Flour prices in Pakistan have seen an unprecedented volatility over the last few months, making it difficult for consumers to plan their monthly budget. With the increased demand for daily staples like atta and other grains, finding out what a 1 kg atta price in Pakistan is today can be a challenge. Here we take a look at the recent changes in atta prices and explain why they’ve caused so much confusion among shoppers.

1 kg Atta Price in Pakistan

The price of 1 kg of atta in Pakistan today is quite reasonable. Rs 150 to 200 per kilogram is a very good deal compared to the market prices recorded in recent times. With the rising cost of other food items, saving on atta can really help people manage their budgets better. Atta is an essential ingredient for preparing meals across South Asia and thus its availability at a good price ensures that people are able to include this essential item within their diets. In some cases, it may even be possible to find discounts or packages on atta when shopping in bulk which can help further reduce costs.

Atta Rate in Pakistan

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
1 KG Flour (Atta)Rs. 150Rs. 200

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1 KG Atta Price in All Major Cities in Pakistan

The price of 1 KG Atta in all major cities of Pakistan is between Rs. 150 to 180. This rate has remained relatively constant for some time now, making it easier for consumers to budget their food costs. The most expensive city for Atta is Karachi, where the price can reach as high as Rs. 200 per kilo. Other cities such as Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar have more stable prices between Rs. 150 to 180 per kilo.

Name of CityFlour (Atta) 1kg Price
MultanRs. 150 to 200
KarachiRs. 160 to 200
HyderabadRs. 150 to 200
LahoreRs. 150 to 200
PeshawarRs. 150 to 200
FaisalabadRs. 150 to 200
Sahiwal / ChichawatniRs. 150 to 200
LarkanaRs. 150 to 200
SukkurRs. 150 to 200
BahawalpurRs. 150 to 200
Rahim Yar KhanRs. 150 to 200
MuzaffargarhRs. 150 to 200
Dera Ghazi KhanRs. 150 to 200
Taunsa SharifRs. 150 to 200
GujranwalaRs. 150 to 200
RawalpindiRs. 150 to 200
SargodhaRs. 150 to 200
TalagangRs. 150 to 200
MardanRs. 150 to 200
AttockRs. 150 to 200
SangharRs. 150 to 200
KhanewalRs. 150 to 200
OkaraRs. 150 to 200
ShikarpurRs. 150 to 200

The prices of Atta can also be affected by seasonal fluctuations in demand or the availability of commodities from different regions. High demand for Atta during peak seasons such as Ramadan or Eid can cause a temporary spike in prices. Therefore, it is advisable to buy in bulk during such periods, as the cost-per-kilo decreases significantly. Additionally, farmers and millers who source their Atta from different regions may also offer lower prices due to economies of scale.

Overall, the 1 KG Atta price in Pakistan remains relatively low and provides a great value for money. This makes Atta the perfect staple food in Pakistani households and a cost-effective way to feed large families.

Atta 5KG and 10 KG Price List in Pakistan

Sunridge Super Fine Atta5 KGRs. 760
Sunridge High Fiber Chakki Atta5 KGRs. 795
Sunridge Fortified Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1020
Sadi Chuki Atta10 KGRs. 1010
Anaaj Yousaf Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1100
Mughal Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1070
Olnaaj Amanat Wheat Chakki Atta rate10 KGRs. 1150
Mughal Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1090
Lahore Grains Khaas Chaki Atta10 KGRs. 950
Bake Parlor Super Fine Aatta10 KGRs. 1020
Sunridge White Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1150
Ashrafi Super Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1080
Bake Parlor Chaki Aatta Rate10 KGRs. 1190
Al Khubz Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1220
Shandar Super Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1235

Today, the price of 1 kg Atta in Pakistan is between Rs. 150 to 180, depending on its type and brand. The price varies from store to store and region to region. For instance, Atta made with high-quality wheat flour costs more than the regular variety available in the market. Moreover, if you purchase Atta directly from the mill, you may get a better price.

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Consumers also have the option to purchase Atta online. Many grocery stores offer discounted prices on Atta purchased online. This is because they don’t need to bear the cost of transportation and storage that come with physical retail outlets. Also, most online stores offer a variety of Atta types, brands and sizes at competitive prices.

Overall, the cost of 1 kg Atta in Pakistan today is relatively affordable. To make sure you get the best deal possible, it’s important to compare prices from different stores or online portals before making a purchase. With some research and bargain shopping, you can easily find a great deal on Atta.