If you’re in Pakistan and looking for a new bike, the Suzuki150cc GSX 150SF, GS 150, and GR 150 are definitely worth considering. And the best part With the installment plan, you can get your hands on one of these sleek and powerful models without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or looking to start exploring on two wheels, these bikes are sure to deliver performance and style. Head to your nearest Suzuki dealer and see how easy it can be to get your dream bike.

Suzuki150cc GSX 150SF, GS 150,GR 150 Bike installment Plan In Pakistan

The Suzuki 150cc bikes GSX 150SF, GS 150 and GR 150 have become very popular due to their stylish design and great performance. With the installment plan offered by Suzuki Pakistan, you can easily get your hands on one of these amazing machines. The installment plans are designed to make bike ownership more affordable and hassle free for everyone.

Suzuki GS 150 Bike installment Plan Without Interest In Pakistan

Suzuki GS 150 is offering a great installment plan with no interest in Pakistan starting from July 1, 2022. With 35% advance payment and 24 EMIs, the downpayment is 83,650 PKR while each monthly installment until the 23rd month will be 6,500 PKR and 5,850 for the last installmnent. The 0% mark-up installment schedule with 50% advance payment and 18 EMIs has a downpayment of 119,500 PKR and each monthly installment until the 17th month will be 6,700 PKR while 5,600 PKR in the last installmnent. So hurry up and get your Suzuki GS 150 Bike financed without any interest today!

This installment plan is exclusively available for Suzuki GS 150 Bike and will not be applicable on any other vehicle. Please check with the Suzuki authorized dealer for more details or call our customer service line for further information. We would love to help you out in getting your dream bike financed without interest. So don’t wait anymore, grab this opportunity and make your dream come true!

Monthly installment Plan Suzuki GS 150 Bike

Engine Capacity: GS 150 cc Bike Price: Rs.239,000



Suzuki GR 150 Bike installment Plan With 0% Markup

The Suzuki GR-150 bike gives you the ultimate riding experience at an affordable price, with a 0% mark-up installment plan which is available in Pakistan. The engine capacity of this bike is 150cc, and it has a price of 349,000 PKR.

If you choose to make an advance payment of 35%, your installment schedule would look like this:

Alternatively, if you choose to make an advance payment of 50%, your installment schedule would look like this:

By choosing the Suzuki GR 150 bike, you can enjoy the ultimate riding experience without worrying about the high cost of ownership. So, make the best decision for yourself and choose Suzuki GR 150 bike with the 0% mark-up installment plan today!

You can find more information on this amazing offer from your nearest Suzuki dealership or by visiting their website. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to experience one of the best bikes in Pakistan! Make your dreams come true today with Suzuki GR 150 bike!

Suzuki GSX 150SF Bike installment Plan With 0% Markup

The Suzuki GSX 150SF Bike installment Plan with 0% Markup in Pakistan is an amazing deal for those who want to own this two-wheeler. With a 150cc engine capacity, it comes with a price tag of 599,000 PKR. To make the purchase easier, they offer two payment plans with 0% markup.

The first plan requires the buyer to make a 35% advance payment of 209,650 PKR and installment payments of 12,980 PKR per month till 30th month. The second plan requires the buyer to make a 50% advance payment of 299,500 PKR and installment payments of 25,000 PKR per month till 11th month, with the last installment amount being 24,500 PKR.

This 0% markup installment plan from Suzuki is an excellent deal for those who want to own a Suzuki GSX 150SF Bike without having to pay a heavy upfront payment. It provides buyers with the flexibility of spreading out their payments over time, while also not having to pay any extra markup charges. With this plan, buyers can enjoy a hassle-free purchase experience and focus on their riding pleasure. So if you’re interested in owning the Suzuki GSX 150SF Bike, then don’t miss out on this amazing installment plan with 0% markup in Pakistan.

Suzuki Bikes installment Requirements In Pakistan

At Suzuki Motorcycles Pakistan, we understand that purchasing a motorcycle can be an expensive affair which is why we offer installment plans to make it easier for you. Suzuki installment plans come with the best competitive and lowest-markup rates with no hidden charges or up-front installments, ensuring complete transparency in the deal. Suzuki also provide comprehensive insurance at the lowest rates available and fast, hassle-free processing with a minimum documentation charge.

Furthermore, we understand that down payments can be hard to manage which is why we offer various options including no upfront installment in the down payment so you can pick the best plan for your needs. With Suzuki priority deliveries, you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your new motorcycle.

If you meet the eligible criteria, avail our Suzuki Motorcycles Installment Scheme for a hassle-free experience. For more details about eligibility and other requirements, please contact one of Suzuki company owned outlets today!


Overall, it’s hard to deny that the Suzuki150CC bike installment plan with 0% markup is a great option for those looking to invest in a high-quality bike. With its durable construction and modern design, it’s sure to last you years and provide plenty of entertainment and fun with each ride. Plus, the 0% markup makes it a cost-effective investment when compared to most other brands.

Getting set up on the installment plan is also very easy just follow the instructions they give whenever you place your order and you’re ready to go in no time. To top it all off, Suzuki150CC provides reliable customer service so they are always there if you encounter any issues following the delivery or during setup. All things considered, this installment plan is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality, longevity, and affordability all wrapped into one package. Thanks for taking the time to read this article about this great bike!