You have been receiving strange calls from an unfamiliar number. You want to find out who it belongs to, but you don’t know how to trace mobile phone numbers with accuracy in Pakistan. Don’t worry we’ll show you the best way to trace a mobile number in Pakistan with name, address and CNIC details quickly and easily! With just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your smartphone screen, you can access information such as caller’s name, residential/business addresses, network operator identity and more.

In this article, we will share some tips for tracing unknown numbers in Pakistan effectively. We will also reveal some tricks that aid the process like how to find out names from unknown callers and telemarketers swiftly by using specialized websites and apps like 247phonelookup’s website tool. So let us get started by first nabbing those pesky pranksters!

How to Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan with Name?

It can be incredibly difficult trying to find someone’s name and other details just from their mobile phone number in Pakistan. Fortunately, with some basic detective work and the use of a reliable third-party service, it is possible to find the person behind the phone number. The first step is to look online for services that specialize in tracing cell numbers.

Once you have located an appropriate site, you can input the target number into the search bar to begin your investigation. Before signing up for any services, make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions so that you are aware of what kind of information will be accessible to you upon retrieving search results. After registering and paying the associated membership or subscription fees, if applicable, you will likely see full contact details including a full name, address, email as well as other useful personal information that could help you further narrow down your search.

How to Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan with Name, Address and CNIC?

It is important to note that the mobile tracing services provided by each of the four networks will only provide information regarding that particular network. In order to trace a number across all networks, one may need to use an online service or contact the relevant authorities.

In some cases, it may also be possible to obtain the name, address and CNIC of the mobile user. However, this will only be possible if the relevant network has access to the customer’s records and is willing to share it with the person making a trace request.

• Jazz Mobilink: Send Blank SMS to 668 and follow the prompts.

• Ufone: Send Blank SMS to 668 and follow the prompts.

• Telenor: Send Blank SMS to 668 and follow the prompts.

• Zong: Send Blank SMS to 668 and follow the prompts.

The process for tracing mobile numbers in Pakistan with name, address and CNIC is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is send a blank SMS to 668, regardless of your service provider (Mobilink Jazz, Ufone, Telenor or Zong). After sending the blank SMS, follow the prompts to get the required information. The tracing system is secure and the results are accurate. With this method, you can easily trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with name, address and CNIC. It is a fast, reliable and secure way of getting the required information.

How To Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online?

Tracing a mobile number’s current location online is possible in many different ways. You can use GPS tracking apps, websites that offer phone lookup services, and even publicly available databases to track the whereabouts of a mobile phone.

GPS tracking apps are one of the most popular methods for tracing a mobile device’s location. These apps use the phone’s built-in GPS receiver to track its exact location. All you need to do is install and configure the app on the target device, and it will be able to keep tabs on wherever the phone goes.

1.Live Tracker Pak App 

Live Tracker Pak is a mobile app that allows you to trace the current location of any mobile number. It utilizes data from your device’s GPS and cell towers, as well as other tools like Google Maps, to provide accurate real-time tracking information. The app also provides detailed analytics concerning the activity of the device being tracked. Live Tracker Pak is available for free on the Google Play Store, and it can be used with any Android device.

The app makes it easy to track the current location of any mobile number. All you need to do is install the app on your device and enter the mobile number of the person that you want to track. The app will then provide you with detailed information about the location of the device, including its longitude and latitude. You can also view an interactive map of the area being tracked.

2.Person Tracker With Name, Address, And Location

Person Tracker is an app designed to help users trace mobile numbers and obtain information about their current location. The app uses sophisticated algorithms to search for the latest available data, including name, address, and location of the owners of any given number.

In addition to this service, Person Tracker also offers other helpful features such as call history logs, caller ID, and notifications for incoming calls. All of these features are available in the free version of the app, allowing users to easily locate a person’s current whereabouts without any additional cost.

Person Tracker is an ideal tool for those who need to track down people quickly or verify information about them. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive search capabilities, Person Tracker gives users the ability to find out a person’s current location easily and accurately.

Person Tracker is available for free on the Google Play Store, making it accessible to anyone with an Android device.

3.Check Mobile Number Location Name Address Online

If you want to trace a mobile number current location online, there are a few ways to do it. The first is by using a specialized app such as Check Mobile Number Location Name Address Online. This app uses cell tower triangulation technology to give you an accurate and up-to-date view of the exact whereabouts of any given phone number. All you need to do is enter the phone number and the app will provide you with the exact location of that mobile device. You can also view other details such as speed, altitude, or even see a satellite image of the current location. This app is fast, secure, and reliable for quick tracking when you need it most.

4.Gps Mobile Number Tracker Toolkit app

The Gps Mobile Number Tracker Toolkit app is the perfect solution for tracing a mobile number’s current location online. With this innovative tool, users can easily trace any mobile device’s current location and get up-to-date information about its whereabouts. The app is easy to download and use and provides detailed reporting of the traced location. It also supports multiple tracking technologies, including GPS and Wi-Fi, to provide accurate results.

With the app’s real-time information, users can stay up-to-date with the device’s current location around the clock. Moreover, it features a built-in alert system that automatically notifies users when the traced location changes. Additionally, users can use the app to generate detailed activity reports that provide more comprehensive insight into the device’s whereabouts. With its powerful tracing capabilities and user-friendly interface, this app is an ideal choice for tracking a mobile number’s current location online.

You can also take advantage of websites that offer reverse cellphone lookup services. By entering a phone number, you can access information such as the current address and location of the device. While these services usually require a fee to use, there are also some free websites that offer this type of service.

Finally, you can take advantage of publicly available databases to track down a mobile phone’s current location. These databases contain records of all cell phone numbers, as well as their associated GPS coordinates. By searching for a particular number in these databases, you can easily track down its current location.

No matter which method you choose to use, tracing a mobile device’s current location online is now easier than ever. Whatever the reason may be for needing to trace a phone’s whereabouts, these methods can help you get the information you need quickly and accurately.

Trace Mobile Number Current Location Via Satellite in Pakistan

Trace mobile number current location via satellite in Pakistan is a powerful tool that provides users with a wide range of accurate and real-time tracking information. This advanced technology utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to identify the exact location of any mobile phone within seconds. With the help of this service, you can easily trace mobile number current location via satellite in Pakistan and ensure that your loved ones are safe.

The best part of this service is that it can be accessed from anywhere around the world, making it a helpful tool for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts or businesses needing to track employees’ movements. Additionally, you can use the same service to block unwanted calls or track stolen devices.

Trace mobile number current location via satellite in Pakistan requires an active internet connection and a few information such as the phone’s IMEI number, SIM card details, and service provider. The process is fast, secure, and efficient; allowing you to get accurate data within seconds. Once the data is retrieved, you can view it on a map or download it for future reference.

In addition to tracking mobile phones, you can also use this service to find out the exact location of any vehicle in Pakistan. With the help of satellite imagery, you can get a detailed report of any vehicle including its speed and direction. This is a great option for car owners who want to keep an eye on their vehicles.

Trace mobile number current location via satellite in Pakistan is the perfect way to stay connected with your loved ones and ensure their safety while they are away from home. With this advanced technology, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your near and dear ones are safe.

Trace Mobile Number Through PTA SIM Information System

Once you have arrived at the PTA SIM Information System, you will need to enter the mobile number that you wish to trace in the box provided. After entering the mobile number and confirming it, click on ‘Search’. The system will then show a list of information related to your search query, such as: operator name, CNIC number (if available), SIM status, and registration date of the mobile number. All this information can help you track down the owner of a given mobile number.

Try the system, Just open any web interner browser and go to CNIC.

The PTA SIM Information System is a great tool for helping to trace and verify mobile numbers, as well as staying up to date in terms of ownership and registration information. With its simple and intuitive search feature, it’s easy to use and can be a great resource for those looking to verify mobile numbers. It is important to note, however, that the PTA SIM Information System only shows information on Pakistani NUMBERs registered in Pakistan; it will not provide any information regarding international phone numbers.


There are many applications and websites which allow you to trace any mobile number in Pakistan with name, address & CNIC. Some require a monthly subscription while others offer this service for free. The quality of the information provided by these services varies greatly, so it is important to do your research before choosing one. We hope this article was helpful in informing you about how to trace a mobile number in Pakistan.