for fitness enthusiasts.

The brand’s commitment to affordable luxury is evident in its premium leather shoes, which deliver style, comfort, and durability at a cost-effective price point. Remarkably, Unze London’s refund policy and exceptional delivery service extend to their men’s shoe collection as well, cementing its reputation as a trusted and preferred brand for men’s footwear in Pakistan.


In conclusion, when it comes to men’s shoes brands in Pakistan, there are plenty of different types and styles available to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something casual or formal, there is something out there to suit your individual style.

When shopping for shoes in Pakistan, it’s important to consider the quality of the material used, the price you’re willing to pay, as well as the design and comfort levels offered by each brand. With so many options out there, no matter what type of men’s shoe you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your preference best. So don’t wait any longer and start browsing through your favorite Pakistani shoe brands today!