The United 125cc 2024 model seems to be a tight contender in the market with its updated stickers and competitive price tag in Pakistan. While the Honda 125 continues to enjoy a dominating position in sales, United Auto Industries recognizes the importance of aesthetics. They have made a strategic move in upgrading their sticker game to make their motorcycle more visually appeasing. This minor, yet significant detail is a testament to United Auto Industries’ commitment to excel in the competitive market. With a reputation for durability and reliability behind them, United 125cc’s competitive pricing is a deal that no one should miss out on! Whether you are an existing United buyer or a potential customer, the modified sticker update is sure to catch your eye.

United 125CC 2024 Model Bike Price In Pakistan

United 125CC 2024Price In Pakistan
United 125CC 2024 BikeRs.164,500

The United 125CC 2024 model is a popular choice for bike enthusiasts in Pakistan. Priced at Rs.164,500, this model offers an excellent blend of performance, comfort, and durability, making it worth every penny. Whether it’s for daily commuting or weekend trips, the United 125CC 2024 model is a reliable companion, promising an exhilarating ride every time.

United 125CC 2024 Model Bike Overview

When it comes to reliability and durability, the United 125CC 2024 model is hard to beat. Its parts are constructed with high-quality materials, guaranteeing long-term use without frequent maintenance or replacements. The motorcycle features an advanced ignition system that ensures a quick start, regardless of the weather condition. Additionally, its braking system is highly effective, securing rider safety during high-speed rides. The bike’s well-calibrated suspension system contributes to a smoother ride, minimizing the impact of road bumps and uneven surfaces. These attributes, paired with the benefits mentioned earlier, make the United 125CC 2024 model worth considering for every motorcycle enthusiast seeking a mix of style, comfort, performance, and affordability.

United 125CC 2024 Model Bike Launched With Brand New Sticker

United Motors, a renowned name in the motorcycle industry, has launched its much-anticipated model, the United 125CC 2024. This latest model proudly showcases a brand new sticker design that sets it apart in the market. The fresh look enhances the bike’s aesthetic appeal, reflecting United Motors’ commitment to innovation and attention to detail. This move is anticipated to attract a new wave of customers, appealing especially to riders who appreciate both performance and style in their two-wheelers.

United 125CC 2024 Model Bike Design

The United 125CC 2024 model exhibits a sleek design coupled with robust specifications. Its dimensions of 1911 mm in length, 732 mm in width, and 1016 mm in height emphasize a well-balanced and compact structure. With a dry weight of 102 KG, the bike is lightweight yet sturdy, due to its diamond-type steel frame.

This feature ensures resilience and durability, essential for an optimal riding experience. The bike’s ground clearance is 140 mm, sufficient for comfortably tackling various types of terrain. The rear wheel has a size and tyre specification of 3.00 – 17, paired with a front wheel measurement of 2.50 – 18. These dimensions provide excellent stability and control, enhancing the overall riding experience.

United 125CC 2024 Model Bike Engine

The United 125CC 2024 Model Bike features an engine that is a 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled. The displacement of this model is 125 cc, indicating the engine’s size and power potential. A crucial component, the clutch, is a Wet Type Multi-Plate, designed for handling high torque output with smooth engagement. Furthermore, this model boasts a 4-speed transmission, delivering optimal power and efficiency across a variety of terrains and speeds. This combination of features ensures a robust and reliable performance, offering riders a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

United 125CC 2024 Model Bike Fuel average

The United 125CC 2024 Model is renowned not only for its superior performance and sleek design but also for its impressive fuel efficiency. It boasts an average fuel consumption of around 30.0 kilometers per liter. This makes it an economical choice for those seeking to balance power and efficiency in their everyday commutes.

United 125CC 2024 Model Ride & Handling

The United 125CC 2024 model’s suspension system further contributes to its excellent ride and handling characteristics. It features telescopic forks at the front and dual hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear, offering a smooth ride over various terrains and absorbing shocks effectively. The motorcycle’s braking system is equally impressive, with a drum brake at the rear and a disc brake at the front ensuring swift and safe deceleration.

The bike’s ergonomic design, including a comfortable seat and well-placed handlebars, guarantees a relaxed riding position, reducing rider fatigue during long journeys. All these features make the United 125CC 2024 model a reliable choice for those seeking a motorcycle that combines performance, comfort, and control.

United 2024 Model Specifications

ModelUnited 125 2024
Price (PKR)164,500
Dimension (LxWxH)1911 x 732 x 1016 mm
Engine4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Displacement125 cc
ClutchWet Type Multi-Plate
Horsepower12.0 HP @ 7000.0 RPM
Torque11.0 Nm @ 7000.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke56.5 x 49.5 mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Petrol Capacity9 Litres
Fuel Average30.0 KM/L
StartingKick Start
Top Speed100 KM/H
Dry Weight102 KG
FrameDiamond Type Steel
Ground Clearance140 mm
Rear Wheel Size/Tyre3.00 – 17
Front Wheel Size/Tyre2.50 – 18

United 125CC 2024 Model: Pros & Cons

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

The United 125CC 2024 Model is a budget-friendly option that still offers plenty of features. It has classic styling and provides a comfortable ride, although there may be some issues with initial pick up and power depending on terrain. If you’re looking for an affordable bike that won’t let you down, it’s definitely worth considering.


What is the price of United 125CC 2024 in Pakistan?

As of the current market, the cost of the United 125CC 2024 in Pakistan is PKR 164,500.

What is the mileage/fuel average of United 125CC 2024?

United 125CC 2024 is an efficient scooter that is perfect for daily commuting. It’s economical fuel consumption of 30.0 KM/L makes it a great choice for those looking to save money on their daily rides.

What is the fuel tank capacity off United 125CC 2024?

The fuel tank capacity of the United 125CC 2024 is notably generous, accommodating up to 9 liters of fuel. This ensures a substantial range, allowing for long rides without the worry of frequent refueling stops.

What is the weight of United 125?

The United 125, a popular motorcycle known for its efficiency and reliability, has a dry weight of 102 KG. This refers to the weight of the motorcycle without any consumables, passengers, or cargo. It’s an important specification as it can affect the bike’s agility, acceleration, and fuel efficiency.


In conclusion, the United 125CC 2024 model is a commendable machine that offers a lot for its competitive price tag. With its enhanced aesthetic appeal, robust performance, and impressive fuel efficiency, it stands as a strong contender in the market, even against the dominant Honda 125. United Auto Industries’ strategic move to upgrade their sticker game is a testament to their commitment to excel in the fiercely competitive industry and deliver value to their customers. The United 125CC 2024 model offers a blend of style, comfort, and affordability that is hard to beat, making it a worthy consideration for anyone looking to purchase a reliable and visually appealing motorcycle.