Are you tired of seeing ads in the middle of your favorite YouTube videos. Would you like to take advantage of unique content and features available only on YouTube Premium, but are not sure if it’s worth investing in given its price in Pakistan. Here we’ll look closely at the various features included with a YouTube Premium subscription and how much it will cost to sign up.

We’ll also explore some tips for getting discounted or free access to these same exclusive benefits, giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of Youtube Premium without having to break your budget. So whether you’re an avid vlogger or just looking for an ad-free viewing experience on your favorite streaming platform, this blog post should provide all the info needed to better understand and make use of all that YouTube has to offer!

Youtube Premium Price In Pakistan

Youtube PremiumPrice In Pakistan
Student Monthly PlanPKR 329
Family PlanPKR 899
Music Premium Family PlanPKR 479

YouTube has announced the introduction of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Pay membership services in Pakistan, offering a range of benefits to users. With over 400 channels from Pakistan available on the platform, users can now pay a small fee of Rs 479 ($1.68) for YouTube Premium and enjoy ad-free videos, offline viewing, and background play. YouTube Music is also available for Rs 299 ($1.05), providing a new music streaming experience for users in Pakistan. The services mark an exciting development for YouTube in Pakistan and will no doubt be well-received by its many loyal users.

Youtube Premium Packages

YouTube offers various subscription plans in Pakistan, catering to different user preferences. The standard YouTube Premium subscription is priced at PKR 479 per month, inclusive of YouTube Music Premium. A more inclusive option is the Premium Family Plan, which is available at PKR 899 per month. This plan allows for sharing of the Premium membership with up to 5 additional family members.

On the other hand, YouTube Music Premium is available as a standalone service for PKR 299 per month. The Music Premium Family Plan is priced at PKR 479 per month. All these plans come with a 1-month free trial, and users can cancel anytime. Specifically for students, YouTube offers a discounted rate of PKR 329 per month, following a 1-month free trial period. Eligibility for the student plan requires annual verification.

The YouTube Premium plan comes with a host of exclusive benefits, such as ad-free viewing across the YouTube platform, background playback and access to YouTube Originals. This plan also unlocks access to the extensive library of music on YouTube Music Premium. Similarly, subscribing to YouTube Music Premium grants users an ad-free and uninterrupted listening experience coupled with downloadable songs and albums for offline playback.

To access the full suite of YouTube features and content, users in Pakistan can choose from the various subscription plans to fit their needs. Whether it’s streaming ad-free music or watching your favorite shows without any ads, there’s a plan to suit everyone’s tastes. Enjoy a world of entertainment with YouTube today!

YouTube Premium Benefits

YouTube Premium offers a bundle of enhanced features aimed at improving your viewing and listening experience. These features include an Ad-free YouTube, where you can watch millions of videos without the interruption of ads. Another feature allows you to download videos to watch offline. This means you can save videos and playlists on your mobile devices and watch them later without needing an internet connection. Moreover, the play in the background feature enables you to continue watching videos while using other apps or even when your screen is off.

This platform allows you to effortlessly navigate the world of music using the newly improved YouTube Music app. Enjoy ad-free music with millions of songs without annoying ads. The download music to listen offline feature enables you to save music and playlists in the YouTube Music app for offline listening.

Finally, YouTube Premium extends its offerings to the young ones with YouTube Kids. It offers ad-free viewing and offline play in the YouTube Kids app, ensuring a safe and enjoyable viewing experience for kids.

If you’re looking to take advantage of all the features YouTube Premium has to offer, it’s worth considering getting a subscription. With this one-time payment, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of ad-free viewing and downloading music and videos for offline play. To make things even more convenient, you can manage your subscriptions from any device at anytime.

How to Buy Youtube Premium In Pakistan?

To purchase YouTube Premium in Pakistan, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to the official YouTube website or open the YouTube app on your device.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Get YouTube Premium’.
  3. You will be redirected to the YouTube Premium page where you can read about the benefits of the service. These include ad-free videos, the ability to play videos in the background, offline mode, and access to YouTube Music.
  4. Click on the ‘Try it Free’ button. This will begin your 1-month free trial. Please note that after this trial period, you will be charged PKR 479.00/month.
  5. Enter your payment information. YouTube will remind you 7 days before your trial ends. Note that this is a recurring billing service, but you can cancel anytime.

By following these steps, you can easily buy YouTube Premium in Pakistan and enjoy an ad-free, offline, and background play experience. With YouTube Premium, you can access exclusive content and videos from popular creators. YouTube also offers discounts for students, families, and military personnel so be sure to check their website for more information. Additionally, YouTube also allows you to share your subscription with up to five family members at no extra cost!

In summary, you don’t need to stress about not accessing Youtube Premium in Pakistan anymore. Not only can you access the many benefits of the service, but now for a fraction of the usual price as well.

The lower cost is a great opportunity that lets users in Pakistan experience much of what they could get as subscribers all around the world access to exclusive content, offline downloads, ad-free audio streaming, and more.

It’s truly a fantastic deal and definitely one worth considering if you’re looking for a top of the line streaming service that can provide content customized to your preferences. Although users in Pakistan may not have had access to this amazing service until recently, it’s clear that with such a reasonable price point available now Youtube will quickly become incredibly popular with Pakistani users!