Are you looking to buy a V8 car in Pakistan but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Here we’ve put together the most comprehensive guide on understanding different features of a V8 car, its pricing structure, and how to get yourself the best deal. We’ll make sure that you can navigate through all the new models being released on the market with ease.

Whether you’re an experienced buyer or just starting out in making your first purchase, we’ll provide all the necessary information so that you can find a reliable and cost-effective option for yourself. So let us dive right into it read ahead and learn everything about buying a V8 car in Pakistan!

Land Cruiser V8 Price in Pakistan 2024

Variants Price
Land Cruiser V8 Price Rs. 138,319,000
Toyota Land Cruiser AX4608cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.19,000,000
Toyota Land Cruiser AX G Selection4608cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.16,000,000
Toyota Land Cruiser Cygnus4663cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.6,000,000
Toyota Land Cruiser GX4608cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.31,500,000

V8 Price in Pakistan
V8 Price in Pakistan

Here are the respective ex-factory prices for the different Toyota Land Cruiser V8 variants available in Pakistan for 2024:

Please note that these prices are ex-factory and may vary depending on additional features, taxes, and dealership costs.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Features

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is a marvel of engineering, brimming with impressive features that elevate every aspect of your driving experience. Under the hood, it boasts a robust 4461 to 4663 cc cc engine that efficiently runs on petrol. It lays emphasis on safety with 13 Airbags, complemented by navigational aid for seamless journeys.

The vehicle comes with an automatic power boot, a sunroof, and a moon roof for an immersive travel experience. Rear AC vents and heated seats ensure the utmost comfort for the passengers. LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), front-bumper integrated LED fog lights, and LED accent lighting with an on/off feature provide superior visibility.

It features LED stoplights and light-tube taillights with vortex generators. Side-body chrome moldings are adorned with the Land Cruiser logo. An elegantly designed power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade avails one-touch open/close with jam protection.

The vehicle stands tall on 18-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels with P285/60R18 116V tires. It has rain-sensing aerodynamic variable intermittent windshield wipers and intermittent rear wipers including a windshield wiper de-icer. Privacy is maintained with glass on the rear side, quarter, and liftgate windows.

A color-keyed rear spoiler, roof rack, and aluminum running boards enhance the exterior aesthetics. For rugged terrains, it comes with front and rear frame-mounted tow hooks, front and rear heavy-duty mudguards, and skid plates located on the front suspension, radiator, fuel tank, and transfer case.

Land Cruiser provides a luxurious interior environment with a four-zone automatic front and rear climate control with an air filter, dust and pollen filtration mode, push-button controls, and a separate second-row control panel. Individual temperature settings for the driver, front passenger, and rear-seat passengers, and second-and third-row vents, make every journey an enjoyable one.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Mileage

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is renowned for its robust build and remarkable off-road capabilities. Despite its size and power, it offers a surprisingly efficient fuel economy, with mileage ranging between 12 to 20 kilometers per liter. This means you can enjoy the vehicle’s performance without having to worry excessively about fuel consumption.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, a stalwart in the realm of rugged, off-road vehicles, offers both automatic and manual transmission options, catering to a broad range of driving preferences. Its fuel type is versatile, accommodating both petrol and diesel. The engine capacity of this formidable vehicle ranges between 4461 to 4663 cc, providing impressive power and performance characteristic of its iconic reputation.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Specifications

Body TypeHatchback
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)3595 x 1665 x 1535 mm
Ground Clearance0 mm
Displacement996 – 1297 cc
Horse Power70 – 88 hp
Torque94 – 123 Nm
Boot Space0 L
Kerb Weight900 – 1000 KG
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage12 – 20 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity40 L
Seating Capacity5 – Persons
Top Speed180 KM/H
Tyre Size155/80/R13


How much is a V8 car in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the cost of a V8 car is quite significant. As per recent figures, the price stands at a hefty Rs. 138,319,000. Despite the high price tag, these vehicles remain a status symbol for many, symbolizing luxury and power.

Is a V8 a fast car?

A vehicle possessing a V8 engine is typically associated with high performance and speed, largely due to its superior power and acceleration capabilities. These qualities make V8 engines a popular choice for muscle cars, renowned for their raw power and speed. Furthermore, if your vehicle’s primary use is for towing or hauling, a V8 engine can provide the necessary stability and power to ensure efficient performance. Thus, it can be confidently stated that a car with a V8 engine is indeed fast.

Which is better V8 or V12?

While the V12 engine exhibits superior horsepower and performance compared to the V8, it’s also worth noting that its larger size and increased cylinder count lead to a heavier engine that consumes more fuel. This might not be an issue for those prioritizing raw power and speed, but for those who value efficiency and fuel economy, the V8 might be a preferable choice. Ultimately, the decision between V8 and V12 largely depends on what the driver values most power and performance, or efficiency and economy.


Land Cruiser V8 is an amalgamation of authority, comfort, and performance. Its aggressive styling and alluring colors makes it an attractive choice for discerning customers. Along with its dazzling looks, the car manages to deliver robust and comfortable driving experience no matter where you drive it.

The maximum price tag of PKR 138,319,000 is only justified by its extensive list of features like power windows, panoramic moon roof and dual zone climate control system. With this great balance between style and performance , nothing could come closer to Land Cruiser V8 in Pakistan if you are looking for a luxury ride. So don’t hesitate; hop on the Land Cruiser wagon today! Enjoy smooth rides along with engine power that keeps up with your desire for speed- go out there and surf the roads in style!