Going to the movies can be quite expensive nowadays. You have to take into consideration not just ticket costs, but also concession stand prices. That’s why understanding what you’ll pay for a snack and drink at your local Vue cinema is essential for anyone looking to enjoy their favourite films without breaking the bank in the process. In this post we’ll break down all there is to know about Vue cinema food prices, so that you can sit back, relax and get ready for an affordable night out cinematic bliss!

Vue Food Menu with Prices 2024

If you’re planning a night at the movies and don’t want to break your budget, you’ll be happy to hear that Vue Cinema’s food prices are surprisingly reasonable. With items like popcorn, drinks, and snacks, their prices range from an estimated average of around £6 to £7. That way you can enjoy the movie without having to worry about putting a huge dent in your bank balance. So grab some snacks for the flicks and have yourself a great time!

Vue cinema Hot Food Menu

At Vue Cinema, you can enjoy a delicious selection of hot food to satisfy your cravings. Choose from our classic nachos, available in regular or large sizes, or indulge in one of our tasty hotdogs. All dishes are freshly prepared and served up with a smile! So come along and treat yourself to something special at Vue Cinema.

Vue Cinema Hot Food ItemsPrice
Nachos (Regular)£5.90
Nachos (large)£6.40

Vue Food Drinks Menu

The Vue Food Drinks Menu offers a selection of beverages to quench any thirst. Choose from a regular or large sized Tango Ice Blast for £3.79 and £4.29 respectively, or sip on a soft drink in small, regular or large sizes, priced at £2.99, £3.59 and £3.99 each. And of course, you can’t forget about a simple glass of water for only £2.99. Whatever your drink preference, the Vue Food Drinks Menu has something to satisfy you!

Vue Drinks & Beverage MenuPrice
Soft Drink small size£2.99
Tango Ice Blast Large Size£3.79
Soft Drink Large Size£3.99
Tango Ice Blast Large Size£4.29
Soft Drink regular pack£3.59

Vue Snacks Menu

The Vue Snacks menu is full of delicious, tasty treats to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for something crunchy or creamy, there’s something perfect just waiting to be enjoyed. With Walkers Max Strong, Jacob’s Cracker Crisps, Sensations, Deli Crisps and Doritos all at the same price of £3.39, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. So go ahead, indulge in some delicious snacks from Vue Snacks! Enjoy the amazing flavours and crisp textures.

Scacks ItemsPrice
Walkers Max Strong£3.39
Deli Crisps£3.39
Jacob’s Cracker Crisps£3.39

Vue Combo Deals

Vue Combo Deals offer great value combinations of food and drinks at an unbeatable price! Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or something to enjoy with friends, Vue’s got the perfect deal for you. The Coffee & Nibbles combo is perfect for a coffee break get a 12oz hot drink plus McVities Nibbles for just £5.99. Kids will love the Kids Combo it includes a 12oz soft drink or water, popcorn and a small candy for just £3.49. Or why not opt for something to enjoy during the movie? The Snack It combo is perfect get a regular milkshake or 22oz soft drink, popcorn and small candy for just £4.99. With Vue Combo Deals, you can enjoy great value snacks and drinks whenever you’re at the cinema!

Deal MenuPrice
Snack It reg. milkshake or 22oz soft drink, popcorn, small size candy Deal£4.99
Coffee & Nibbles 12oz hot drink and McVities Nibbles Deal£5.99
Kids Combo 12oz soft drink or water, popcorn, small size candy Deal£3.49

Vue Confectionary Items menu

Vue Confectionary offers an array of delicious treats that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Chocolate Pouch is filled with a variety of chocolates and other sweet treats, perfect for sharing with friends or family. The Sweet Bag comes in a wide selection of colors and flavors, ideal for gifting or treating yourself. Last but not least, the Candy Floss is a whimsical treat made with natural ingredients and comes in a variety of colors. All of these items are affordably priced, Stop by Vue Confectionary today to try one (or a few!) of our tasty confections!

Vue Confectionary MenuPrice
Chocolate Pouch£3.99
Sweet Bag£3.89
Candy Floss£4.79

Vue Cinema Food Popcorn

At Vue Cinema, you can enjoy a range of freshly-popped popcorn flavours! Kids Popcorn is perfect for little ones, with a price tag of just £2.60. For those looking for something more substantial, try the Small Popcorn (£5.60), Regular Popcorn (£6.00) or Large Popcorn (£6.50). Whether you’re after a sweet or savoury snack, Vue Cinema has something for everyone! Stop by today to enjoy your favourite popcorn flavour. With Vue Cinema, you can always count on fresh and delicious popcorn!

Popcorn NamePrice
Kids Popcorn£2.60
Small Popcorn£5.60
Regular Popcorn£6.00
Large Popcorn£6.50

Final Words

As you can see, Vue’s food and popcorn prices have increased slightly over the past few years. However, these prices are still relatively affordable compared to other theaters. With such a large selection of foods and drinks available, Vue is a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly night out at the movies.