Everyone loves ice cream, especially when it’s hot outside! What could be better than enjoying a cold treat on a warm day? Well, the best part is that you don’t have to break your budget while treating yourself with Walls Ice Cream in Pakistan. Prices are surprisingly affordable, so everyone can enjoy some delicious frozen pleasure without breaking their wallet! In this article, we will explore how much Walls Ice Cream costs and why it is worth every penny. So keep reading and prepare to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in amazing deals!

Walls Ice Cream Pakistan Price List

If you’re looking for a cool and creamy treat in Pakistan, there are plenty of options to choose from. Walls Ice Cream has made its mark on the marketplace with its wide variety of classic flavors and exciting new twists. Prices for products range from Rs.60 all the way up to Rs.7000, providing delicious options that fit with any budget. Whether it’s one scoop of your all-time favorite flavor or you want to go wild sampling several different types, Walls Ice Cream has something special just for you!

Walls Feast Ice Cream Menu with Prices

At Walls Feast, we offer a wide selection of classic ice cream products to tantalize your taste buds. Magnum Bites Classic Almond White 12 MP 140 ml is a delicious treat made from creamy almond-flavored ice cream and crunchy white chocolate chunks. It’s perfect for those looking for an indulgent dessert with a decadent flavor.

For a more refreshing treat, try our Calippo Mini Orange & Lemon-Lime 6MP 480 ml. This vibrant and tangy ice cream is made from natural citrus flavors for a truly unique taste experience.

Walls Feast Price
Calippo Cola 5MPRs. 477
Calippo Mini Orange & Lemon-Lime 6MP 480 mlRs. 553
Feast 4MP 320 mlRs. 628
Feast Single 90 mlRs. 628
Magnum Bites Classic Almond White 12 MP 140 mlRs. 880

Walls Guuud Ice Cream Menu With Prices

Walls Guuud Ice Cream is known for its high-quality, delicious frozen treats that make it a favorite among its customers. With products such as their passion fruit Greek yoghurt 4MP 320 ml, salted caramel Greek yoghurt 4MP 320 ml, raspberry Greek yoghurt 4MP 320 ml and blueberry Greek yoghurt 4MP 320 ml, customers are sure to find something they love. All of these products come with competitive prices, ranging from Rs. 628 to Rs. 917, making it an affordable treat for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a great dessert to end your meal or just need a pick-me-up snack to get you through the day, Walls Guuud Ice Cream has got you covered.

Walls Guuud Prices
Guuud Raspberry Greek Yoghurt 4MP 320 mlRs. 917
Guuud Blueberry Greek Yoghurt 4MP 320 mlRs. 628
Guuud Passion Fruit Greek Yoghurt 4MP 320 mlRs. 628
Guuud Raspberry Greek Yoghurt 4MP 320 mlRs. 917

Walls Cornetto Ice Cream With Prices

Enjoy the delicious taste of Walls Cornetto Ice Cream at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. From Double Chocolate and Hazelnut to Flirty Berry, Cookies & Cream and Classico, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Indulge yourself in their signature Cornetto Disk Cookies & Cream or their Ice Cream Cone varieties. If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, try their Soft Strawberry or Soft Cookie & Chocolate 4MP 140ml variants. The perfect way to cool down during those hot summer days is with Walls Cornetto Ice Cream!

Walls Cornetto Ice Cream MenuPrices
Cornetto Strawberry SingleRs. 85
Cornetto Classico Single 120 mlRs. 69
Walls Cornetto Flirty Berry Ice CreamRs. 95
Walls Cornetto Double ChocolateRs. 100
Walls Cornetto HazelnutRs. 100
Walls Cornetto Flirty BerryRs. 100
Walls Cornetto Disk Cookies & CreamRs. 120
Walls Cornetto ClassicoRs. 100
Walls Cornetto Cookies & Cream Ice Cream ConeRs. 1800
Walls Cornetto Ice Cream Flirty BerryRs. 90
Cornetto Soft Strawberry 4MPRs. 754
Cornetto Soft Cookie & Chocolate 4MP 140 mlRs. 553
Cornetto Strawberry 6MP 540 mlRs. 502
Cornetto Mint Single 120 mlRs. 351
Cornetto Mint 6MP 540 mlRs. 502
Walls Cornetto Tips 5MP 80 gRs. 754
Cornetto Miniature Chocolate & Vanilla 10MP
Rs. 754
Cornetto Classico 6 MP 540 mlRs. 502
Cornetto Made with Soy and Gluten-Free 4MP 360 mlRs. 603
Cornetto Miniature Chocolate & Vanilla 10MP
280 ml
Rs. 7545
Walls Cornetto Hazelnut Ice Cream ConeRs. 1,199 to1,800

Walls Ice Cream Half Liter Price in Pakistan

Ice cream is a dessert loved by people of all ages and it is enjoyed in Pakistan as well. Various companies provide different flavors of ice cream at varying prices. Here we will discuss the half-litre price for popular flavors in Pakistan.

Flavor NameHalf Litre Price
Chocolate149 PKR
Strawberry149 PKR
Vanilla149 PKR

1 Liter Walls Ice Cream Price in Pakistan

1 Liter Walls Ice Cream is a delicious treat that comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy any palette. From the classic Pista flavor to the sweet and fruity Tuti Fruity, there’s something for everyone! In Pakistan, 1 Liter Walls Ice Cream prices range from 340 PKR to 370 PKR, depending on the flavor. Enjoy a scoop of creamy Pista for 350 PKR, Vanilla Ice Cream for 370 PKR, Strawberry Ice Cream for 340 PKR, King Kulfa for 370 PKR, or Mango Ice Cream for 340 PKR. No matter what flavor you choose, 1 Liter Walls Ice Cream is sure to make your taste buds happy!

Pista Flavor350 PKR
Vanilla370 PKR
Tuti Fruity370 PKR
Strawberry340 PKR
King Kulfa370 PKR
Mango340 PKR

Wall’s Ice Cream 4.5 Liter Price in Pakistan

Wall’s 4.5 Liter Ice Cream is a great way to enjoy the delicious goodness of ice cream with your friends and family. With its large size, it can easily feed up to 4 people or even more. The price of Wall’s 4.5 Liter Ice Cream in Pakistan is 1350 Rupees, making it an affordable treat for everyone. It is made with natural ingredients and does not contain any added preservatives or colors, so you can enjoy the taste of real ice cream without worrying about any artificial flavors.

Wall 4.5 Liter Ice Cream Price1130 PKR

Walls Ice Cream 10 Liter Price in Pakistan

Walls Ice Cream, a household name in Pakistan, is known for its delicious flavors and quality products. Their 10 Liter packs are especially popular among households and ice cream parlors alike. Walls Ice Cream’s 10 Liter pack is available at an affordable price of around Rs. 4,800 in Pakistan. For those looking to stock up on their favorite flavors, this is a great choice.


All in all, the new ice cream flavors that Wall’s has to offer this summer are quite diverse and cater to a wide range of taste buds. However, it is important to note that these prices are only valid for Pakistan so if you’re looking to indulge in some Walls Ice Cream while you’re traveling abroad, be prepared to pay a bit more. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!