The term “astronomer” translates to “علم فلکیات کا عالم” in Urdu, or “Ilm Falkiat Ka Aalim” in Roman Urdu. This term encompasses individuals who are knowledgeable in the field of astronomy, including roles such as cosmologists and astrophysicists. They are scientists who study the celestial bodies, exploring the mysteries of the universe and contributing to our understanding of space.

What is the meaning of astronomer in urdu ?

Astronomer MeaningIn Urdu
Astronomerعلم فلکیات کا عالم , علم ہیئبت جاننے والا
Astronomer Meaning In Roman UrduIlm Falkiat Ka Aalim or Ilm Habiat Janany Wala

In Urdu, the term for Astronomer is “علم فلکیات کا عالم” (Ilm Falkiat Ka Aalim), in line with its definition as one who is knowledgeable about the laws governing celestial bodies and their movements and phenomena. Synonyms for Astronomer in this context can include Cosmologist and Astrophysicist, underlining the broad scope of this field of study. It’s important to correctly understand and translate this term from English to Urdu, as each word in Urdu can have multiple meanings. The English to Urdu translation should take into account the richness and nuance of both languages.

Astronomer Meaning In Urdu

The term ‘Astronomer’ in English represents a profound profession that has its roots in the exploration of celestial bodies and phenomena. In Urdu, the term is translated as علم ہیئبت جاننے والا (Ilm habiat janany wala), signifying someone knowledgeable in the science of celestial bodies. This translation captures the essence of an astronomer’s role as a scholar of cosmic wonders.

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Astronomer Definition & Meaning In English

The term “Astronomer” carries a rich definition and wide usage in both the English and Urdu languages. In Urdu, an Astronomer is referred to as “علم ہیئبت جاننے والا” یا, علم فلکیات کا عالم or “Ilm habiat janany wala,” which translates to someone who seeks knowledge of celestial bodies. The word is deeply rooted in the English language and finds its place in a variety of contexts. The Astronomer’s meaning, both in English and Urdu, is well articulated here. This dictionary, an excellent resource for English to Urdu translation, can also be used to find meanings of other words.

While finding the precise meaning of a word online can be challenging due to multiple interpretations, the definition provided here for Astronomer is reliable and authentic. Other Urdu translations for Astronomer include “ماہِر فَلکِيات” (Mahir e falkiyat) and “نجومی” (Najoomi). The term Astronomer is formal enough to be used in official contexts in Urdu, demonstrating its versatility. A range of synonyms for Astronomer is also available for reference. This online English to Urdu dictionary is not only user-friendly but also portable, making it a handy tool for everyone eager to enhance their vocabulary or find precise meanings.

An astronomer is a scientist who is proficient in the field of astronomy, studying the celestial bodies that fill our universe, such as stars, planets, and galaxies. The main focus of an astronomer’s work revolves around understanding the fundamental laws that govern the motion and behavior of these celestial entities. These knowledgeable individuals dedicate their time to observing, interpreting, and theorizing about phenomena occurring outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Despite its similarity, it’s important to distinguish an astronomer from an astrologer. Astrologers, on the other hand, study the supposed influence of the stars and planets on human affairs, which falls more into the realm of metaphysics than science.


The field of astronomy not only includes astronomers but also cosmologists and astrophysicists. In Urdu, these professionals are known as “علم فلکیات کا عالم” or “Ilm Falkiat Ka Aalim”, showcasing their deep understanding and knowledge about the celestial bodies and the universe. Their work involves rigorous study, observation, and interpretation of the phenomena occurring outside the Earth’s atmosphere. However, it’s crucial to differentiate them from astrologers who study the supposed influence of stars and planets on human affairs, a study more related to metaphysics than pure science. The term ‘Astronomer’ truly encapsulates a world of profound knowledge, cosmic exploration, and a quest for understanding the unknown.